The Order of the Knights Templar and the car manna

Enlisting the support of Pope Clement V, King of in 1312 destroyed the order. Its leaders were arrested and after the terrible torture carried out by the Inquisition executed. The Inquisition accused the Templars in many terrible sins (cannibalism, murder of children with ritual purposes, and so on), but the most severe was the charge of heresy, which was to worship some idol called Baphomet.

According to issledoateley Fibagov, describing this mysterious Baphomet, extracted under torture, the Templars are very similar to the writings of the Old Old Man of

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Blow out of the stratosphere

Renaissance airships

Airships after a series of resounding disasters in the 1930s, it seemed, forever a thing of the past, one hundred percent of the displaced aircraft and then helicopters. But the story went back in a spiral. Technological progress does not kill airships. On the contrary, it gives them a chance to be reborn, helping uncover the best features of these aircraft. For the Russian Federation, they may prove very useful.

Indeed, airships are very environmentally friendly, not only in terms of air pollution, and that they are very quiet. They are very economical and can be very

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Today — the great day of judgment for Square

Society In Pervomaisky district court verdict will be announced Dmitry Bondarenko. In the guerrilla and the October district courts begin trials of 16 defendants in criminal cases on the events of December 19.

In partisan court held the trial of capital presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Joining him will be judged activist of the "Tell the truth!" Oleg Hnedchyk, the Young Vladimir Eremenko, students Ilya Vasilevich and Fedor Mirzayanava who are not members of any political parties or movements.

In the October trial begins trial activist of the "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of

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Hugo Chavez: The Middle East in danger of nuclear war

November 15, after a long illness, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela addressed the airwaves, telling about the problems associated with the international and national life. The main theme of his speech was an appeal to the international community, as his fellow countrymen about the heightened risk of nuclear war in the Near East area. "We must not close our eyes to the quick and obvious preparations for war, — said excitedly Chavez — a threat exists, it exists right at the moment and at this very moment. And the blame for all this the U.S. and its allies and,

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Confidence top

Chief of the Russian Air Force said the defense will change as Moscow and the Central Federal District

Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said on Saturday promised that soon the Russian capital and center of the country will begin to defend a "significant amount" of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 and S-500. He also said that Russian plane fifth generation will surpass "all the best world analogues" and commented placement Russian Air Force in Abkhazia.

As a priority,

The air defense of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region of Russia rearming for new types of weapons, including anti-aircraft missile system S-400

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OCD vorachivaetsya

Here we are always so: first-nibudt which will create later, without any particular need on that, liquidate. As it turns out, that without this bad again do. How many times … And so it was probably more than once will be. Question that you need to think, before the crush something, is not on the agenda of the day or.

As Izvestia, in thinking about the revival of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (OCD). For some reason in 2008 OCD someone seemed redundant and disbanded. Still, criminals was then defeated by one hundred percent. And

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Stage of civilization. The collective consciousness / The Intelligence of the Masses watch online

They move as if obeying a command like single body, and yet none of their controls. There are many, but they are a unit, and it is — a swarm. Consciousness swarm — or collective consciousness — seems unusual, first because it obviously does not work because the system, which used to people. But this does not mean that it is run by a miracle — it simply is subject to other laws that are yet to be realized.

The other films about animals

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Eco-friendly and genetically modified foods

Mankind has always sought to work less and more receive. Today, it is embodied in genetically (GM) and chemically treated products. The use of chemicals for growing plants there for a long time. But GM — a relatively new invention.

GM — a product in which the structure of DNA implanted new gene from another plant or organism. For example, today there are potatoes, which thanks to some modifications become resistant to the Colorado beetle. Very convenient, as efforts when growing need to make a minimum, and the harvest is great.

Than more innovations in the food market,

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The Finns finished patience

So, expect a surprise happened. How the devil-the-box, in the political arena of Finland took the representatives of the national-populist party "True Finns" and mixed all the cards of the political elite. The success of this party by another as damaging, and not called.

Let formal favorite race — it is the representatives of the right-bourgeois "Coalition Party" with its 20.4% of the vote, the party "True Finns" did a magnificent leap. They received 19.0% of the vote, the taking possession of 39 seats in parliament. It is almost 8 times more than in the elections that were

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Rosatom will have a large unmanned airship

Rosatom has made an order for unmanned dirigible-lens diameter is 50 meters. According to the General Director of FSUE "Dolgoprudnenskoye KB system" Victor Golubyatnikova, start building an airship, the shape of which resembles a flying saucer, is planned for next year. As explained by the designers, this form of airship chosen not to look like a UFO, but in order to do better maneuverability and reduce the impact of wind.

The diameter of the unmanned airship for Rosatom will be 50 meters, its ceiling — 5 thousand meters and distance — 800 km. The device will have 4

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