Mars. Curiosity found the remains of marine animals!

Just a few days ago, many media outlets reported that the space agency NASA is preparing to make a stunning statement about the new historical discoveries on Mars, which should enter in the "history books."

However, in an interview given by John Grottsinger (John P. Grotzinger), representative of the NASA space agency (NASA), does not contain any specific information, but Grottsinger John (John P. Grotzinger) in an interview with the reservation that the rover Curiosity found Mars previously unknown minerals there probably calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which on Earth is

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HAARP. Climatic weapons watch online

This movie will tell to you about guns, titled HAARP, the introduction of which can lead to terrible posledstviyam.Eto so massive instrument which is capable of a few seconds to cause the most terrible of radiation, which comes as a result of a strong earthquake, flood, tsunami …Radiation this tool can be focused on at least some part of the world. You can also find out about the kinds of climate instruments that have been developed in the USSR and the USA.

Weapon, weapons, Army

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Ukraine wants to equip the armed and NATO

On the days of the Head of Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance salting I.Didenko said that the Ukrainian government sees a number of measures for the development of relations with NATO to a qualitatively brand new level in the military sector. In the interview process for the agency "Interfax-Ukraine", he said that because of certain business events between Ukraine and NATO member countries were in limbo. Because Ukrainian authorities will do everything possible to ensure that these contacts are often developed. Didenko also said that a meeting of representatives of 2-sides already planned for February. He

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Uzbekistan, goodbye, goodbye or doskorogo?

If a person does not like something in one way or another company, or he is trying to change something inside the company, or just leave it. If the transfer human emotion to the site of countries, we can say that something like this happens and the countries of the world. But there are countries that have a very unusual position, the so-called "opinion" inside certain international society and with this view, worn like a chicken with egg, not knowing where he was to find the appropriate application. — It is not so, it is — not that way, post

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Uzbekistan looking to the West?

Not so long ago, the web was in the Russian expressed outlook, that Washington concluded with Afghan President Karzai in May contract on strategic partnership does not for military and economic assistance, but lurking in order to preserve control over the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan and redirect those same actions on Iran and Pakistan, and, perhaps, against Russia — by the Islamization of the CSTO member states: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. According to this "scenario" will be activated and Uzbekistan in exchange for recognition of the democratic West Karimov's government this country will be chosen to support the

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Successful discoveries in the marketing of manufacturers of mobile phones

Manufacturing companies of mobile communications in different ways out of the difficult situation prevailing in the market after the financial crisis. Taiwan's HTC even managed to overtake a while Finland's Nokia in terms of market capitalization.

What happened in April, a record decline in the shares of the latter, HTC allowed to enter the record, at the time, the level of $ 33.88 billion. Meanwhile, its capitalization has grown over the last 5 years in several 10-s time. HTC previously worked contractual release devices for other companies, but at the moment it is one of the most popular brands

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Secrets of Russian weapons watch online

Here is a series of programs, which tells about the history and the creators of the Russian guns, in what will be debunked many legends and legends that are unknown and previously unpublished information. You find out the reasons why, at the start of stateliness Russian war, the Soviet Union had only a few experimental tanks T-34, although at that time it was the unmatched military machine designed for a long time before these events, Russian designers. How and by whom was created the famous "weapon-retaliation "Katyusha. What are the tests she took and how they have been successful.

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Little bastard. Car-murderer James Dean

Sometimes things and objects are able to carry their owner only misery and death. Not so many documented cases exist on Earth, as often as they are transmitted tales, but there is one story that is simply impossible to ignore. It deals with the popular American actor 50 years of the last century by the name of James Dean and his fateful car Porshe Spyder by name "The little bastard» (Little Bastard)

The history of cars began at a time when Hollywood pet bought it in 1955 to race in

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Kremlin-9 watch online

"The Kremlin-9" — a documentary series of movies on a common theme, which concerns the dark pages of Russian history. The series is based on real facts, confirmed by archival documents that have only recently were "classified" in the municipal archives of the country. Directors told that especially for this project hidden vulture was removed from a great many documents of the Federal Protection Service. Even in the title of the TV series is not the case "9". The fact is that the so-called "Nine" — a special KGB, which was engaged in the protection of senior officials and

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Attack helicopter Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (South Africa)

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (translated from Afrikaans Kestrel) — is the South African impact helicopter which available now Denel Aerospace Systems. This helicopter is designed to engage technology and manpower, attack ground targets, tracking and air support, and for aerial reconnaissance and counterinsurgency. Attack helicopter crew consists of 2 people: the pilot and weapons systems operator. In all there were 12 helicopters AH-2 Rooivalk, for all that one of them was lost in the tragedy, the other 11 machines are in service with the 16th separate helicopter squadron in the South African Air Force.

Work to create AH-2 Rooivalk started

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