Turkey on the road to ruin

The situation around Syria is obviously going to a regional conflict. "Myatezhvoyna" may soon go the intervention of external forces. Thus, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Nabil al-Arabi called on 7 June the UN Security Council to take all possible measures against the official Damascus, including the ability to make out the use of force (seventh article of the UN Charter).

Immediately, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the situation in Syria have gained critical point, the country is on the verge of a full-scale civilian war. According to him, a group

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There do not fly, fly here …

After the Syrian army with Russian air defense assets "Drive" Turkish aircraft RF-4E (reconnaissance version of the F-4 Phantom), the situation surrounding the Syrian conflict has again started to gain momentum. Coupled with the fact there was a whole series of questions, the answers to which as yet are hovering in the air.

Recall that Syrian air defenses (according to unconfirmed reports — Brigade of the 26th Air Division of the Syrian air defense) attacked a Turkish plane that intruded into the air space of Syria. As reported by the Syrian side: anti-aircraft gunners could not know that the

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Popular Fronts in Europe / L’Europe des Fronts Populaires watch online

In the spring of 1936 Europe on the brink, but the electoral victory of the Government "popular fronts" filled the streets with hope. Manuel De Salle in Spain and Lyon in France Blum represented the triumph of the strategy, which for the first time brought together workers, trade unions and the party intelligentsia around the idea of anti-fascism in Europe, shattered hitherto unheard of economic crisis. It all started in New York Oct. 24, 1929. A few hour collapsed Exchange on Wall Street. That "black Thursday" provoked the economic, social and political catastrophe that has turned the world.

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Difficulties in the treatment and prevention of alcoholism

Difficulties in the treatment and prevention of alcoholism

Complexity in preventive work with abusers of alcohol, is that they usually do not seek help. The initiative in the appeal usually does not come from these people, and from those who forcefully suggests. Most of the individuals who abuse alcohol dependence dictated by the nature of it — it is not understood by those who tormented her in the advanced stages of alcoholism as a result of acts of devices anosognosia.

The denial of "alcohol problems" extensively vserasprostraneno middle of abusing alcohol, and lack of adverse effects virtually eliminates the

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Who does not let us to Mars? Ether 10.04.2013. Online

Russian TV channel has pleased fans of the unknown film, entitled: Who does not let us to Mars? In this film you will learn about the whole chain of the alleged accidents that occur on spacecraft aimed at the "Red Planet" for 50 years. What, or who interferes with earthlings know the truth?

One of the major mysteries of Mars is open! It once was water. This became known after the discovery of the robot Kuresiti conclusive evidence once existed on the planet lives. The device, whose name translates as

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Tripoli ground operation began?

The situation in Libya has changed radically. August 21 NATO troops and Libyan rebels stormed Tripoli, although a week back the front was not close 50 km from the capital of the country and the government forces have gained extreme success in the area of Misrata and inflicted another defeat the enemy in Rheine Brega.

And on August 22 zabugornye media said that substantially all the capture of the Libyan capital. Obviously, one can imagine that, as usual, "propagandists tried to NATO." But all sources agree that the situation is very worrying and that in Tripoli there are fights.


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Who built Stonehenge and why (Stonehenge)?

Among most of the major masterpieces of the ancient world is a special place Stonehenge — Megalithic structures, located in the south-west England on the marshy plain near the village of Salisbury Stonehenge. And though all over Britain there are several hundred of similar structures, Stonehenge, unconditionally, all the more shocking by its splendor and mystery. Who and when he raised up, and what were the motivating premise for the construction of a gigantic ancient buildings? On these and other issues the experts are looking for answers here for many centuries … Inside the article contains the following: photo,

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Rats mutants flooded Tehran

In Tehran, capital of Iran, were sent detachments of snipers who will have to deal with the invasion of huge mutant rats. Individuals weighing about 5 pounds captured the 26 districts of the capital …

"It seems that these rats were subjected to some kind of special genetic mutation that could be due to different radiation and chemicals that are used to deal with them," — said the councilor of Tehran City Council on the Environment, Professor Ismail Kahram local edition Qudsonline . ir.

"At the present time,

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80: The decade that made us / The ’80s: The Decade That Made Us Watch online

Travel back in time, filled with the unforgettable moments in history, cultural events, new trends and technologies 80s that have shaped the world as we know it now. Shot in the style of applets "History about us, "This program will present to you an interview with the main figures of the decade, music, photo and reconstruction of the past.

series 1 — Revolutionaries

series 2 — The greatest football moments

series 3 — Start!

series 4 — The greatest gadgets

series 5 — Shopping till you drop

series 6 — The greatest catastrophe

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Crimea. Father Jan Bielecki. Exorcist, who has something to tell

Stories about people The Exorcist do not cease to appear in our time. Documentary footage of this process is almost impossible to find, but I personally believe that a person can move into an evil spirit, because it is seen with his own eyes. But this — in the next Article. And today I would like to share with you an interview with a person who has a story to tell. This is — exorcist, Fr Jan Bielecki, an employee at the Catholic parish of St. Clement, in Sevastopol.


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