Alexander Zinoviev: Global Cheloveynik

Alexander Zinoviev

I watched a lot of movies and books about the future of mankind. All of them are almost or completely ignored the social aspect of the future of humanity, that is something which will take the form of human association and their members as social beings and the relationship between their members. The present book is devoted to this theme. According to the literary form of the book is sociologically-futurological story. The basic idea is as follows. Our XX century was perhaps the most dramatic in the history of mankind in terms of the fate of

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Companies that killed technical progress

January 23, 2012 13:30

Kodak and other companies that were not able to make out time to new technologies

Pioneer photo industry company Eastman Kodak Co. filed for bankruptcy. Over the past year, Kodak shares depreciated by 90%, the company is mired in debt, closes dozens of laboratories and conducts thousands of cuts. After passage of bankruptcy Kodak expects to seriously restructure its business.

Kodak made a fortune in the manufacture and sale of photographic equipment widely available to her photographs — film, paper, etc. The history of Kodak had several peak moments when he became a pioneer of

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