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Undercover German submarine U-977 — as silent commander?

With every day or there is all the more and more disk imaging on German U-boats that surrendered after the war. They are, in some sources, disk imaging, and strolled to Antarctica, and favorites of the Third Reich secretly taken out of the country.

Let us consider more carefully on the memoirs of the commander of the submarine U-977 Heinz Schaffer, who surrendered last — in August 1945. By the way, this particular team ranked as the submarine export Hitler for the German border.

Future commander of the submarine was the offspring very wealthy parents, young people

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Undercover Beslan disaster: gang members, the group is not convicted and eight years later?

At the end of last week came an event which in most Russian media have not honored their own care. This event — the transfer of the case to the tribunal Ali Taziev. Most of the readers on this subject may appear reasonable question: who is this any, Ali Taziev that the media paid special attention to his person. This man (if you can call it at all representative of the human race), nor anyone else, as a terrorist by the nickname "Magas" (aka Ahmed Yevloyev, aka Amir Ahmed), whose hands are stained with the blood of countless victims of

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Undercover death of blackbirds

Since the beginning of the year all over the world were marked by a mass deaths of birds. The first and most exciting is case occurred in the South American city of Beebe, Arkansas. Then half an hour before the new year was almost rain of dead birds, blackbirds dark mass killing. On an area of about 2 square kilometers was found more than 4000 dead birds. After that, all options are recorded similar incidents around the world. On the death of birds reported from Sweden, Italy, Romania, Canada, China, but in all these cases, the sea birds were not

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Undercover VC, underground guerrillas

Deep in the black hole sits a black-black-black (dust) "Charlie" and expects his victim! About such legends strolled in the U.S. military when they found hidden in Vietnam underground city partisan and began to breathe in it.

In 1965, the 25th Infantry Division Q41A was located near the village of Cu Chi by Saigon. There was placed the main focus of guerrilla resistance in South Vietnam, the main base of the communist North. U.S. planned to quickly quell the resistance, the gain ultimate control over the southern part of Vietnam and the communists show "get off my mother." But almost

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Minsk terrorist attack — the destruction of the image of Belarus

Society Politicians sympathy to the families of victims of the Minsk terrorist attack on April 11, resent the cynicism of the organizers and performers, authorities have warned against repeating the experience of 2008, when an explosion at the Republic Day in Minsk massively detained members of the opposition, and the perpetrators have not been found.

An activist of the United Civil Party Alexander Sergienko In 2008, shortly after the explosion on July 4 in Minsk detained a group of KGB capture as one of the suspects.

Intelligence agencies have acted rudely broke down the door and arrested, seized various

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Tajik human rights activists have accused Russia of occupation

It would seem that from someone should not have to wait for the RF accusations of "occupation", as it is from a quiet and humble Tajikistan. In contrast to the boorish Baltic States, has overstepped the boundary of decency podbrykivayuschih Georgia and Belarus and Ukraine here — but the grace of silence. Is that Afghanistan is at hand guards, but drug trafficking routes, but at the official level bilateral policy is going around and casually.

But the same — what happened. Local intellectuals suddenly "zarefleksirovala" and issued a remarkable document on the mountain, designed in the style of the joint

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Expert FSB: This is not the Belarusian opposition and government

Society With a request to comment on the terrorist attack in Minsk, we have appealed to Vladimir Lutsenko, Colonel FSB, the former head of the Anti-Terrorism FSB. He's talked to Yuri Drakakhrust.

Drakakhrust: Mr. Lutsenko, how do you qualify the terrorist attack in Minsk, on whose handwriting is it like?

Lutsenko: Handwriting hundred percent of international terrorism, which we talk so much, whenever there is a tragedy. And then zaboltvaem all forget. There is a plague of international terrorism. This is a politically motivated form of application of extreme violence against the population, which is not at war.

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T-90ms until it meets the general staff

New development of Russian military industry — T-90C, which was to become the main battle tank, looked at the old days, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He was also provided to the public in Nizhny Tagil, where the exhibition was held. And this tank caused a lot of problems in the control of the Ministry of Defence.

Said this Nikolai Makarov — Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. He also said that he was perfectly executed tower Tank one hundred percent satisfied with the military. Makarov said that tower causing great reverence by the Russian experts —

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T-90 against the Abrams

General information

T-90 tanks and M1A1 "Abrams" are common representatives of Russian and Western schools of tank development, which are incorporated in various engineering and technological ideas. T-90, the deepest modernization of reliable and well-proven T-72, was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union and has absorbed all the best that has been put in the Russian tanks. As the main gun on a tank installed an upgraded version of 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M4. Reservations tank actually increased by 3 times in comparison with the first modification of T-72, and includes both a strong passive armor,

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Colca Canyon — the deepest canyon in the world!

For a long time it was thought that the deepest canyon on earth is the Grand Canyon in Colorado. However, in 1984 it was a misconception dispelled when the Guinness Book of Records was recorded Colca Canyon. After in 1983 the American magazine "Neyshnl Dzheogrefik" organized a research expedition to the area, it was found that a mile deep Colca Grand Canyon. Since then, the natural attraction of Peru enjoys continued popularity with tourists, who, climbing to the mountain top, eager to see the bottom of the Colca, located at a depth of 3400 m

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