Supersonic missiles «Onyx» experience in August

Output in the mass production of the submarine plan «Ash» depends on the work antiship weapons Main Command of the Navy and Production Association «Sevmash» agreed terms of testing anti-ship missiles «Onyx». According to the «News» of the Ministry of Defense, shoot these supersonic missiles is brand new nuclear submarine «Severodvinsk» Project 885 «Ash» in late August on state tests submarines. — The launch will take place from a submerged position with the introduction of universal shipboard firing system UKSK CM-343 with vertical shafts, — said the «Izvestia» influential representative of the Ministry of Defense. Launch «Onyx» was invented

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Menhirs that pose?

"UFO", 24.05.2004, St. Petersburg, n22 (339), page 7

Author: Alexey Popov

What is a menhir? In the most general terms — is a stone slab, mounted on three or four poles. The era of dolmens and menhirs was very long. They were built at the beginning of our era, that is usually used as tombs. The whole world agrees to assume their tombstones. A funerary function assigned and dolmens located in Karelia.

Secondly, the stone due to its crystal structure has the properties of the battery. If you heat the stone — it builds up heat, it retains

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After the chaos and destruction to the other civilization

Modern human civilization intensely and rapidly changing. West hosts the project are driving population of the earth in a very narrow corridor, nations and peoples of the planet reeling concept, civilization, financial, economic, social, political, environmental and military crisis.

Flares on the planet (and its carefully inflate) the flame continuous revolution. It covers not only crushed neuvvyazkami different countries of the Arab and Islamic world, and not so long ago prosperous West. Initially, "peaceful" protests that are trying to present as an expression of the "will" of the people, automatically spill over into conflict with the authorities, the armed

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UFO in 2013. Unidentified flying object over Edgemoor Barn

Ellen Henry — Resident of Santee, United States, by happy coincidence, captured UFO, which flew over the historical museum Edgemoor Barn. The event took place May 7, 2013 and on the same day, it became a major sensation.

In the city of Santee is a museum Edgemoor Barn (Edzhmursky barn), which used to be part of a dairy farm, built in 1913. In 1923, the farm was used as a home for the elderly and geriatric hospitals, and 60 years later, this place has become a museum at the historical

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More profitable than the introduction of LPG, CNG and LNG as a motor fuel

Over the last 10 years in Russia is developing stronger market NGV fuel. Every year the number of gas stations grows. At present, the country built more than 3,000 gas stations and gas-cylinder fuel are higher than the 1st million motorists. What did explain such popularity of CNG and LPG as an alternative fuel?

In 1-x — this reduction of harmful emissions into the environment. The used gases of internal combustion engines in cars that use gas motor fuel, less insecure than car exhaust engines running on fuel oil. When using LPG different carbon oxides, nitrogen, and hydrocarbons in the

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Man and gun

The famous Kalashnikov assault rifle — 75 years, and its creator — almost '93!

— Mike T., in his later years you are working as before. How do you manage to maintain a good shape?

— Genes, of course, played a role, my ancestors have lived a long life. Yes, and I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. Just at the moment that's relaxed a little bit. Age all the same. Still, do not let yourself be superfluous for the rest. At home, in the country try to do everything himself. For me, work in general has

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Private mercenary armies U.S.

Modern peacekeeping operations is impossible to imagine for themselves without a role of personal military companies, which together with a permanent contingent of state armies are equal subjects of these missions. According to the views of military professionals, the role of these companies in global conflicts will increase over time, as evidenced by the military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. In these states, PMCs are doing police functions. In addition, they have a very active role in the operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and western areas of southern Serbia.

Private military companies — it's not just

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With Chinese money comes and model — the neglect of the rights of workers

Society Tsigankov: How real is this number of possible Chinese investment — $ 15 billion? Let me remind you that all cooperation with the IMF brought 3.5 billion of loans over the past two years. Do China now free money for investment in the Belarusian economy?Bogdan: This figure sounds pretty fantastic. It can materialize at least to some extent, but if the Chinese will lose some business. The terms of such transactions, likely, remain unknown to the public — and only then will we know what turns out to be sold something the Chinese.

It's not even capitalism, and some

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Geometry NAZCA Zoo Giants (Part 1)

First thing to note is the large size of these figures. So, one of the smaller pieces — the image of a spider — has a diameter of about 45 meters, while the length of the "Anhinga" — more than 250 meters. Reaching view of a figure from the ground and realize that it is impossible. To do this, or take a couple hundred feet above the ground, or going with a compass and tape measure along the lines of the drawing and consistently putting on a piece of paper all of its twists and turns, make

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CIA launches task force to assess the impact on U.S. leaks «WikiLeaks» (The Washington Post, USA)

The CIA created a motivated group to assess the impact of publications of thousands of U.S. diplomatic correspondence, documents and military files «WikiLeaks».

Officially group called «WikiLeaks Task Force». But at CIA headquarters, it is known, at first, did not own a very comfortable acronym WTF *.

The inadequacy is perhaps understandable for an agency that does not actually incurred losses from «WikiLeaks». Only a handful of CIA files came out on the website of «WikiLeaks», and other departments in the documents posted on the network, is surprisingly not a lot of disk imaging on CIA employees or their operations.

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