Thorny Path of Azerbaijan

August 30 marked 20 years since the declaration of independence of Azerbaijan. What after all has been achieved over the years? The war over Nagorno-Karabakh turned into defeat and the loss of an additional seven other regions of Azerbaijan. In general, according to the bellicose rhetoric of Baku, he looks forward to the return of all of the lost.

Against the background of these failures Azerbaijan shows progress in the economy. In recent years, these indicators it is leading in the middle of the other former republics of the Russian. According to the official statistics of Baku, then in

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Thorny Path Katyusha

In the Soviet Union in 1936, has had all of the major developments in the settings of rocket artillery

Neither kind of gun did not take advantage of the Red Army during the war, that of the whole people love and glory as the famous "Katyusha" — severe and massive artillery and mortar facility support of ground troops.

In the famous "Katyusha" is a military title. With him it was a long and torturing its own path of development — from concept to engineering reference standard, which stood before the members of the State Commission of the

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Israeli military intelligence

Main Intelligence Directorate of the country of Israel bears the title AMAN. Israel’s military intelligence as a separate intelligence unit based in 1950 on the basis of the Intelligence Department at the General Staff, the IDF — Israel Defense Forces. Now AMAN independent intelligence service that does not belong to any kind of Israeli troops, and coupled with the Mossad and Shabak comes in three major Israeli special services. Israeli military intelligence specifically subordinate only to the Prime Minister. In the state security services for more than 10 thousand people highly trained, prepared professionals in various fields. The duties

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In our basement is not even a light bulb! What there could be a laboratory?

Society In the Internet there were the names of the suspects in the attack on April 11, "the natives of Vitebsk." Reports lot of confusion, but no official information about who committed the attack, is still there.

While the Belarusian media do not call names detained in Minsk, "the natives of Vitebsk", one of the Russian Internet sources they already sounded, calling not two, but three Vitebsk guys.

Confusion with the place of residence: according to information from the Internet, one of the suspects allegedly lives in the five-story building in the First Lane Repin. But it is the

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In Russia, the tradition of wearing vests began to form on one data from 1862, on the other — since 1866. True reform in the Russian army began in 1865 and were carried out in 1870 right up to the course, they are affected not only the Army and the Navy forces, moreover, under the ongoing reforms has got not only the structure and equipment of the army, and uniforms and manning fighter as the reform has affected the service life and system of training military personnel.

Even after the abolition of serfdom in 1861 in Russia

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Battlegrounds. The Battle of El Alamein watch online

Battle for Ale-Alamein — fight the second world war, during which the Allies, under kamandovaniem Montgomery eliminated the North African Italian-German group Marshal Rommel in October-November 1942. One reason for the defeat Rommel Sometimes referred to as the general difficulties Wehrmacht on the eastern front, because of which Rommel was never able to get reinforcements. Together with the fact Italo-German troops lost the battle, avoid encirclement.

2nd Global war

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Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflicts

Nedavneshnego any time prior to the act, such as the extraction of minerals or the installation of stationary modules with an armed contingent in the Arctic have been virtually impossible because of the languid weather and natural criterion. Built in the time of war, cool military units or eliminated, or conserved, and the personnel of military units launched a huge land.

At the moment, the situation has changed, because of melting ice in the Arctic average temperature increases, the shelves are available with large supplies of minerals, making it likely not only not dangerous voyage to the shores of the

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Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev aircraft prepares to pass the first A-50U

Taganrog aviation scientific and technological complex behalf of the Beriev graduated modernization of the first plane of drill distant radar detection A-50. As early as June of this year Beriev ready to return plane Russian Air Force. A couple of years back in Taganrog, together with concern "Vega", began the modernization of the A-50, during which aviation complex received advanced onboard computers and new work places equipment operators. As a prototype of the A-50U was taken A-50 aircraft, tail number 37. Municipal layout tests successfully completed in the autumn of 2009, at the same time, Colonel-General Alexander Zelin, Commander

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Tank building in the Soviet Union 30 years

Having been in the hands ready standards zabugornoy armored vehicles and mastered them in production, Russian experts at immediately found themselves in the mainstream world tank, but had some time to stick his 2-areas: the English school of tank design and engineering schools W. Christie. These two areas on all prewar decade have caused Russian character development in this area, and at the same time specifically to the end of our engineers have learned to work without the help of others.In general, at the beginning of the way — by the way, has been the fact that borrowed from the

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When will the next end of the world?

When will the next end of the world? I am sure that the people who were hoping for him 21.12.12, began digging up the network for the new dates. Especially for the curious, have found a new doomsday date: 2021. Behind him there are 2 years old, who have long been awaiting execution

Date of end of the world or other global catastrophe declared a hundred times. Another first century AD members of the Qumran community that existed in Palestine at the turn of the era, was considered a

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