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Retailers talk about what went into the decisions behind bringing on their latest designer latest and what lines they have their eyes on.

The inventory experts have traditional jewelry merchandising down to a science: Fill the right categories with the right price points, and reorder fast turners. But when it comes to designer jewelry, it’s not so simple. There is no “right answer” for any given store. A new purchase could depend on the marketplace, customer preferences, the current designer mix, price points, styles, trends, and the list goes on. With that in mind, there may be nothing more valuable to a retailer than hearing “word of mouth” from other retailers about which lines are selling in their stores — and what they

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Last summer, I went on a vacation to Pagudpud with my entire barkada and my boyfriend who was driving. On our way back, my BF asked a friend to take the passenger seat because he wasn’t familiar with the road. I stayed in the last row of the van with another friend and her cousin Mike. I knew Mike liked me, and I could feel it when we were at the resort. After six long hours of driving, my BF switched places with a friend so he could take a nap. While everybody was dead asleep, Mike started


As American democracy raises our anti-Soviet

I have only one goal — to enable _umnym_ people learn from my mistakes. That is, be careful and remember that Hollywood movies full of lawlessness sheriffs and mobsters in state bodies of the states most likely based on real events. So do not look at everything through rose-colored glasses, but should clearly understand that many people here, especially with the low level of development, we are counted as second-class people who have no rights and have to get out to her back as soon as possible. So:

Where are we all here? That's right, in the most democratic

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What you do not want to know about England

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Forbidden Moon


24.10.03, the


The driver of the "Lunokhod-2" Ye Andrew P. — We came upon something quite extraordinary. Although now I think that project managers always have guessed that the moon is inhabited. Otherwise, what was installed on Lunokhod coaxial machine gun? We, the drivers were perplexed, but not supposed to ask. I led a "tractor" (as we called her Moonwalker), next was a partner. He first

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Sleeping in the southern match

[Img =] Program of the 8th round match ended with the two southern teams, who in order to avoid the nagging and popular scientific explanation of the word "derby" is simply called the principal opposition. In the past year, "growth" and "Kuban" instead of choosing from the quagmire of the first division, this has had in the good surprise of the Premier League militancy and a pretty good team game. The victims were Rostovites CSKA and "Zenith", Krasnodar beat "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". It follows from this simple conclusion that if these teams are capable of in the case of

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Simon Cote, an urban legend Murmansk, made of bronze and set off on a new adventure.

The fact that he expects to Murmansk City Day, we would like to tell a little bit later. However, the efforts of one of our loyal readers preliminary sketches for a new job became public and were replicated by many media outlets …

Coffee Break

— How is it who is this? — I, Cat Simon, the man — Murmansk. No, wait a minute, wait a minute. Let us from the very beginning all the talk …

"Cat semen". Bronze sculpture park for Semenov, Murmansk, 2013.

It happened a

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HIGHWAY 110: activists visited Irkutsk, CBRY, and Listvyanka

Port Baikal

We continue the story oftravelMembers of the youth project "Highway 110" on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The guys have already visited Khabarovsk, participated in the cleaning the shores of Lake Baikal.    At 7 am, arrived at the dairy foggy Irkutsk. The tram with checks instead of tickets arrived at the campus and checked into a hostel with stunning views Angara.


After passing through the streets of the writer’s poetic and Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, we were on the spot. Nastya, our guide, has held an entertaining tour of the city despite the 30-degree

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He died as a hero

And without that special forces soldiers terse FSIN Kurgan region, more recently, did go drooping, writes in his article, Alexander Dybin, published on the website "Komsomolskaya Pravda. "

The other day they buried their comrade — Dmitry Kamshilova. 49-year-old lieutenant colonel was killed after the next feat. A man went on a weekend in the village Nagorskaya relatives. Hut lit up at night. The first of suffocation woke up the only man in the house. He was awakened by her relatives. Dmitry pushed carotid women out and returned to the blazing house for children. A minute

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Do not cut in front of watermelons, because you do not potrezhut passport.

So. I would like Maleh departed. I will try to tell about leaving that began with the global booze and booze and ended. Impressions of the sea. And the positive and negative. Rostov — Bryansk-Moscow Many say this will not be as most have been on this road. We loaded in fanbas. Had to go 16 hours, and bagged all necessary, that is, beer and vodka, we set off. I drank a lot, so I can not say a lot, because Nichrome do not really remember. I remember watermelon, cantaloupe, beer, burgers and vodka. Upon arrival in Bryansk We have

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