Yuri Khaschevatsky: Why, instead of the video showed still images?

Society New official data on persons suspected of terrorist attack: the constant use of alcohol and unhealthy mind. Independent observers, however, doubt the ability of these people do what they are suspected.

April 15 Information Ministry warned the newspaper "Nasha Niva" of a violation of law in connection with the publication of "false information". This refers to the message that one of the victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 allegedly remained at the station until late evening.

What new details emerged about the people who are suspected of committing a terrorist act, and their motives? Officials are

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EE-T1 tanks and EE-T2 «Osorio (Brazil)

Despite the fact that the history of tank development in Brazil has the deepest roots and so the whole experience in this field previously was limited, usually, to attempts to modernize the existing armed with his old army tanks foreign production, also works on creation and the upcoming production of wheeled armored vehicles, first 80s engineers' Enzhesa "decided to undertake an ambitious and very difficult task to develop the first Brazilian modern tank. In order to alleviate some of the puzzle, and immediately provide a sufficiently high level features of the new machine, its design allows for the introduction

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The tank, which is one hundred percent fit the idea of blitzkrieg

Top of tank development in Germany is usually associated with the coming to power of the Nazis. This is not quite correct. Back in 1931 the inspector auto Reichswehr troops, Major-General Oswald Lutz has put forward the idea of forming a large tank formations, appreciating with all this achieved by the time the results of the development of tanks in the Weimar Republic as unsatisfactory. Under the strong influence of his own chief of staff Lieutenant Colonel Heinz Guderian, he gave instructions to begin designing armored vehicle weight of 5000 kg for use for educational purposes (the only indulgence

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The T-90S Bishma get perfect night vision and be able to shoot down enemy missiles

Despite the cruel and very often unjustified criticism tank T-90 will form the basis of armored fleet Indian Army. This is SP's Land Forces Team said Lieutenant General DS Siddhu, commander of the mechanized forces Indian Army.

At the same time, the planned modernization of the tank, which will allow to reach the advanced level required to maintain his dominance on any battlefield of the future.

Plans include the installation of this upgrade set of active protection, most likely it will be the Israeli system, and it is possible that elected Russian complex. As a result, the T-90S

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War of the invisible. Secrets of the front-line intelligence watch online

This documentary film tells us about the hard service of the soldier and the dangers that they experienced being in the rear of the enemy and the exploits they have done in the course of this terrible war. Details of mouth, historical records, the chronology of events — all this will bring clarity to the role that was played by all the people in the bloodiest war.

2nd Global war

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AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter

Opened on September 10, 2013 international defense exhibition DSEI 2013, which was accomplished in London, the company introduced the AgustaWestland image promising shipborne unmanned helicopter are working on experts at the company. As reported by professional edition «Aviation Week & Space Technology »helicopter designed by RWUAS (Rotary-Wing UAS). Although representatives of the company AgustaWestland not directly confirmed complete reliability of the image, but, apparently, sketch essentially based on a real project completely. Ministry of Defence of England even allocated the contract in the amount of 2.4 million pounds to establish the concept of unmanned helicopter shipborne. Earlier, in 2013, AgustaWestland

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So was Serdyukov close to retirement?

The scandal with the role of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov continues to open a discussion in the media, still in the middle of the common people. Although you can see all the efforts of the Ministry of Defence aimed at, so as not to give publicity accident case. But do not get to pretend as if nothing happened.

Not so long ago in one of the news sources, it was reported that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin proposed Serdyukov to resign. At this point strongly refuted this rumor, despite the fact that no smoke without fire.

Recall that the question

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Undercover V-2 rocket. Wonder Weapon Nazi Germany

Work on the creation of ballistic and cruise missiles began in Imperial Germany at the end of the First World War. Then the engineer G.Obert made the project a big rocket on the watery fuel, munitions warhead. Estimated range of its flight was a few hundred km. Aviation officer R.Nebel worked on the creation of aircraft missiles designed to destroy ground objects. In the 1920s, Obert, Nebel, brothers Walter and Riedel conducted the first experiments with rocket engines and developed projects ballistic missiles. "One beautiful day — claimed Nebel — missiles, such as this one will supersede artillery and

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Undercover Peenemunde. Project America

In late 1944, in the fevered mind control Nazi Germany starts to look like a plan missile attack on the United States. Unhealthy imagination of Hitler, by then suffering a defeat to-one on all fronts, it draws the picture lying in the ruins of American cities. Hitler is still wholeheartedly believe in the imminent change in the course of the war, which will be possible thanks to the use of new weapons enormous destructive power delivered to the means by which the interception of modern air defense and aviation, would be impossible. So Makar, Hitler and his entourage the coming

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Undercover Order Victory

Diamonds for orders made from platinum nezapyatannoy took from the royal treasury, but synthetic rubies were

This was the highest in the USSR merit, intended only for the supreme commanders. But Stalin, who ordered her to do not realize that the capital jeweler Ivan Kazennov, master of highly qualified, are inserted into the Order of precious stones, he fooled. And later revealed this secret until just before death.

In the summer of 1943, when it became clear that the Soviet Union defeated Hitler's Germany, Stalin decided to make an unusual merit especially for senior military commanders. Immediately given

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