What are veneers?

Many people are unhappy with the color or the shape of their teeth. When we are talking only about the color — it's not so bad, the problem in most cases is achieved by bleaching. But if the color of the teeth changed too much, or they have an ugly shape — from birth, as a result of trauma or tooth decay — may be the perfect solution veneers.

Veneers — tab on the front teeth — can change the shape, color of teeth, correct the defect of their situation and achieve dazzling "Hollywood" smile. Veneer is a thin,

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Ra works wonders for people

After Pa sat on the throne, he created the world in the world and tried every possible way to please civilians. Ra said he wants to create peace on earth to people was easier to live through difficult times.

After what has been said, he soared high in the sky, in the most high. Immediately began twilight. When Ra soared too high, his father's heart fluttered.

Soaring to the heights of heaven god Ra Heba appointed ruler on earth. Also, one of the myth is known that

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Ukrainian armored vehicles in the eyes of the design engineer

In the Russian media and zabugornyh currently intensively discusses the latest standards and extensively modified Ukrainian armored vehicles (AFV), in general, as well as prospects for promotion of these products to the public and the international markets of AME. This is partly justified by a factor of prisoners for the near future contracts for delivery over the limit, which gave occasion to some professionals say about Tipo significant potential of the industry and an impressive armored vehicles produced in Ukraine. But the attempt impartial analysis of what are essentially referred to the machine, as the realities of their promotion lets

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Ukrainian army. Does it exist?

I wish to recall that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its independence, Ukraine could be proud of one of the of strongest armies in the world with a population totaled 780,000 people. A technical capacity simply amazed — 6,5 thousand tanks, armored 7 thousand, 1.5 thousand combat aircraft, 350 ships, 1,272 nuclear warheads with intercontinental ballistic missiles, tactical nuclear weapon — 2,5 thousand

Squandering of military facilities began in the reign of Leonid Kravchuk. With his light hand and with the pressure of our "friendly" partners of the Russian Federation and the United States, we have renounced

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Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation: to whom it is profitable

In the period from 18 to 20 June 2011 in Ukraine on an official visit, Chinese President Hu Jintao. This was the second in the last 18 months personal meeting between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the favorite of the PRC. First accomplished during the visit of the President of Ukraine to China in September 2010.

During the first meeting, the main topic of discussion was the implementation of the project on the creation of short-range missiles. Ukrainian CB "South" and "Pivdenmash" speak no small experience in the design and construction of ballistic missiles, while at the

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We offer you the information message «impostor Italian and Russian BRM-ZK» Lynx «(pictured), published on the portal» Herald of Mordovia » 29.06.2013. For more information, please contact the Department of Strategic Communication «Concern» Tractor plants «.   In the 90s of the last century Russian designers have developed a number of promising models of equipment, which at that time were one of the best in the world. But, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, first, economic, these war machines not entered service.   One of these samples is a combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-3K «Lynx», which was equipped with the latest

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Ukraine: Putin and the integration issue

Seeing who is now hurling thunderbolts in Putin's hearing from whose mouth come calling and understanding on whose team hunt say clearly what and why to hear from Putin happily us who live in Ukraine, those who feel Russian.

In Ukraine, a lot of Russian, russkokulturnyh (rossiyskih!) of people who are with the name of Vladimir Fishing season pins hopes on deepening the integration processes in the now digested the Russian world. The fact that this bailout for the peoples of the processes at some point need to bring excellent results, there is no hesitation. It does not cause fluctuations

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Ukraine launched the single submarine

Diesel submarine boat Navy Ukraine "Kiev" on Tuesday after a 20-year-old came off the slipway repairs 13th shipyard Russian Black Sea Fleet and went into the waters of the bay of Sevastopol, where the crew began to work "day to day business ship at anchor," said the press center of the Military Command Navy Ukraine (VMSU).

Running tests on the open sea "Kiev" will be released April 17. Its security will provide a rescue ship BSF "Commune" and specialists from the brigade of rescue vessels BSF, ITAR-TASS reported.

First exit submarine for sea tests planned in May 2011, but was

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The traces of the mysterious civilization Sahara

A group of British scientists from the University of Leicester during his research discovered footprints in the sands of the Sahara unknown civilization. The research allowed to stumble on traces of a vanished civilization, were carried out in the framework of the program «TRANS-SAHARA».

Do you like extreme sports? Do you want to jump with a parachute in Rostov? Then, jump in Rostov you can register for the site psyxotoxic.ru.

This project was developed and funded by the countries of the European Union. It aims at studying

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Mars rover Curiosity — Welcome to Mars!

8 months on the road and Mars Rover Curiosity landed on the surface of Mars. The heaviest unit in the history of the development of the people of this planet. The first photo, the first analysis of the surface. Gradually, the unit will include their devices and bring them to full capacity.

Updated photo gallery with the Mars rover Curiosity you can look at the official site

"This is a great day for the country," — said the head of NASA, Charles Bolden (Charlie Bolden).

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