A sober look at Russian arms

The arms race has remained as it were somewhere behind, but the debate about the balance in the field of modern military technology has been on the lips of both professional and totally ordinary people. This year, may be due to the fact that the cost of military budget at the theoretical level was increased in a couple of times on different shows and presentations were shown during the Russian military news developers. By the way, the word "theory" has come up not the case, because, as you know, in Russia at least what the new law does not

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Requirements for security TC

What are the requirements now imposed on the mall security? The main thing — it must be all-encompassing. In this regard, physical protection though is the main but not the only component of the system. As practice shows, a more efficient scheme contains the following elements: the service of their safety TC (machine controllers), physical security (private company), which makes the tasks assigned in accordance with the criteria of the current contract with the company, engineering controls, video surveillance, a police unit serving the hypermarket. Protection shopping centers involves the formation of teams, "peace officers" inside duty shifts. These

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NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk revenues to the treasury or the past?

With all the discussions about Trapped Russian media and little freedom of action in comparison with a number of zabugornyh information resources, it is necessary to emphasize that our homeland still managed to jump the barrier, which is referred to as the political and information-adolescents. Such a step may be characterized by many facts, one of which I would like to highlight especially.

It is unfortunate transportation NATO cargo through Ulyanovsk from Afghanistan, which caused, causes, and, of course, will continue to cause a whole lot of difficult issues. By the very fact that the Russian government gave the

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Space savers of the Earth (02.04.2012). Online

Great movie, which collected the facts of how we, earthlings, as well as the entire planet, protects extraterrestrial intelligence. Mysterious UFO in the field of disasters, accidents and disasters. Meteorites that are flying off the ground on a small (on a cosmic scale) distance hardly cause anxiety planet. What is it like no desire to save all our lives? Perhaps those who are watching us give us a chance to "grow" into something more than we have now?

Watch Space savers of the Earth (02.04.2012)


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The universe existed before the Big Bang

Professor Roger Penrose of Oxford University and the Armenian astronomer Waha Gurzadyan claim to have found evidence of the existence of the universe to the so-called Big Bang, which scientists believed contingent event of system formation of galaxies flying apart, the newspaper The Daily Mail.

The findings of scientists drawn from the analysis of the images of background radiation in the universe, who is studying "The probe named Wilkinson to study the anisotropy of the microwave» (WMAP), launched in 2001. WMAP analyzes the "echo" of the Big Bang — the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). His data

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Tymoshenko may get time for the debt to the Russian Defense Ministry

In Ukraine, does not stop a "gas conflict", which appeared as a result of signing Tymoshenko and Russian Prime agreements for the supply of blue fuel in 2009. The signed agreement is set for Ukraine on gas price is much higher than other consumers Russian fuel.

In the "gas war" is not talking about profit or loss "Gazprom", "RosUkrEnergo" and "Naftogaz of Ukraine" — a war not intercorporate likely this strategic relations at the international level.

It is believed that only the Russian Federation were profitable conditions signed gas contracts, but the Ukraine, they have brought great losses.


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Refute the myths about the planets and space

Despite the progress on a constant acquisition of new information about our planet and outer space, all this knowledge is not always find a sympathetic ear. Until now, many of us honestly believe some of the myths, the real reason for the existence of which is not there. Well, at least the Earth recognizes the round (or geoid), the overwhelming majority of educated people, but it would be so and considered it flat. So, let's look at the list of the most popular "astronomical" myths and read their rebuttal.

Crime and the phases of the moon

Very often

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Technologies of the future — watery armor

First trial to protect personnel from bullets and shrapnel were taken during the First World War and continued during the second. So during the Second World War, many members of the elite units of the Red Army, were dressed in bronekirasy who incidentally had enough feeble defensive characteristics, but with all this different large mass that essentially paralyzed the movement of fighters. Next came vests with lead plates, which, although they had the best protective properties, but the weight of 20 kg was still their huge drawback. After the occurrence of light and comfortable enough Kevlar vests, apparently, this problem

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Technical properties of building sand

Construction sand — one of the main materials used in different areas of construction. This sedimentary material the size of the grains up to 5 mm is composed of small particles of minerals and rocks that had been destroyed by a natural. Composition of sand is, depending on the species from which it was formed.

Building sand is used in the production of construction materials — bricks, concrete, concrete products. It is also used for laying roads and railway cars, for the back filling in housing, basic landscaping work areas. Sand is a major component for glass production. This

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The terrorists killed, the UN counts

Unbroken Syria met the new, 2013, preparing her new tests. New Year's Eve, even many of those who are already accustomed with the coming of darkness on the street did not come out — did not pass prazdnichka. Naturally, in Syria it is celebrated not because of — a different culture. But many Christians in the country, and of Muslims, too, do not remain on the sidelines. Accomplished demonstration at the Umayyad Square, near the monument of the Bronze soldier, which gives honor. People were holding Syrian national flags. They all believe in the fact that next year will turn

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