Destruction of weapons

Until now, not subsiding passion about not so long ago made claims of Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to small arms, namely Kalashnikov and sniper rifles SVD. The Minister assured that this tool is obsolete. With all of this, after the decision was announced about purchasing the French "Mistral", the Russian Federation and foreign can buy guns.

So Makar, 2015 the Russian Defense Ministry will get rid of the 4 million small weapons — rifles, pistols, rifles and machine guns manufactured before 1980. They make up a huge part of Kalashnikovs. According I.Korotchenko, director of the Center of international trade

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Ulyanovsk 31 Air Assault Brigade from the inside. Report

Look at the equipment, weapons, equipment and life of soldiers in a military unit specifically given the opportunity to Ulyanovsk recruits. Together with them in a separate area 31 Air Assault Brigade, stationed in Ulyanovsk, and we passed.

On Saturday in Ulyanovsk was socio-patriotic action "Day of the recruit." In 31 assault brigade arrived more than three hundred recruits Ulyanovsk. A similar event takes place twice a year. Recall vernal appeal began on April 1. For parents of conscripts organize the work of information and consultation with the role Fri military prosecutor, the military commissioner, a representative of the Committee

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Ultra-nuclear weapon — recoilless gun Davy Crockett

After the United States and the Soviet Union developed the first nuclear bomb, the development of this type of weapon was going on two fronts. The first of them was to "weighting" — increasing the capacity and the development of new delivery systems, which ultimately led to the emergence of strategic ballistic missiles and charges whose destructive capabilities are beyond common sense. The second way, it is now half-forgotten — is to reduce the size and power of nuclear devices. In the U.S., this is the path culminated in the creation of the system, which received the title of "Davy

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The scenery of European design

What to give his beloved wife, girlfriend or mom's day birthday, anniversary, anniversary or Christmas? Such questions many are immersed in thought. And the answer is very common all the ladies love the scenery. Modern lady is not acceptable old-fashioned look, adorning themselves worn and discolored over time grandmother's earrings or rings. Elegant decor, bearing within itself not only the beauty, and the spirit of our time — the scenery is Euro design.

What is European jewelry design? At first, this advantage is bright precious metals, cool color schemes: silver, crisp white gold, platinum. These types of precious metals a

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Goats and Gurbanguly

Society What can explain the gross abuse of Alexander Lukashenko to the President of the European Commission and the President of Ukraine? What are the international implications will be closing down of newspapers "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva"? How difficult the conditions put forward by Russia for the issue of Belarus rescue loans?

On these topics in the "Prague accent" political scientists argue: from Minsk — Andrey Fedorov, from Moscow — Kirill Koktysh from Warsaw — Anna Dyner.

Drakakhrust"Barroso and other goats" — these words from the mouth of the President of Belarus this week. And got vkrainskumu

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Megaliths of Israel. The foundation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem — A holy place of Israel, for me, interesting for its amazing Tunnel Temple Mount, leading to the foundation. He was dug out in the late 20th century and its main feature is the megalithic masonry, separate blocks which weigh up to 600 tons! Megaliths stacked without solution and have little or no gaps between them …

Herod's Temple was burned and destroyed by the Roman emperor Titus in 70 AD Currently Only fragment outside the Western Wall of the temple, which

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Megaliths and UFOs on Big Mountain Pocket-Kuryk!

Today it will be about megaliths of Russia, as well as about UFOs, which are found in places where they cluster. One of these places is Pocket-Kuryk. Mountain, which will be decided not to climb every tourist because of its remoteness and inaccessibility. This is where huge boulders were discovered cubic form, the origin of which causes a lot of controversy and speculation.

Interesting geology and geomorphology of the pocket-Kuryk. On the steep northern slopes and the eastern slopes of the mountains are exposed rocks of the Kazan stage Permian.

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Megalithic cave in Kabardino-Balkaria

Not so long ago in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Baksan valley, was discovered a strange mine. For a short time enthusiasts from around the world came to study the object. It turned out that this is a huge cave, more than 70 meters in depth, the walls of which are made of perfectly processed megaliths! Photos and videos there are consistent and in 2012, because in this article I have tried to gather all possible at this point of reference.

Watch megalithic mine in Kabardino-Balkaria

In the mountains

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Ukrainian Citadel, the delivery to Thailand bluff?

Three months back all the Ukrainian media wrote about vostrgom won by Thailand's tender to supply 200 tanks "Stronghold. "Watered the slop Russian T-90, made all the appropriate gestures in that case.'s Been three months. Only to find a link — on what-a Thai yellow leaf. No disk imaging and until now there is no agreement. Director Malyshev Borysyuk removed from office.

Incidentally, "Stronghold"Was created within the framework of programs from the USSR" Perfection-88 ". 23rd year improve.

I would like to know all the same, how long people will be fed in parables? New tank for 1.15 million

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Lunch celibacy watch online

25-minute episode of "Dinner celibacy" occupy a special place in the middle of numerous cooking shows, because at first provided to the peasants, who did not love and can not cook, placing these as they think, not man's duties on a beautiful floor. But if it so happens that at some point of their lives they are left without a life partner, they have to eat cold food or waste a lot of money on trips to the coffee shop. Ilya Lazerson has decided that it is necessary and possible to assist the peasants and so did a cooking

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