Marine Harriers Over Afghanistan

Warren E Thompson profiles US Marine Corp AV-8B Harrier operations in Afghanistan undertaken by VMA-513, the ‘Flying Nightmares’.

THE SOVIET Union sent its military forces into Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim of extending its influence in that area of the world. Ten years later, it pulled out after losing 15,000 men. Soviet aircraft losses were also extremely high — unable to cope with the unconventional type of warfare that the Mujahideen used, the Russians paid heavily for the lesson. Moving forward 13 years, the rugged and desolate terrain of Afghanistan again became a battleground, though this time not for

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Maltas Air Squadron

LAST YEAR THE SMALL Air Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta celebrated its 20th year of operation. 1992 also marked the 50th Anniversary of the George Cross which was awarded by Britain to the people of Malta for their heroic defence against the air onslaught of Germany’s Luftwaffe and the Italian Regia Aeronautica during World War Two.

These two anniversaries coincided with a change in Malta’s air arm, the introduction of the first fixed-wing type, a change in name, and the changing of the unit’s national insignia into a roundel incorporating the George Cross.

Happily, Germany and Italy no

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To save, you have to spend

The state program on energy conservation was adopted three years ago, and talk about saving energy in the country being particularly active in the last fifteen years. Relevance of the topic is clearly visible against the background of comparison to produce one dollar of GDP, in our country, spent half a kilogram of conventional fuel, while in the US — 260 gram, -170 in Sweden, and in comparable climate Canada — 300 grams. So Russia will definitely have something to strive for.


Foreign countries are thinking about the economy is not a good life, and after the first fuel

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Monica Lewinsky in the office:

Recently, I was explaining to you (unless you read my last year’s reports moonhead

Studios), who is responsible for Lionhead to look Black & White and her (game) consuming three-dimensionality. Of course, artists and programmers of the game engine. For those of you who are closer to Quake, explain: thanks to the artists and engine-programmer you will be able to move through three-dimensional mazes and halls. But the guards, past which you will dart about, will not attack you, and your BFG did not shoot as long as the programmers responsible for the playing of


Madagascars elusive Bedotia


For over 15 years, I have mainly worked with the rainbowfishes of Australia and New Guinea. I have kept many species and have also propagated them to some extent. Of course, some Bedotia madagascariensis found their way into my aquariums, but they led a rather shadowy existence. This species has been present in the aquarium trade since the early 1950s.

Toward the end of 2003, when I noticed two completely unfamiliar Bedotia species being offered on a U.S. auction website as Bedotia sp. “Ankavia” and B. sp. “Lazana,” I knew that somehow, I had to get some of these

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Old-world splendor meets the latest in riverboat luxury on a languid cruise through the waterways of Belgium and Holland


Has it really taken me 40 years (and I’m being generous here) to discover the unhurried pleasures of riverboat cruising? It’s inexplicable, really—I’ve always loved traveling over water, whether it be aboard a Turkish feribot bound for Bodrum, a Halong Bay junk, or a ketch in the Java Sea. Even a ride on rickety Star Ferry still gives me a kick. Big cruise ships, admittedly, have never been my thing—too crowded, too busy, too, well, cruise-shippish. But

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Long Sighted


Nikon’s new autofocus 800mm super tele embodies a lot of current lens technology to enhance both its performance and handling. Report by Paul Burrows.

Super tele photos don’t come up for testing all that often, firstly because they’re fairly specialized and secondly because just about every example that rolls off the production line already has somebody’s name on it. We’ve seen a few over the decades, but basically they’re a rarity and, if ever made available for evaluation, usually come with conditions… in this case, having just a day to

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Artistic Ceramics in the Moscow subway.

A year ago solemnly marked the 70th anniversary of the Moscow Metro. Moscow Metro — a unique underground museum, which contains works by the most talented artists working in a variety of genres, styles and techniques. In the early 30-ies of XX century, young architects, designers and artists have managed to create an unprecedented synthesis of three different styles. They combined classic architecture, rationalism and modernism in art system stable. Later, a new style incorporates sculptures and mosaics, paintings and ceramics, metal and glass from their rich palette of possibilities. In the metro imprinted life, dreams and aspirations of several

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When Emma Elwick-Bates was diagnosed with a hearing problem, a lifetime of miscommunications suddenly made sense.

«She’s going to call the police.”

It seemed a little extreme, and certainly not your average remark at the law-abiding Vogue offices. This was clearly one seriously irked contributor. “Is there a legal problem?” I enquire. My deputy editor is first puzzled, then amused by my question. She repeats herself. “Not call the police — she wants to pull the piece.” This was not the first time one of my colleagues, friends or family had come out with rather random, off-hand assertions — or

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On a Friday morning in August, my wife, my dog, and I took off from Princeton, New Jersey, in my Cessna 172M. We were headed 50 minutes north to Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, from which we would have a short drive to our vacation home in the Poconos. I added a quart of oil; did a thorough preflight, found nothing out of the ordinary; and runup was normal. We took off, requested flight following from New York Approach, and looked forward to the weekend.

About two-thirds of the way to our destination, the engine sound suddenly

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