Chronicles of the second world war: the pre-war period

Years ahead of the declaration of war between the Axis countries and the anti-Hitler coalition in 1939 were languishing for many countries of the world. 10 years earlier began Lofty depression, as a result of which no work left much of the population in Europe and America. Nationalism swept over Germany, which was outraged by the rigidity of punitive measures of the Versailles peace treaty that ended the First World War. China and the Empire of Japan was at war with the time that in 1931, Japanese troops invaded Manchuria. Germany, Italy and Japan took advantage of the entry in

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Chronicle of the unfeasible tasks

Colonel Vladimir Grandmother waged war in Chechnya only six months. But during that time he committed 720 sorties. And no! .. Only Night — 205, of which 115 had time to sit down on the ground in war zones. During the trip, he had brought from the battlefield the wounded more than five hundred men. But one night flight — January 9, 2000 — he will never forget …

Knows the Colonel Vladimir Grandmother:

— For me the second Chechen campaign began on September 27, 1999. The fighting in Dagestan, where I found, were already on the decline. But it

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Epilation: experiment on himself

Frankly, TV spots next razor for women gives me a feeling of deep thought. Can someone help? Do this every other day from scratches himself lucky not germinating hair and stroking the stubble on his feet before going to bed? That's lucky, I guess.

But for some reason it seems to me that there is a substantial part of those who are not lucky: on-site shaving hair starts to grow in arithmetical progression, depilatory creams do not help, and the means to slow the growth of hair look like a joke.

All this fully applies to me.

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Would any Russian war

Historical look at ourselves

"In fact, Hitler did not overcome Russian and Americans, who were helped by the British." "Although the Russian and occupied Berlin, but it can not be considered a victory, because Stalin was no different from Hitler, the Russian occupation of Europe terrible German." "This war started Russian, not German. Or at least they created it together. " "Although the Russian and defeated Hitler, but did so at the cost of human Straseni victims who are not worth their so-called victory." "If it were not for the totalitarian regime of Stalin, Russia could overcome even more effective

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Show and tell with Leonid Zakoshansky season 2 watch online

There are projects in which they say a lot. So let they say. And in a new talk show on NTV — they say and show. Live at the sight of the whole country! Only burning and provocative themes. Only actual actions and their participants. Truth and only true. "Show and tell" with Leonid Zakoshansky — this everyday news current-show with elements of a special investigation. The theme applets always gets the most discussed news of the country. Whatever happens — in the studio is always specific participants in the events and exclusive video footage, not to only just

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Love games to watch

That's enough to meet their clothes! It's very boring. In a brand new show "Love Games" will be the main characters to choose a pair of spite. They will be able to delve into the personal belongings of applicants to find out what those asleep, what music to heed what food to cook in, and hear the views of their relatives and the "former" … And at the end of their expected final test: look at all the candidates and find out that Who do you chose …

TV shows

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Cool Arctic War

To understand the situation that is now being formed around the Arctic region, it is necessary to understand how these areas are important in economic terms. There are two main resources: petroleum and gas. And a lot of them. According to preliminary estimates, the supplies of minerals identified, which has arctic marine cable, account for 30% of global supplies. Now because of reduced polar ice deposits are vsedostupnosti. With the advent of summer, large areas where there are supplies of gas and oil, are free of ice. Can fully exploit them without effort, taking into account that there is a

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Equipment astronaut from Tikal

At the bottom of the helmet is visible termovorotnik, and before the eyes of an astronaut on the swivel-mounted (outside the glass helmet) a block — perhaps a night vision device. On the chest of the ancient astronaut (as well as modern) located remote systems management space suit, which fit bundles of air hoses and electrical cables.

On many stelae of Mesoamerica "sky god" is usually depicted holding hands on the remote control, ma-nipuliruya his keys and adjusting knob. On the left hand astronaut — a bracelet of complex configuration, on top of which

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The U.S. military is looking for help in creating an artificial human brain

DARPA agency finds help in his brand new project that will allow computers to simulate human neocortex — the section of the brain that we use to comprehend language, reasoning, and perception. Although we already have a machine-learning techniques that allow computers to make decisions based on constantly changing disk imaging, DARPA wants more. Military wish to obtain a «model of cortical computation,» which will allow computers to recognize new data when they are relevant to their current task, and adapt the latest information from their environment. And although the «cortical processors» sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie

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I would like a drink? This is for you to a psychologist

Recently, a family friendly I was faced with the problem of alcoholism treatment in a highly non-trivial angle. One evening, a loving husband returned with the traditional gatherings in honor of the end of the day, barely moving his tongue with a black eye, without purse and documents. Just bad luck met near the subway with a dashing company that tipsy man seemed easy prey.

In principle, such "postpivnye 'troubles are not uncommon, and many refer to them as more or less amusing adventure. However, a loving wife considered these adventures in arms: not only that the two

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