CIA knows all about of, or What the West sees us

Property of views generates the abundance of peace. Specifically, this view is mistaken for a general in the developed democratic society. If the same group of people, there are several different views on life, it is considered a factor in the future development of this group of people. But there is a concrete representation and presentation of such an impartial fact that from very far. Will not do that specifically personal views, far from the present state of things, trying to raise the rank of unquestionable truth.

Russia in the near future are increasingly began to incriminate that we have

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Sergei Shoigu Brazil offer to join the development and production of fifth generation fighter T-50 PAK FA

During the visit of Russian military delegation (14-17 October), headed by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu this country offer Brazil to join the development and production of fighter fifth generation T-50 PAK FA report October 14, 2013.   In addition, Our homeland proposes to include in the tender F-X2 Brazilian Air Force multi-purpose fighter Su-35, which had previously been excluded from the competition. Brazil plans to buy 36 fighter jets worth about 4 billion U.S. dollars.   In the current time in the competition involved fighter Gripen NG (Swedish company Saab), Rafale (French Dassault) and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (South American

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Central Air Force Museum in Monino

In 1958, in the suburban town of Monino military based on the existing airfield facilities and workshops 2-hangars was created museum-Exhibition of aircraft at the Red Banner of the Air Force Academy. The first aircraft in the museum were Po-2, La-11, Yak-18, La-15, Yak-12, Voisin, Sopwith, Il-10, Il-12, Tu-2, found in aviation units, landfills and airfields the Air Force.

By the early 70's at the Museum of 35 units of full-scale aircraft.Since 1971 — Museum Of the Air Forces of the USSR. To my 20-year anniversary, he had more than eighty full-scale models of aircraft, its walls had over

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Yuri Andropov: Cmertnik on the throne watch online

"The Age — Actions and people" — a documentary series about the Belarusian TV personalities who have changed the world. The project knows about the personal lives of people who influenced the course of history, the development of countries.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology


Operational-strategic exercises "CENTER-2011"Became the central event in the preparation of the Armed Forces. Manages the teachings of the first Deputy Minister of Defence, the Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov. The theme of the training is the preparation and use of cross-species groups of troops to stabilize the situation and conducting combat operations in the Central Asian strategic direction. Tasks assigned to the military, associated with the reflection of external invasion, also struggle with the forces of terrorists on the territory of Russia and allied areas.

Seven of polygons, which are exercises in the territories of the Russian

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SWAT Poland rocked the whole world

Polish special forces always distinguished rigid ways that have experienced for themselves not only the local mafia, and zabugornye offenders. Away from it in fact no one has yet succeeded. Themselves these special units in Poland have relatively recently. In the 70-80s had a few special units designed to address or purely military tasks (sabotage, disruption of communications, etc.), or to fight terrorism. But after the seizure of the embassy in Bern Poland Polish dissidents in 1982, General Edwin Rozlubirski offered to make a new secret military unit to combat the danger of terrorism and other unconventional threats. But it

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Cost of NATOs Holy War will strshnoy

At the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, leading a holy war with Syria, completed rhetorical ammunition. Perhaps it is a consequence of the outbreak of the war in the North Atlantic Alliance bypassing the UN Security Council. Perhaps this is a consequence of experienced counter Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

On the days of Hillary called "Western powers" and their Arab stooges — a symbiosis of a bizarre title of the NATO-GCC [1], which plays the role of the "international community" — "to understand clearly that our homeland and China will pay for the fact that impede

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Formation of the person

Single definition of personality is not there: too many science and research interests of the individual schools, and each has its own definition. In the social sciences personality regarded as a special quality person acquired them in the socio-cultural environment in the process of collaboration and communication. In the humanistic concepts personality — This is a man as a value for which the development of the society.

Formation of the person

However, despite the abundance of approaches to the understanding of the individual, there are well-defined criteria formed personality.

A person can be considered as a person,

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Redheads aliens

"In Peru, on the Pacific coast and in the sands of the desert peninsula of Paracas are large burial caves in which numerous well-preserved mummy. Some of them were … the hair red or chestnut brown, curly and silky, like the Europeans, elongated skull.

The study of red hair under a microscope mummies showed that they have all the signs by which people are usually different hair Nordic type of hair Mongoloids or American Indians. "

It is written in his book "Aku-Aku", published in 1957, the famous Norwegian ethnographer and archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl. When in 1531, the

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From the Baltic to the Pacific. Continued Part 2

Part 3

I remembered a trick from last year's trip to Lake Baikal. Somewhere in the vast expanses in Krasnoyarsk, in a completely lifeless place, and when it was getting dark, we saw on the side of the motorcycle exploded. It was a natural Harley, the windshield was a map of Russia, on the reverse side of which is white, in large letters, was written by SOS. At Harley lay Japanese and stupid smile.Valerman

At the same Valermana roommate. We can say that people have found themselves.

Correct "glass"! I do not know how: (. Possible that just

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