Behind the scenes. Weird bot wonderful happenings in golf.

It has been a weird rime in South African golf since our last issue. I’ve been bemused by the following four events: Ernie Els wins the Open 10 years after his previous major victory; a British tabloid confirms that Ernie has given up drinking alcohol; heavy snowfalls turn Gautcng courses into white wonderlands; and Huddle Park is to be reopened as a golf facility in 2013, Is the world turning upside down?

Ernie, ever since his younger days, has always been a social person who loves a drink with his mates. There are legendary stories of all-night parties at Fancourt

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Strange is number 64. Large fault (09/11/2012). Online

Scientists suggest the possibility: the continents are moving towards each other. And soon they face a great clash. Africa crash into Eurasia. A heavy blow will cause a series of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions …

Watch Strange is number 64. "Great Rift" (09.11.2012)


Great mysteries with Igor Prokopenko. Memoirs of a Geisha watch online

Land of the Rising Sun — Japan, it is not just another country, it is another planetka. Traditions and customs — all new, not out of habit and it is not clear, especially for Europeans. Completely unfamiliar world with its own rules and laws, with its own hierarchy and norms of behavior. And, of course, along with other confusing and even more so privlekatelnom, a special place is occupied by a Geisha. Who are they — these porcelain dolls live in a translucent robes of silk? Dear courtesan or something more? In the Land of the Rising Sun geisha

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UFO in 2013. The accumulation of luminous objects around the volcano

UFO 2013 A strange glow was seen at the foot of the active volcano. Clean, white light grew from an unknown source, and after a blinding flash, darted to the side.

At this time, over a muzzle appeared strange glowing UFO.


UFO in 2013. ISS, an object resembling a jellyfish

Strange video with a strange UFO like jellyfish was filmed cameras ISS in March 2013. Personally for me — a sick imagination of the artist, but I can not understand why a spacecraft. . In any case, everyone decide for himself what it is.


Weird object over the surface of the moon



Weird object is fixed above the lunar surface. This image was made with the "Apollo Image Atlas". Fotgrafiyu can be found at "Lunar and Planetary Institut".


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