Yushchenko: Where did the Belarusian language?

As disgusting example of the consequences of decisions similar fate brought Yushchenko Belarusian language:"Speculations on the subject of language — it is also work against Ukraine. I hunt now ask: where did the Irish language? Where’d Byelorussian? Where are the 10’s languages, countries which went for the formula which we now impose some. I am convinced that it is not the policy of Ukraine, and speculation on which someone else can earn political dividends. I oppose this. "

Grodno — summer time, money and leisure

Man: "Rest I had finished, I went to friends in Moscow. Wages allows me to go somewhere. To be honest, I bought all that he planned to stay: acquired a washing machine "Bosch", vacuum cleaner, iron doors have only put in an apartment, other plans this year I no longer have. "Youth"In Crimea food a week — though savage. At half weeks — is 500 bucks together with the road, the bus there and back. Private sector town Koktebel, likely . "Lady: "This summer I will not eat, since I taught my daughter arrives. Here I do not zadumvaessya, because

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Creative class turned into a bunch of unhappy

Opposition rally last weekend. And people hear the opposition? Where is her strong side? This and much more discussed Vladimir Solovyov and Anna Shafran with radio listeners "Vesti FM".

Solovyov: Many ask me for some reason my attitude to what it was in the Lubyanka. My attitude is: scary funny looks everything. Look, some media outlets operated in the announcement of the inflation surge of hysteria and the public. That there is "Gazprom echo" just whenever read: "Behold, is about to begin!" That there is this is not news, it's announcement.

In addition, the action took place in

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EXperimenty. Helicopters watch online

In the world it is called a helicopter, and we have — by helicopter. This is the only machine in which the air moves as anything and where anything. The aircraft must fly only forward. Airships sluggishness and kopotlivy. Balloons in general are moving, where the wind blows. And the helicopter — Is an absolute and complete freedom!

movie 1

movie 2


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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko number 23 (16.04.2013) Watch online

— Whence on our planet come from the remains of bolshennyh people? — Why it's time to rewrite all the history books? — Vanished civilization. Who portrayed the statues of Easter Island? — Was the reality of the Biblical Flood? — The Lost City. Who built the mysterious underwater town? — Was civilization reasonable amphibians? — Which technologies have the inhabitants of the underwater depths? — Why polulyudey-poluryba disappeared from the earth? — Homeland Ihtiandra. Whence People came amphibian to Earth? — Why Our ancient ancestors were even smarter than we are? — Neuzh Mayan Indians then went out

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Chronicle of the unfeasible tasks

Colonel Vladimir Grandmother waged war in Chechnya only six months. But during that time he committed 720 sorties. And no! .. Only Night — 205, of which 115 had time to sit down on the ground in war zones. During the trip, he had brought from the battlefield the wounded more than five hundred men. But one night flight — January 9, 2000 — he will never forget …

Knows the Colonel Vladimir Grandmother:

— For me the second Chechen campaign began on September 27, 1999. The fighting in Dagestan, where I found, were already on the decline. But it

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Today, February 14

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

Cloud …

…and frosty. Temperature: -19 — 14 C. 

Do not pass:

Activists of the "Young Front" activists hold a rally in honor of Valentine's Day, gathering in front of the KGB greeting cards for those arrested in a criminal case filed after the events of December 19. 


Turkish President Abdullah Gul begins a three-day visit to Iran.

European Parliament begins session in Strasbourg. 


In 1906, Nicholas was born historian Ulashchik (d. 1986).

In 1907 the poet was born Ales Zvonak

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