September 17, 1939: a historical phenomenon

Tsigankov "How can evaluate the September 17, 1939 based on the current beliefs, with viewpoint Belarusian history and independence? " Kishtyms "truly historic event, but on the other hand, it has a historical phenomenon. During 1-x, after September, or rather, in October 1939, the territory of Belarus was the country of this size, as it was never later. In -2, it is worth remembering that the National Assembly, which daluchuv West Belarus took place in Bialystok. So makarom, we lost this city, the capital of Western Belarus. And this second historical phenomenon. "Tsigankov: "It is natural that in Poland today

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Russia can not be relied on as a partner

The English edition of "Financial Express" writes:"Recovery of tension between Russia and Belarus in Western Europe exacerbated the desire to reduce its dependence on Moscow, if such a thing can be. Western analysts do not talk enough with respect to Moscow argumentavanastsi raise Belarus energy prices. They believe that this situation most damaging aspect is brinkmanship. " "The most important consequence of the growth will be forthcoming nervousness in the West due to the fact that Russia can not be relied on as a partner," says Dr. Dieter Helm of Oxford Institute. This latest explosion between Moscow and Minsk recalled

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Created another film about the events of spring 2006 in Minsk

Middle of the movie characters — young creators, historians, students, politicians, prominent figures of the opposition and the authorities. Before the eyes of the viewer are replaced with performance footage, Belarusian views, religious symbols … They say old peasant, student, President Lukashenko, presidential candidates Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich, the prisoner of the Gulag and a Protestant pastor Ernst Sabila, director disgraced authorities Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos and one of the initiators of the tent city on the Square Siuchyk. Sergei Pataransky calls own movie "panoramic"In the movie, a lot of quotes from the issue municipal television saturated propaganda. Sergei

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September 17 offer to make municipal prazdnichkom

According to one of the founders of the initiative — Deputy Chairman of the Military Historical Society Igor Pohlopko — "Liberation march of the Red Army entered history as a brilliant peacekeeping operation, it is fenced off from the West Belarus capture Hitler’s troops and brought Belarusians exemption from state oppression by Polish gentry." Initiative vigorously supported the pro-government Communist Party of Belarus. According to the activist of the party, a member of the House of Representatives Igor Kotljarova, September 17, 1939 — a "big date":"Today did much for many of the Belarusian people, the Belarusian country. In this day

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The UN has not preclude cancellation positions Rapporteur on Belarus

How imply Swiss observers during the adoption of a number of documents can occur fundamentally certain confrontation between Western countries, where minority and non-aligned states.Namely, the latter insist on the abolition-independent rapporteurs on Human Rights Sudan, Belarus, Burma and North Korea, also in favor of the production of of so-called Code of Conduct for-independent professionals.According to UN ambassadors from Western states, we can not exclude that such proposals may be taken."If that happens, it can cause loss of confidence in the Council, and it will no longer support all of her friends," — said in an interview with Swiss media

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June Vasil Bykov: My pessimism born …

"If it’s read about my pessimism, it is born, and is not excluded from any postulates. But the more I was struck by his (George Orwell — Ed.) Awareness of the nature of totalitarianism. As is clear — especially in the 30s and least likely in the postwar — Western intelligentsia stood at a few other positions. But specifically George Orwell (well, maybe if he was not the only one), but in our usprynyatstsi, in my own, it was the first person who realized that Russian power is what the Communist thought and what totalitarianism. This for me was very

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Vitebsk: arrested three members of the Chernobyl shares

About 10 ka policemen and about 10 ka commandos followed Constantine Smolikau spoke to the audience with a speech A Vladislav Tokarev held white-red-white flag. Sergei Belazeku Talca detained for being in his neck was a white-red-white scarf.All detainees are currently in Kastrychnitseim police department, where they make up protocols for conducting an unsanctioned rally.Joint action Vitebsk opposition representatives began on the bank of the Western Dvina. For the memory of the victims of Chernobyl local Democrats allowed the river dark funeral wreath with ribbon.Then all participants climbed the hill to the Cross Assumption Euphrosyne. In stock assumed the role

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Lukashenko: West hopes for revolution

"Unfortunately, from the lips of some Western politicians constantly sound outspoken appeals to unconstitutional change of power in Belarus, to the plantations of the Western model so called democracy ", — the president said at a reception graduates of the General Staff, Command and Staff Faculty of the Military Academy of Belarus and Russian military academies.Lukashenko also said that the historical experience Belarusian people and the realities of world politics require careful attention to issues of national security. "The modern world is not becoming more harmless, and we are witnessing a period of exacerbation of geopolitical, economic, environmental and demographic

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Interview Lukashenko Reuters: Why must expect the worst?

Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to "Reuters". How can otkommentirovat his intention to run for a fourth term as president? Or will the opposition in the House of Representatives? Explains how bad things Lukashenko Belarus and the West?Fourth term as president?Valery Karbalevich"In an interview with Lukashenko agency" Reuters ", perhaps more enthusiasm aroused thesis of his intention to run for a fourth term. Seems that nothing sudden politicized public is not here. Contrast, would cause a sensation, if Lukashenko said something otherwise. Yet, this first public statement on the matter. As Lukashenko said, "expect the worst." Like you could to

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Ales Ostrovsky Western liberalism we can not rescue

Ales Ostrovsky "There is not such a common problem. We already have a lot of experience with the West. Well the whole European experience in recent years pushed a little old romantic notions, they are becoming more moderate."Alexander Ulitenok: "What exactly is troubling you in the Western model?"Ostrovsky "Liberalism. That image is available as rod, strategic trends in the West, the name of democracy, but the content is almost exactly liberalism." Ulitenok: "What is not satisfied with the standards of the Europeans?"Ostrovsky "In fact, the concept of" people "Western political scientists do not enjoy. There abstract concept" society. "And the

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