Words of the prophet

Vox populi History had a key part to play in getting the message across in BioShock Infinite

Since its release earlier this year, we’ve been in love with the sheer beauty of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite. One of our favourite visual aspects is the representation of social ideals through propaganda.

The task of bringing The Prophet’s words to life fell to West Studios, who after researching posters from the turn of the 20th century, wanted to strike a balance between the visual languages of religion and war. «Propaganda-art and religious imagery share a similar purpose,» says West Studios’ head honcho

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The West is a political order for normalization

Drakakhrust: We have already heard from the report Vladimir Glod that This year 26% of voters participated in the vote premature. At the last parliamentary elections it was 17% and 30% of the presidential. How you could clarify here that figure — 26, between 17 and 30? 

Silitski: You know — it’s not two or three percentage points, which are characteristic of the natural course of the vote, if the vote is really free and there is no pressure on voters. As in Belarus in 1994-95, when the government did not organize a premature vote. A 26 and 32 —

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Saakashvili became a member of Lukashenka?

Alexander Lukashenko during negotiations with the Georgian guest said: "I am delighted now we have the opportunity to draw a line under a period of chaos, determining the level of our relations. " The Belarusian leader noted that relationship between Belarus and Georgia have been different, but at the moment Minsk tuned "to different things with Georgian brothers", he wants to make the Belarusian side of the case "even the highest compared with the Russian period." According to Interfax, the Minister Merabishvili gave Lukashenko "great greetings from President Saakashvili." "The official and unofficial level, our president emphasizes convergence, which is

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The middle shot in Katyn was a lot of Belarusians

The sole purpose of the unofficial visit of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk region was to visit Katyn.Lech Kaczynski laid flowers at the memorial cemetery in his speech, highlighted: "In the midst of those killed in Katyn were coupled with the Poles Jews, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Muslims and even the Germans — in other words all those who lived in the second Rzeczpospolita".Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Litvin, military history researcher states:"Naturally, there is a certain percentage and Belarusians. Got there and from Western Belarus and Western Ukraine so called "Poles". These are guys who are in Katyn, said our

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These elections can hardly be recognized by the West

"But it can be approved by a number of mitigating things that pointed to a positive achieved in these elections. And it may be possible to some steps to improve relations with Belarus. I think that is unlikely Europeans go to the full recognition of the elections, since it would be a complete betrayal of the Belarusian democratic society rastoptvannem hopes on some Belarusians their future. ‘Cause it’s basically impossible. But there is a position trade, where can be any marked progress smoother formulation used.Us very principle the opposition, democratic forces were the subject of negotiations with the EU and

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Night Siege — August 27

The forums website Onliner.by discussions are current statements Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov that our homeland does not preclude placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Introduction of the participants:"Uh-huh. And Shushkevich Walesa recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize for the conclusion of this very weapon.""Well, if you send us your rockets those who need it. To cut on takeoff.""Neuzh Our homeland is invested in building a nuclear power plant?"Arshanski blogger talks about whether it was worth allocate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Prize:"In the midst of all threw the former speaker Supreme Council HII convocation often bombarded with "obstruction" of a

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The West’s attitude to us tendentious

Mrs."For me it is fundamentally because I often travel abroad and there do not belong to us, as I would like. Belong there for us, in principle, to the least developed."Prince"Yes, for me basically. Generally I am from Russia. Very much the West is biased to the republic, it seems to me as Russian. Ordinary life here. ‘Cause I fundamentally, so she went to an international level and was not so isolated."Mrs."Yes, in principle. I believe that recognizes because the elections are held democratically and without bias, as they say."Prince"Absolutely indifferent. I do not look to the West. I believe

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Lukashenko will be required to choose between Russia and the European Union

Radio Liberty: "Rahr Cpadar role, in your opinion, has played in this decline the European factor?"Rahr: "Lukashenko realized that the EU is in decline with Russia he really will not help. Reaction of Belarusian favorite, which laid the blame for the failure of negotiations on their own government, could imagine that he did not want to This time serious quarrel with Russia. But everything indicates that no agreement between Belarus and Russia, and there is no crisis lasts. "Radio Liberty: "Many professionals and political actors amazed why Belarus until the last moment stubbornly refuses to repay the debt for gas,

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In the chain of gas deliveries from Russia to the West more uncertain link — Belarus

Economy Minister Piotr Wozniak (pictured) said that "Warsaw not motivate difficulties sending Russian with Belarusian companies" and as "Polchsha often pays for gas, the willing and often get fuel."The minister recalled that Warsaw actively working on creating other sources of gas deliveries and the recent actions again peraknovayuts the correctness of this approach.Although the gas is delivered to Poland until fully and supplies in the event of a complete cessation of deliveries of fuel enough least 4-5 months, the analyst Andrzej Shchensnyak, draws attention the problem of the other. Shchensnyak: "Europe, gas buyers in Europe will more realize that in

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And the boycott, and the role in the elections lead to legitimize the regime

Tsigankov: "How can explain fluctuations in the opposition during this election? Soim BPF meeting September 20 changed its earlier decision to remove candidates from the party from elections. UCP weighed 5 candidates, while others remained. Or has not diminished the credibility and weight of the democratic forces in the result of these fluctuations? "

Denis MelyantsouMelyantsou: "Fluctuations were the lack of a consolidated position on the elections SLM. Indeed, from the beginning there was a realization, or participate in or boycott the elections — and in what form. You can definitely say that it does not increase the chances of

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