Happy days Moomin

In fairy tales Tove Jansson script authors — MARY Kossovskii, Dembinski director Lucian — Lucian Dembinski artist — BOGDAN HUDZYNSKY animator — the OVA Bankovskaya, Wieslaw bachek Barbara DYHDALEVICH, EVA PSHIEMSKA operator — VACLAV Fedak Composer — ANDRZEJ Rokitsky


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — G. ZARGARYAN

Color. 6 units, 1719 m. R /

Number 1802186


This feature-length puppet film will no doubt please our young moviegoers. It is made for fun and amusing tales Swedish writer Tove Jansson about the adventures of fabulous creatures — Moomin. These books were published

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Quest in the hockey mask

The game, which will be today, it was discovered in July of this year, under such dubious circumstances, that I am having a legitimate suspicion. Do you remember Paul McCartney once told an anecdote about how "Beatles" We are going to go on a new tour, calling himself "Randy and rockets" and speaking in a hockey mask? However, they somehow did not think that they can identify the voices …

So, maybe Missing on Lost

Island (MoLI) — is not developed at the beginning of this millennium unknown European team quest, which he tries

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The Pentagon gave the U.S. the right to invade the special forces in Central Asia

The Pentagon has publicly allowed U.S. special forces to invade Central Asia. At the moment, "Green Berets" have the right to pursue and destroy the terrorists that are in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. But is there a consensus on this control these states? The answer to this question, it turned out, did not look easy. But when you consider that there is no objection — which means they agree. But Russia and the CSTO nobody even asked.

The fact that south american Special Forces can act on areas of Central Asia, it became clear only at the moment, although

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The aliens neutralize nuclear missiles the U.S. and Britain

The aliens since 1948 neutralize nuclear missiles the U.S. and the UK — Air Force officers

Retired U.S. Air Force servicemen claim that aliens since 1948, engaged in the deactivation of nuclear warheads the United States and the United Kingdom. Sensational statement published on the pages of the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

One day, they say, foreign aircraft even landed in the territory of one of the bases of the Air Force of Great Britain. The governments of both countries carefully conceal information about what is happening.

These revelations were made by six retired officers

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Indescribable, but it is obvious

Weird announcements are heard from the television screen, one unexpected friend, you do not believe your ears! That Putin awarded the title Gen.-Colonel Shamanov bypassing the current defense minister, without representation, then started talking again, not to disband and reform of the Tula Airborne motto is to transfer it to the regiment to brigade base. Rogozin then asks report from the State Property — What has become of production space defense company "Almaz-Antey", Tupolev, Yakovlev, Mikoyan, and then Prime says the municipal share of the sale of shares of defense companies.

Putin has just brought a "defense" billion

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The powerful financial bunch

Whole the world has long since states that 99% of all planetary capital in the hands of the hosts major multinational companies. But if these words were previously only words, but now they are under a fairly strong base. This base is called the research work of the world economy spices Zurich Institute (Switzerland).

Scientists decided means of computer simulation to study the level of integration of global financial institutions and various business communities. Was used for the study is truly impressive base consisting of 43,060 TNCs (transnational corporations). This figure has not been taken, as the saying goes,

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Sahara — the most powerful power of the Earth!

Not one article published on the development of alternative energy sources. A variety of projects, including the giant floating cities on the solar-powered, hotels, as well as the generators that produce electricity in the ocean. Here is another one of the one in which mankind will come in handy one of the most sparsely populated areas of the Earth: The Sahara Desert. The German magazine Der Spiegel published an article in which he proposes that the entire population of our planet's electricity, using only 1% of the area of the desert! So what's the problem,

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Ethiopia buys more than 200 Ukrainian tanks

The picture shows the T-72 tank — one of the few tanks produced in Ukraine. Built in the time of Russian factories inherited by Ukraine (including the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant), continue to create quite a weapon for that that country was listed as one of the leading global exporters of military technology and weapons, including anti-aircraft systems, radars, missiles, aircraft and small cannon.

Addis Ababa (Reuters) — Ukrainian officials said on June 10 that the government of Ethiopia has signed agreement the amount of 100 million dollars for the purchase of more than 200 tanks at Ukrainian state

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One hundred and one to watch

In a curious game, "One hundred to one" a few teams are participating. Team members are chosen, usually by a trade or profession and very often invited to play at the big-name performers, artists and athletes. Teams have to be very true answer is quite unusual questions that do not have a specific answer. Their task — to guess the most massive answer active question, which given case interviewed people on the streets. And the answers are sometimes very unpredictable and very funny. We are talking about questions like: "What will the lady if she breaks heel?", "What kind

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The criminal atrocities in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Army — Is an integral part of society, means all diseases peculiar to the society and for the Armed Forces.

Over the past year, military prosecutors have concluded that the number of criminal atrocities in the army as a whole declined. But we must not forget that declined and the number of members of the Armed Forces. If you translate everything in absolute numbers, it pops up on the surface of the subsequent trend: the number of crimes that were made by the officers in the Armed Forces, grown up. It's hard to say what is the reason, but the

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