The death of Stalin. Another version of the watch

The story of Edward Radzinsky on the latest and most mysterious life years Stalin. During this period, in the biography of the leader of many of the paranormal. Why after the greatest victory in the Russian war, the people's faith in a brighter future after the war, again followed by black bloody times? What was behind the arrests and executions of those governing party and the country, which Stalin himself called his heirs; military repression, nedavneshney to shed the blood of war, what was behind it shameful anti-Semitic campaign, arrests Stalin's relatives and ideological pogroms? Hardness, manic suspicion the

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Falkontiry winged penal battalion

Nazi aces with Russian pilots called fear of penalty squadrons brutalized eagles

Not many people know that during the Russian war majestically in our Armed Forces were created not only punitive companies and battalions, and punitive Squadron. The very first of them in 1942, now headed by the Union of Russian hero Ivan Evgrafovich Fedorov, who has recently turned 96 years old. He told about how to wage war pilots winged penal battalion.

Escape from the rear to the front

July 3, 1942 at Monino airfield near Moscow landed a brand new fighter LaGG-3. He taxied to the

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Factories — the Chinese, the land — the Koreans, or brand new programm of the far East

Already which year in our country fixed population decline. Departures abroad, the reluctance to give birth because of the small living standards, numerous abortions for the last 20 years have reduced population RF almost 10 million people. We can say that a large extinct large city, comparable to the number of residents with today's Moscow. Difficulties with the increase in the birth rate the government is trying to solve through additional social guarantees. In some regions, it really gave a tangible increase in the number of children, while others actually did not have any impact on the situation. A tremendous

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Comfortable wooden house

During the last years there has been a construction boom, which trailed by kutsee time and again resumed with another great success. If a high-rise building is clear — in this case the choice of the developer does, in personal homes up depends on the owner and skill builders.

It has long brick houses were considered more reliable and perfect, because the wood were short-lived. In addition, the ordinary worker was not thinking about the attractiveness of architecture, so that the house went unattractive. In the end, up to the present day or in many a stereotype that wood

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Scientists have proposed a quantum radar

Rochester Institute of Physics, have proposed the creation of a radar signal is unreal imperceptibly intercept and forge. Preprint of the paper is laid out in the archives of the Cornell Institute and its contents leads short blog Technology Review.

The scheme of the proposed radar recalls the principle of quantum key exchange. In the latter case, the quantum characteristics of photons are used to test the reliability of disk imaging, which came from the source to the destination (which is usually denoted by Alice and Bob, respectively, and the villain, which tries intercept their messages, called Eve).

The information

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The teachings of the MiG-29 live fire started in the south of Russia

About 10 MiG-29 Southern Military Area (SOUTH) began live-fire exercises on the firing range in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk, told reporters on Tuesday the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

"In the Astrakhan region on the interspecific range" Ashuluk "SOUTH air group consisting of about 10 multi-purpose MiG-29 started flight tactical exercise with battle shooting, which is a part of the final inspection for the 2012 academic year, "- he said. According Gorbulya, the event will perceive the role of about 300 pilots onboard professionals and professionals providing ground services operations. The

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JHSV-3 Millinocket — the third high-speed multi-purpose amphibious assault ship catamaran U.S. Navy launched

Multi-speed landing craft catamaran JHSV-3 (Joint High Speed ​​Vessel) Millinocket launched at the shipyard «remains Yu Es Hey» (Austal USA) in the town of Mobile (Alabama). This is with reference to the U.S. Navy told ARMS-TASS.   This is the third of 10 ships type JHSV Spearhead («wedge»), which are built for Sealift Command U.S. Navy Shipyard company «remains Yu Es Hey» (Austal USA) in the town of Mobile.   Now the ship is preparing to factory tests, which will be held before the JHSV-3 at the end of the year present-independent commission for inspection and acceptance of U.S. Navy

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The deal? watch online

Here is a Russian version of the game known in the world under the title of "Deal or no Deal". Game starts from the moment the players, numbering 22 people have taken their seats in the studio. Any one of them was carrying for an enclosed suitcase with its assigned identification number. In the suitcase were various amounts of money from 1 cent up to 3 million rubles.

Nor one people in the studio did not know at what a player amount in a suitcase. Cerebral player, which will be one for one to open bags, selected

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An old store or dispose of small gun in army warehouses?

On the instructions of the Ministry of Defence in Russia lasts utilization small tools. Most of the country's Defense Ministry claimed that the Russian armories now almost filled with machine guns, sniper rifles and pistols that were manufactured more than 30 years ago. According to some reports, the number of units of small tools that are at military arsenals, first in 2012 was about 16 million barrels, of which about 35-40% of developed their own resource. Before the end of 2015, the Office Anatoly Serdyukov going to dispose of about 4 million units of the gun.

This news was

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Concessions to terrorists give rise to terror

Yesterday in Dagestan was killed Sheikh Said Afandi Chirkeisk. According to investigators, his house came a lady with an explosive device and brought it into action. Power of the explosive device was about one and a half kilograms of TNT. In the end, the sheikh himself died and six parishioners, among which 12-year-old son of the sheikh and his wife.

Three weeks back during the funeral of a police officer in Malgobek region of Ingushetia, detonated an explosive device. Eight people were killed and 10 were hospitalized. Most of the victims — law enforcement officers. And the first of

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