Pentagon wants to scatter spies on the planet

At the DIA may be the same agents as the CIA Not so long ago the South American press said about the Pentagon’s plans to expand its 2018 network of agents in zabugornyh countries and bring the number of professionals in the field of special intelligence operations until 1600. This number does not include the staff of the military attaches and other military personnel who work in the interests of intelligence, with its own legal status. The bulk of new military intelligence officers will work under various disguises, including diplomatic. Some of these professionals are likely to be illegal

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U.S. Air Force intend to develop energy weapon

Latin American Air Force had spent millions of dollars want to explore the unknown «biological effects» suffered by in a human body when it is subjected to impact micro and radio waves. Air Force rely use them for the creation of new types of power tools. Not so long ago, «the study of biological effects unit» U.S. Air Force announced that they will conduct a series of research to identify which molecular configuration in the human body can cause radiation energy nonlethal weapon. The Air Force intends to explore a whole range of weapons: «Chemical agents to suppress riots,

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Flights Russian Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela are purely a marketing gimmick and PR, have little military value, Strategy Page writes on November 5. But the little park Tu-160 RF assigns some really unique abilities. In 2010, two bombers performed 23-hour flight, breaking the 18 thousand kilometers, during which two were made from air refueling tanker Il-78. In the last couple of years the role of the far plane was a spy, but the main purpose is to deliver to the objectives guided bombs and missiles. In 2008, the Russian Air Force aircraft far received the first new aircraft since the

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Russian borders are fights not local

But the big war on the Korean peninsula will not start until the bombs did not fall down on the heads of the Yankees.

On the Korean peninsula again noisy volleys of artillery. The incident occurred near the island Yonhendo, which deployed unit of South Korean marines. Peninsula, which only has about 1,200 people, is located near the dividing line, which Seoul says a line of state borders. Pyongyang does not recognize this, reserving the right to territorial waters around the archipelago. In 1999 and 2002, there is already armed clashes between the opposing sides.

At this time, according

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In the U.S. Marines appeared Kevlar shorts

According to Gizmag, the lower linen of ballistic fabric that will reduce injuries and injuries in suicide fighter improvised explosive device, often employed by militants in various hot spots, was introduced in the U.S. armed forces. Americans followed the example of the British, who pioneered the use of protective linen — "Blast boxers» (Blast Boxers) — for soldiers in Afghanistan. They are designed by British company BCB International.

In these shorts used a number of different tissues. Everyday materials provide comfort, normal conditions for sweating and breathing of the skin. And the inside of the thighs and groin this underwear

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Tianjin treaty in 1858. On the way to solving the problem of Cupid

June 13, 1858 in the Chinese city of Tianjin was signed by Russian-Chinese agreement, went down in history as the Tianjin treatise. Contract consisted of 12 items. He supported the peace and friendship between the two nations-name, and guaranteed the inviolability of accessories and personal safety Russian living in China, and the Chinese are in the Russian Empire. The contract was signed by Count Evphymii (Yefim) Vasilyevich Putiatin and an authorized representative of the Chinese side of Hua Shan.

Tianjin contract confirms the right of Petersburg send envoys to Beijing and meant opening a number of Chinese ports to Russian

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Heavy tank T-35

T-35 — heavy tank 30s, manufactured in the USSR. Is the world's pyatibashenny tank serial production (in the period from 1933 to 1939 was made 61 machine). Was the most massive of the Red Army tank 30s. Prior to 1941, did not participate in the fighting, but was used during military parades, as the visible embodiment of the Union of Russian military might. T-35 was the initial step in fighting the Second World War, but was lost rapidly enough, but according to available reports, in the main because of the emerging defects.

Design and creation

Work on a heavy tank

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Pahanyaila: Bondarenko will prove guilt by alleged victims, who find it difficult to refuse

Society April 26 Pervomaisky district court of Minsk will start the process over the coordinator of "European Belarus", a member of the electoral headquarters of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitry Bondarenko. In this case, on the events of December 19 observers are waiting for the new turn in comparison with the former cases.

After the events of December 19 passed 5 courts sentenced eight people. All processes were using the article on the riots, which is considered difficult and provides up to 8 years of imprisonment, and for the organization — 15 years.

The evidence base on the process was the

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Darkness and oblivion twilight cynicism

In Smolensk village kids rolling on the unburied remains of Russian soldiers and officers on a sled

Having driven a wave of indignation in Russia, when the Estonian authorities, despite mass protests, ordered to carry the "Bronze Soldier" from the center to the outskirts of Tallinn, and in Georgia Kutaisi destroyed the memorial of military glory. That's just not all, to put it mildly, safely and in our country, with the worship of the people who gave their lives for honor, freedom and independence of the Fatherland.

Basically, when you do not just know your father, grandfather or great-grandfather died

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Turkey has supplied Syrian air defense fighters

Armed groups in Syria's opposition for the first time got hold of man-portable air defense systems. This was said on July 31 south american TV channel NBC.

According to NBC, Free Syrian Army (FSA) has bought 20 MANPADS, and they were delivered to her through the countryside of Turkey. As according to Western media reports, the United States administration, which in the past objected to equip the Free Syrian Army with modern instrument, to the supply of MANPADS is not involved, reported IA "RosBalt."

Meanwhile, the South American newspaper The New York Times citing senior sources in Washington, published an

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