Football — the last refuge of the Patriots

This week, Russian football bureaucrats convened another meeting at which tried to answer the question — how to stop the growth of violence emanating from the football fan groups. The meeting took place in Moscow in the House of Football, chaired by Russian Football Union president Sergei Fursenko, the debate also took the role of the members of the executive committee of the RAF, the presidents of the Premier League and First Division, head of ethics committees, the FTC and other. But not including tips to increase the responsibility of clubs for the behavior of fans (just to remove

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Unthinkable pencil drawings by Paul Lung

Hong Kong artist Paul Lung (Paul Lung) creates amazing beauty and realism paintings ordinary graphite pencil 0.5 mm on sheets of A2.

Each new person — a new drawing in my heart. It can be drawn in pencil, and maybe a pen. Sometimes written with paint, as vague and variegated. The bright spot, which was a great experience, but very soon flushed, blurred, smeared. Museum in the depths of every human

In his works, life, emotion and hard work, which you think, in the last instance — so

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Who needs drones, if you have spyware Rockets?

The U.S. Army in the last couple of years has invested many millions of dollars in development platoon tactical UAVs that can be applied to soldiers near instant intelligence. As a result of this came to light such advanced devices as Puma AE and Black Hornet. But the company «ST Kinetics» just showed intelligent monitoring system that uses a modified 40-mm shells — and she can do the work of famous micro-drones only for a fraction of their prices. Received the title «Soldier Parachute Aerial Reconnaissance Camera System» (SPARCS), the 40-mm shells with integrated cameras are designed to run

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France: equipment for the upcoming fighter

France in the middle of June 2010 will start training fighters use equipment "soldier of the future" FELIN (Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres), the first 90 sets of which will go to the Army training center. As reported by Defense News, September 2010 equipment will flow into the permanent parts — the first FELIN get an army regiment in Sarrebourg.

Earlier, the French military experts at participating in combat in Afghanistan, has been testing the latest gear. A total of 348 sets tested. The tests were conducted in Djibouti, Guyana, in the Alps and in the cities of

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Dmitry Savrasov. Portrait against a lattice


Dima and his childhood was fond of biology and music. He participated in competitions in biology. Very fond of dinosaurs, knew all about these extinct animals, even studied all the names in Latin.

Sometimes agalomshvats me difficult questions like: "What kind of teeth at such and such a dinosaur — a tube or alvealyarnyya?" Of course, I do not remember, and replied that she had never thought that the teeth of a dinosaur. Teenage son sneered: "Well, and another PhD! And you do not know what the teeth of a dinosaur! Tubular!".

At the hospital, I was

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ARMY already uses drones IMPACT IN THE CAUCASUS

Combat units drones operate in all the compounds of the Southern Military Area Russian armed forces began to make active use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Reconnaissance and strike aircraft systems with the introduction of drones were made in the past year. They, as it turns out, «which is applied in practice during interspecific exercises and solve other problems.» On Friday said the Commander of the Southern Military Area (JUVO) Colonel-General Alexander Galkin. Our homeland to nedavneshnego time significantly lagged behind the advanced countries in the development and use of UAVs on the battlefield. Because messages General Galkin on this

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Incredibly fast UFO over Denver, USA.

In early November, the network has a video in which a resident of Denver showed a lot of them filmed a UFO, which could be seen in slow-motion playback, as the speed of their flight was too high. Then I ignored the news, since these objects are explicitly considered a natural origin, but now the public as new information and even video with this man on the local news channel. Moreover, this time the presence of a UFO in the skies of America confirmed and journalists were with ufologist-amateurs! Waiting for your opinion on what

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What does the world dismemberment of Russia?

1. Chatting with strangers about of, every true Russian patriot should explain to them that our homeland is not a random conglomeration of tribes and territories, and not artificially harmonious «mechanism», «regions», but a living, grown historically and culturally justified body, not subject to arbitrary dismemberment. This organism is a geographical unity, parts of which are related economic vzaimopitaniem; This organism is a spiritual, cultural and linguistic unity, the Russian people historically associated with its national younger brothers — spiritual vzaimopitaniem; it is the state and strategic unity, to show the world their will and their ability to self-defense; it

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How to wash down medicine?

Grapefruit juice does not fit well with medications. Back in 2000, scientists have shown that use it in conjunction with heart medications can not. The fact that the structure of grapefruit juice is a substance capable of reacting with some drugs by increasing their velocity in the suctiongastrointestinal tract of the patient.

This feature citrus drink is especially dangerous for the elderly, who often take pills "from the heart" and often with calcium-fortified drink grapefruit juice. Excessive action of the heart of funds can cause life-threatening complications. In general, the interaction of grapefruit juice with drugs intended for oral

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Finish assembling the An-70 will be performed in Kazan …

June 9, 2012, Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, during his working trip to Kazan, suddenly made a statement that creation Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-70 will be carried out on the basis of CAPO Gorbunov. So Makarov, on the ground of the plant will, in fact, is built new creation, which will not be affected by this particular company. His project is now engaged in Kazan GiproNIIaviaprom. Recall that the creation of the An-70, except Kazan enterprise, also claimed Ulyanovsk Company "Aviastar-SP" and the Samara "Aviacor — Aircraft Factory." Also had information that the aircraft can collect

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