Tornados in Combat

Chris England served as a Tornado pilot during the air war in Iraq last year. Here he gives a glimpse of how the Combat Air Wing operated at Ali Al Salem During Operation TELIC. March 20 — April 14.

THE RAF contribution to policing the Southern No-Fly Zone in Iraq had been going on since 1992, and by early January 2003 was termed Operation RESINATE. As part of the regular Tornado GR.4 commitments, 31 Sqn deployed routinely to Ali Al Salem airbase in Kuwait. That January it once again returned with eight crews to conduct medium level reconnaissance with the

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Thompson sub-machine gun …or STEN?

The men in control of the 19th century’s armies were, at best, a conservative bunch. Military thinking during that period always found innovation of any sort difficult and nowhere was this predilection so marked as in the area of repeating rifles.

The British Army did not introduce a magazine rifle until 1888, when the Lee-Metford, with a magazine holding ten rounds, began its service life. Unfortunately, the Metford’s barrel was not suitable for the new smokeless ammunition then being introduced, and the rifle began to be replaced in 1895 by the Lee-Enfield, a weapon which will be familiar to many

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Strike Test Squadron — NAS Pax River

Located at naval Air station Patuxent River in Maryland, the Strike Test Squadron is responsible for the testing of all carrier-based combat aircraft in the US Naval inventory.

The unit is currently involved in flight testing all the systems on Grumman F-14s, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s and Grumman EA-6Bs. Before any new system can be incorporated into a fleet aircraft it is thoroughly tested by the unit. The unit is equipped with four F-14As, one ‘B’ and two ‘D’ model Tomcats, and some 12 F/A-18s are on hand varying from Lot 5 aircraft to the newest Lot 18 Hornet.

These were

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Secret Weapons

This issue, we’re having a virtual delve into photographers’ kit bags to uncover their ‘secret weapons’. These can be anything from a simple lens filter or teleconverter, right up to a complex lighting set up — but the idea is that they provide a failsafe means of getting the job done.

In some cases, they might even provide a unique selling point or a signature look and feel, making the shots more saleable, while helping the photographer, and their clients, to stand apart.

In addition, we discover what successful freelances classify as the key tools in their creative arsenal, which

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Saudi Arabia Finalising Weapons Package for Tornado CSP

OFFICIALS ON both sides continue to remain tight-lipped about the exact details of the Royal Saudi Air Force’s (RSAF’s) Tornado Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP), but some details of the proposed upgrade are slowly emerging. It is understood that details of the precise make up of the weapons package involved in upgrading the RSAF’s 48 Tornado interdictor strike aircraft under the CSP are now being finalised. A deal is expected to be concluded in the first half of 2007, with deliveries to commence in 2009.

The stealthy MBDA Storm Shadow conventionally armed stand-off missile, MBDA AIM-132 Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM),

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Edged weapons holy

It seems everyone has got used if the action-game is the first person — a shooter. Naughty thrust to the whole shoot lots tires. How I would like pofehtovat, expecting gunfire in the back … This idea permeated the young Spanish company Rebel Act Studios, which decided to please us toy Blade, — 3D, no worse than any of the "Q killers"But without the shotgun.

For a game that provides free switching between "view from the eye" and an outer chamber, will be the main Fencing

Iё1 Yb ^ # ‘_ ^^^^ W occupation. And in order not to offend

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Theft of weapons and ammunition

Theft of firearms and ammunition pose an increased threat to public safety. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. Usually such unlawful acts committed by armed assaults on guards, patrols, escorts; theft of weapons and ammunition left unattended during exercises, shooting and other locations of personnel; assignment gunmen got it for office use, as well as financially responsible, and officials in charge of its preparation, storage and delivery.

In order to prevent these violations is important to clearly comply with all instructions on accounting, storage and distribution of small arms and ammunition. Their storage is inadmissible

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JDAM — The future of bombing

Lon Nordeen examines the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), one of the most significant new weapons to enter the US military arsenal in recent years.

EFFECTIVE ATTACK missions against targets in Kosovo, which NATO pilots have been flying since March 24, 1999, have been a challenge due to the rules of engagement pilots and commander have had to follow. They have also been complicated because of poor weather. The newly-fielded Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) dropped from the B-2A Spirit stealth bomber has allowed NATO forces to hit targets when poor weather hampered the effective employment of laser-designated or TV/Imaging

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Sacred Relic

Sword of Godfrey of Bouillon is stored in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre, in its Catholic chapel is most holy.

They say it is an unusual weapon. According to legend, in the handle of the sword hidden relics of the saints, and therefore it is endowed with extraordinary power.

Forged from Damascus steel hands of an unknown artist, he still shines cold brilliance. Maybe because it was hardened by a special medieval recipes — in the blood of virgins. There was at that time in Europe, like, very wild way to manufacture cold steel blacksmith handed red-hot sword to

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Song of GISe

Homeland is known to start with «good and loyal companions in your pictures "Primer"». The true and good gun — too. Paramount Pictures on a gun — is a brand of the State test station, or just the GIS. Without it, any, even the most expensive and intricately adorned with a gun, no more than a toy railroad. In addition, it is extremely dangerous to others and, above all, for you personally. Who can guarantee that the gun does not tear when the first shot? The trigger in the forehead, broken forearm, wired trunks, smashed the butt, etc. etc.

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