Yusupov Bakhsh

«I want to be one of the producers who shoot fiction»

Domestic kinodela rarely turn to fiction. And even more rarely taken as a basis for literary works of Russian or Soviet authors. One of those who decided to go against this trend — producer of «Antikiller», «gesture» and «Paragraph 78» Yusup G. Bakhshiyev. He is now completing work on the series «intermediaries» — an adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Mirer «House of wanderers», and plans to continue to move on the screen a few brilliant works of Soviet science fiction.

«The format of the series is the

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Strategy for success

About 300 liftovikov arrived from 80 cities of Russia, came together to discuss the most pressing problems of the industry, to share experiences, exchange ideas, participate in discussions and develop the future strategy of working together. For a discussion of the conference organizers suggested to colleagues the most current, burning topics: the economic crisis; the need to develop self-regulation institute in the elevator industry as the sole mechanism for protecting small and medium businesses from unfair competition; New pricing; Managed organizations in modern conditions as — pects of judicial practice; development of technical regulations «On the safety of lifts»; the

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Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, — located just 30 kilometers from Cannes, the hills and vineyards, is designed for those who gave their hearts to Provence.

On the Cote d’Azur, where a little to take a step and you’re in another town, or even in another country, a hotel with a total area of ​​about 300 hectares — an extraordinary phenomenon. Terre Blanche — it is your own quiet Provencal village with the amenities of a five star hotel: secluded villas, from the windows and terraces with stunning views, restaurants, swimming pools, spas, golf courses, tennis courts and

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Arriving at the far Hyperborea, Perseus defeated the Gorgon Medusa and cut off her head zmeinovlasuyu open, sends death sockets. With surprise hero watched from the neck of the Gorgon with the flow of blood coming to light two completely different creation — her children by Poseidon, god warrior chrysaor and winged Pegasus stallion.

Equally unexpected to Andromeda, the beautiful victim sea monster, it was the appearance with her Perseus:

Suddenly, like a sudden thunder in the clear sky,

Rolling neighing. The eyes opened

Fluttering fear and with it the heady excitement:

She saw, nestesnen bridle,

Shot up on

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In the glorious and satisfying future we promise to Rostov is no accident. To that there are at least three good reasons. First, of course, local gastronomic traditions, relatively confident survived the Soviet period. Don ear, buns, pickled vegetables, dried and smoked fish here is absolutely organic part of the culture, not an ancient fossil, like soup and cakes in Central Russia. Second, the nature of grace and energetic farmers. Local products, seasonal menu — it’s not fashionable bait, increasing the price tripled, and the natural conditions of work of any malomalski decent places. Finally, the location of Rostov.

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Backstage LG plant

Brief Introduction

The plant itself was launched in September 2006, became another important "building block" in a world empire LG, which currently includes branches, 6 design centers and 98 subsidiary companies. The Russian plant has been assigned a role: the release of monitors / TVs, washing machines and refrigerators. Currently, LG Electronics RUS produces more than 200 models of televisions, monitors, refrigerators and washing machines. A total number of employees in 2013 exceeded 2,000. But not all of it and are busy working on the assembly line. We were able to look into the "behind the scenes" Plant -testovye

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Target M

"Evening Stavropol ', 27.11.2002, Stavropol, n219, page 7

Author: Andrei Panasenko

In May 1992, we were shooting a documentary about the study of UFOs in Estonia. We have been idle most of the day, and my old friend, the famous ufologist in Estonia, let's call it, Mr. X., offered to go "to an interesting place." And while we played on the streets of Tallinn, and then raced down the suburban road, X. said a strange, like a detective story … It began in the mid-60s. A resident of the small village of Moscow, not far from Tallinn, mechanic Virgo

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Zhevodannsky bloodthirsty flesh-eater

Werewolves, werewolves and wolves people — all of them are familiar to us from many art books and movies. But the real story about the incident, compared with the stories from the books, they seem ridiculous fairy tales. If we take the page record, which turned yellow from time to time, we may find any mention of the inexplicable and impossible facts.

Many written testimonies recount that in the XIX century wolves have established a real terror when they ceased to hunt animals and started to attack people. However, no

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Okolosiriyskie intrigue, or a blow to the Russian Federation Information

Information about the "Russian aggression" is practically littered with Western news portals and publication of the Persian Gulf. As for the last 2-weeks in the Western press exaggerated information that throws up a high-ranking bureaucrats, that our home almost all the forces ready to support the "brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad." At first, Moscow accused it supplies the official Damascus new combat helicopters, later suddenly "appeared" that is sensitive to either an entire squadron of warships at the seams from popping nabivshihsya in their special forces soldiers and Marines go to the coast of Syria. Later it was reported that

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Reining in The Matrix

About the development of human civilization stands a few noticeable theories, some contradictory qualities of each other. One of these theories is the civilization of deterministic chaos theory, when the first place there is the notion of complete cause-and-effect relationship, not only in the world of real objects, and in the construction of social interactions. With all this each historic step is a derivative component of the global chaos which Chaos looks only for the person, and in fact is a complex multi-faceted design patterns.

In the 20th century this theory received a severe development, they have tried to

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