She demanded what?

Trust us, you are seriously chilled compared to these bonkers brides. We know because the planners told us!

Venice, Midlands

‘One bride was so obsessed with where her husband had proposed — Piazza San Marco in Venice — that she demanded we recreate it… in a hotel ballroom in Birmingham. We hired opera singers, gelato vendors and created mock-Renaissance fountains, all indoors. Did it look like Venice? No. Vegas, maybe.’

No stamps required

‘I worked with one couple who were having a Bollywood-themed wedding, and the bride demanded that we had all 75 UK invitations hand-delivered by specially hired couriers

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Olivia Ripper, 27, married Robert Morton, 26, at Lime Wood Hotel, Hampshire, in August 2012. She says:

Lime Wood Hotel seemed the perfect choice for our wedding as Robert had proposed there. We held the ceremony in it’s enclosed courtyard — we opened the sliding glass roof as the weather was good.

We decided on a white colour scheme because it suited the neutral interior of the venue. I wanted a clean, unfussy look.

I wanted them to be white, abundant and candlelit to create a romantic scene.

We had three different designs for the centrepieces, all using



You may not like everything they have to say but these men are brave — and very, very honest (and, yes, every one of them is still married!)


Journalist Christian koeh, 36, is married to Suzy Cox, 35, a magazine editor. He says: ‘The dress Suzy originally selected (and accidentally flashed before my eyes when flicking too far on her iPhone one evening) was the opposite of what I wanted my bride to look like on our big day. It was a lacy, phlegmy-hued, ’50s affair, swaddled in netting


not all weddings are created equal

When KATE HOPEWELL-SMITH got a chance to shoot her dream wedding, all money concerns were Left at the altar

At some point during every wedding training session, I ask my delegates what kind of weddings they would like to shoot and almost without exception the same type of wedding is described: featuring a relaxed boho couple with a festival vibe and stylish, bespoke details.

And I couldn’t agree more — what’s not to love about this from a photographer’s perspective? The sad truth I have learnt is that generally the reason these weddings are so DIY and home grown is

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From the idyllic and sheltered Rodney Bay at Sandals Grande St. Lucian to the sunset-backed Seven Mile Beach at Sandals Negril in Jamaica, these are the perfect spots to say ‘I do’. So perfect, in fact,that Sandals invented the WeddingMoon — a destination wedding and honeymoon in one, because we’re sure that once you arrive for your wedding, you’ll never want to leave.

For over 30 years, Sandals has defined and re-invented all-inclusive luxury in the Caribbean. Their resorts have been named the ‘World’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort’ for 17 years running so you know your wedding and honeymoon arc in

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Faith in ligh

Award-winning wedding photojournalist MARK SEYMOUR tells Boo Marshall how he crosses religious and cultural differences to capture human emotion.

In one of those extraordinary timely moments, I contacted Mark to arrange this interview the day after he’d been awarded the Master Photographer Association (MPA) Wedding Photographer of the Year title. And a very quick look though his website confirmed that such an award comes as no surprise. One of the first thoughts to strike me is that Mark’s website is not your average wedding website for a number of reasons. The sheer quality of his work and his intuitive understanding

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Creative Vision

Simeon Quarrie of Vivida Productions talks to David Land about his constantly evolving editorial style, the way he has helped reshape the Asian wedding market, and the challenges he faces as a known wedding photographer stepping out into the commercial world

I don’t like to call myself a I wedding photographer”, says I Twickenham-based freelance photographer and filmmaker Simeon Quarrie. And although he shoots stills and movie footage of over two dozen weddings a year, specialising in the Asian market, you can understand why. Quarrie is peerless. Nobody else does quite what he does. While he primarily works in wedding

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JAMES ROUSE Photography vs. ROSS HARVEY Photography, Canon vs. Nikon: in The War of The Cameras, who will win? Boo Marshall meets the battling buddies for a series that will try to determine which brand, if either, is the Holy Grail for pro photographers.

At the beginning of the year, I interviewed James Rouse and Ross Harvey for this magazine. Two young men who in a relatively short period of time have become fully booked, highly sought-after wedding photographers. They each credit the other with their success, saying it was their friendship and collaboration over the past two years who

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Wedding or rescues from a divorce?

Yura just take my church marriage. He is 35 years old, and such a decision was not spontaneous. As a real believer, he believes that variant marriage only applicable — if there was a wedding, and it was not a marriage, says Yuri. Wedding can strengthen the case, to entrust the spouse and spouse additional moral responsibility for marriage:"What is the church marriage? This promise before God, if the spouses live together promise a lifetime. And it’s not that some piece of paper signed — there are witnesses of this promise, we ourselves have heard from each other that promise.

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And it was this wedding venue is small …

Two magnificent reception in honor of the marriage ended in mass slaughter at the Sheraton Mission Hill in Philadelphia this past Sunday, October 7.

On this day in the hotel a few dozen people gathered to mark a happy event in the life of two pairs of newlyweds.

However, contrary to expectations, the culmination of the holiday has become a large-scale brawl, which started in the bar between guests.

— We do not yet know what caused the conflict grew into physical abuse, but no doubt that the problem lies in the amount of alcohol consumed — said police

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