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In the seven years FINISH

Plodovinsovhoz «Almaly» Kurdayskogo district, organized in 1957. Before him was tasked to — during the years of the seven-year lay industrial garden area of ​​1600 hectares. This is a difficult task, but, as life has shown, it is quite doable.

Soil and climatic conditions of Chu valley in which the farm is located, as commissioned by the man created by nature to lay the garden. From the north and the northeast — the mountains, covering the flow of cold air masses; south and southwest — open valley with a rich and fertile land. Altitude 1100 meters. At this altitude fruit

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In recent years, among the top 25 gold mining regions of Amur region stably takes 6th place in terms of gold production. In addition, specific gold production per unit area of ​​the territory of the Amur region on the subject takes 2nd place in Russia in the intensity of gold. According to preliminary estimates, total industrial production in the region in 2003, the share of non-ferrous metallurgy accounts for 23.1%. About 70% of profits in industrial production of the Amur region is derived from gold mining. Gold sales in 2003 reached 4.5 bln. Rubles were produced 13 tons

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Belarus has over 40 thousand noble donors will lose benefits

Noble donor from Mogilev Igor Kovalenko presently engaged in the creation public organizations donors "Drop of Life", together with the lawyers working on the charter. Specifically Mogilev donors have initiated a strike.Igor Kovalenko says:"June 14, I will be in Minsk Institute of Blood Transfusion and try to get to the rostrum. And from this rostrum already announce strike over cancellation of privileges . ""How much do you think people are ready to strike?""You know, Belarusians hard to shake. But calls went from everywhere and from Brest and Gomel — after publication in newspapers, television, call recorded. With our unrealistic authorities

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Donors can give up free travel

From January 27, 1998, according to the decision of the Mogilev city executive committee, prominent donors in Mogilev have the right to free travel, but simply donors — 50% discount on tickets.Home Special Mogilev city council Vasily Mihnevich states that the City Council MPs tend to throw this benefit the donor, but not much:"It’s not all donors, but only notable donors having such a symbol -" Noble donor Republic of Belarus . "If you believe the official figures, we have them here and there a thousand and a half, for sure, nobles," — said Vasily Mihnevich.Registered in Mogilev blood transfusion

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Americas Descent into poverty

The United States destroyed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally and environmentally. A country that exists today — now not even the shell to that in which I was born. In this article I will talk about the economic collapse of America. In the following I want to consider other aspects of American collapse.

In economic terms, America is sinking into poverty. As said Peter Edelman, "low-paid jobs become a pandemic." Today, the "free and democratic" America, "the world's sole superpower," a quarter of the workforce is employed in jobs with pay less than 22,000 dollars, and it's — the

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Feng Shui for home residents




The easiest way to start a home fish. A useful thing — gold, associated with Taoism with wealth. It is important that the water in the aquarium was always clean, as well as the money that will float in your hands. The main thing — do not

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5 unusual Christmas traditions

Christmas celebration in one country is not without traditions. Often these traditions alike. But there are unique and striking. For example:

1. In Venezuela, for nine days before Christmas, people go to morning mass. This tradition would seem quite normal, unless you consider how the residents of Caracas get the service that day — they roll through the busy city to Mass on roller skates! First residents awake fireworks, then they wear their roller skates and in a hurry to join the path at a morning service. The streets in this day usually overlap, so that people could freely

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On the division of economic goods in the world

Russians are dissatisfied with the distribution of wealth. Nearly 80 percent of the country's citizens believe: economic benefits divided unfairly. Center study conducted Globe-scan for the BBC. According to a survey people in Russia do not like that 40% of the population lives below the poverty line, while 1% owns billions. Experts also note: the country's difficult business activity, and the state machine is inefficient and corrupt. The fact that wealth distributed unfairly, and 92 percent believe the Spaniards, more than 80 percent of the French, South Koreans and Chileans.

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India — an ancient empire watch online

India is a real treasure, full of variety and wealth of jewelry, the most eye-catching of which is eminent diamond "Koh-i-noor." According to legend, the stone has given public land merciful God Krishna, to check his greed. Krishna wanted to look at how to behave themselves people when their hands will be so unheard of until now the pride and jewel: Will they be wiser, or be like feral animals. In this film the audience will be able to behold the sight of her conquerors India who wanted the glory and untold riches.

Mysteries of the history, excavation,

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Feng Shui for the money good luck




Today we touch on how you can use the laws of Feng Shui for a specific purpose, in order to attract wealth into your home, in order to increase their financial well-being.

But let's start with the fact that, actually, is Feng Shui, and why, with its

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