From clothes of the victims, zvineli Cellphones

Society "Most talked about the fact that the perpetrators will never be found, but soon will be announced" — such talk is heard after the explosion in the subway Radio Liberty correspondent Helen Struve, who was at the epicenter of Minsk events. Her word:

April 11 I stayed at work. My colleague told me about a very interesting Georgia. He recently returned from this country and also brought wine and cheese. Then I went to the station and boarded the train, which, as it turned out, was the second of … thus, who arrived at the station "October" at the

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Calendar end of the world, which never took place.

Hello everyone! Tired already read about the date 21.12.12 and the end of the world from various natural disasters, and human error. Because today decided to publish CALENDAR END OF THE WORLD, which did not take place ;-). The dates in chronological order. You just marvel at how many times in 2000 years, we predicted it. And he, infection, and did not come. Yes, please note that since 1999 the number of "doomsday" for 1 year is just outrageously huge!

End of the World, Doomsday, Armageddon or global disasters, many

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What kind of fish we eat? (2012). Online

Pangasius, sea bass, dorado, Norwegian salmon — we are happy to surging imports … But if you knew how to grow the fish, all would refuse to use it. Who hoisted on Russian imports terrible fish? And why are not available to us from our own seas catch?

Cast consumer investigation conducted by visiting the Sakhalin and the fish market in Japan, we have learned how to grow Norwegian salmon. And looked around — what fish hiding under the pseudonyms "bearded", "sea chicken" and "sea lion". What do I need

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T-10 — the best of the best

T-10 — Soviet heavy tank, which is the best in its class. Was developed in 1948 — 1952 years in KB CTZ, adopted adopted Russian Army in 1953. The principal feature is that this model is not to be exported.

Creation story began in the 40s when the Russian army was armed with three types of tanks languid class: IS-2, IS-3, IS-4. In 1948, HBTU was decided to make a new heavy tank, which would have a better chassis and better protection of the similarity of the IS-4, and the case would have a form that would be identical to

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US-Iran: A willingness to number one?

The possibility of the outbreak of hostilities in the Persian Gulf in fact, no one causes fluctuations. Military analysts believe that in the case of overlapping Iranian troops Strait of Hormuz Americans will embodiment of the military operations in the region. But the report placed in the independent non-profit public policy research institute, argues that it is not so far away. It notes that the time when the South American army showed its power around the world, coming to his own end. Similar statements have been voiced before, only when China began to increase its own military potential. China's

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U.S. is coming fiscal cliff?

Last week, a South American central bank, the more recognizable as the Federal system replacement, took one more example program "easing". This programm different from the past for two "points". In 1-x, the experts believe that it is nothing else, as an attempt to make up for mistakes of politicians who are about (in the coming weeks) allow the reduction of the state budget and increase taxes (on the rich). Since then, Ben Bernanke, Fed chairman, said it was time to fight the recession and their own ways. In-2, the U.S. central bank, decided to print and to pour billions

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As the coffins were made of granite, quartzite and diorite in Egypt?

Everyone knows that there are pyramids in Egypt, the Egyptians themselves who they certainly did. Inside them are sarcophagi in which the pharaohs are buried. Who manufactured the sarcophagus? How many people and how much time was required to create such an amazing piece of art? Let me remind you that the last refuge of the rulers of Egypt established from very hard rocks: from granite, quartzite and diorite, and it had a three-dimensional images on the surface. And metal tools from the masters was not!

Watch: How sarcophagi were made of granite,

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How to crack the time?

I'm sure you've guessed that the word "hack" I had in mind free time travel both in the past and in the future. I am sure that each of you would like to go back in time and fix something done not quite right, or to prevent some horrible accident. Or move into the future and see: Do I have will develop with this person my personal life? The reasons for each individual lot, because scientists and science fiction writers and do not leave the subject alone …

Theories about

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U.S. makes Lofty green fleet

Possession of the most massive fleet on the planet makes the U.S. a lot of advantages, supporting their claims to world domination. Not for nothing without the intervention of the Navy does not pass any conflicts that involve the United States. Naval aviation and the U.S. Marines the elite part of the U.S. armed forces.

U.S. intercepted a palm in the seas and oceans in the British Empire, which for a long time was the "mistress of the seas." "Signal" to the world was sent to the years 1907-1909 — 4 South American squadron, nicknamed the "Great Pure Fleet" (the

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Refueling UFO from the Sun (VIDEO)

On the Internet, hit records to display images that shocked not only the UFO, but the people who are little interested in extraterrestrial civilizations. Nasnimkah clearly visible: a right to a circular shape, which is like a seasoned solar plasma. As it was, it turned out nesrazu. NASA either wanted to keep the intrigue, or trying to figure out for yourself — no strangers to it.

So far, so take a picture of the sun has not yet succeeded. During a powerful yet familiar eye astronomer solar storm one protuberanetsnachinaet not behave like the other flashes. It's like he

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