Preparation of Kutuzovs army to counter-attack. Difficulties in supply

For the transition of the Russian army in coming, after the abandonment of Moscow, it was necessary to make certain conditions. The army had to fill in a little time to teach new recruits, arm and equip them. A more fundamental problem was the creation of the mobile stores, supply bases, the establishment of mobile hospitals. To do this, the War Department and government agencies have done a great job. A special role was played by the organizing Misha Kutuzov.

16 (28) September Misha Illarionovich joined the 1st and 2nd armies into one, retaining the title of her

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Soviet tank guns

First Russian tank guns were 37-mm as standing on the first tank of the COP, and in fact vserasprostranennom T-18. How unfortunate it did not sound, a 37-mm cannon on the experience gained in the course of the Sino-Soviet conflict in 1929, was not enough to effectively defeat of the enemy, even though it was listed as armor penetration completely sufficient. Explosive projectile 45-mm cannon was almost 50% higher for the 37-mm projectile fragmentation. Specifically, in this regard, the 45-mm gun was adopted as the primary for the new Russian tanks. In many years, it remained the main Russian tank

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Jordan builds a fourth-generation tank

While leading tankostroitelnye powers reflect and wondering need or do not need them to tank the fourth generation, to move from a standstill this question can small and quite tankostroitelnaya country — Jordan. This country has been built and is tested with a tank uninhabited combat module instead of the tower. Specifically, these modules and are the main feature of the fourth generation of tanks.

As no surprise, not looking at the revolutionary spirit of this announcement, it discusses the fairly sluggish. This is due to the fact that this machine disk imaging in fact. Apparently, it is classified.

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