U.S. is going to close embassy in Syria

Washington is considering the likely closure of its own embassy in the Syrian capital. This is due to security reasons only. This was stated by a representative of the U.S. administration. According to this man, the final decision on this matter is still pending, but most of the diplomatic staff have gone out of Damascus in the U.S..

The United States authorities last week appealed to authorities Syria, so that they have ordered increased security of South American Embassy in Damascus, but this appeal went unanswered.

Victoria Nuland, an official representative of the South American State Department hastened to

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U.S. izderzhali to fight bin Laden more than Hitler

United States over the past 15 years izderzhali to fight with the head of "Al-Qaeda" Osama bin Laden's $ 3 trillion.

As reported by ITAR-TASS, this figure gives Washington the weekly "National Journal."

The creators have taken into account in the calculation of their own "two wars that continue to occupy 150 thousand fighter and tie up a quarter of our defense budget; bloated internal security apparatus, which periodically compresses frames civilian freedoms; rapid rise in oil prices, partly related to the global war against bin Laden's terrorist network, and part of the growing national debt,

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The U.S. claims the RF gas war?

One of the operating leverage in the global economy and the means of it — on the economy of the countries taken separately, no doubt, are the energy perturbations. Over the last couple of years by zabugornyh "partners" with enviable regularity heard a word about that in today's world, there is only one government that can provide for themselves power pressure in order to benefit only themselves. And the government is — Our homeland.

Based on this philosophy, we often find that any attempt to make a profitable price adjustment energoelementy by Russian companies abroad was evaluated as a

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U.S. gained big brother

According to IMF estimates, in 2010 the U.S. GDP was 14.6 trillion. dollars, and China — 5.7 trillion. bucks. But many economists have long since concluded that the formal estimates of GDP based on Baksova terms of the economic value of products and services in the so-called global prices, poorly reflect the current state of things and can be misleading.

A more accurate picture of the scale one way or the other economy can be given, using PPP — purchasing power parity opportunities. PPP — the ratio between with 2 or more units of currency, currencies of different countries,

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U.S. militarize space

At the current time in the field of "military space" between the U.S. and Russia established only episodic, fragmented cooperation, said the head of the Air Force Gallakticheskogo U.S. General William Shelton. In his own nedavneshnem interview to ITAR-TASS Shelton said that is not going to personally attend an international conference on missile defense, to be held in Moscow, first of May and organized by the Ministry of Defense. Next General spoke about a number of U.S. military projects in space, without disclosing general, special secrets.

According to hive Shelton, hidden mission of South American experimental space plane X-37B,

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The exhibition in Japan showed a possible prototype combat robot 4-meter

November 28 at the exhibition in the Land of the Rising Sun was presented mock combat 4-meter bot Kuratas more than 30 hydraulic joints and weighing 4.4 tons. Moves the magic art on wheels, which completes the four legs, and «feeds» — Diesel. The highest rate of the bot — 10 km per hour. Inside at Kuratas — driver’s seat, which controls movement with the help of the touchscreen and 2-Joystick responsible for movement of the arms of the machine. Also used the definition of mimicry, which is activated and «weapon.» Boat is armed with 2 pistols and 2

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United States and the agony of the Soviet Union, why Sakharov proposed to surround the U.S. nuclear warheads

We bring you the sequel (the second part) series of seminars known municipal leader Valentin Falin, held in the "dynamic conservatism of the Institute" (Moscow). The first part was a REGNUM republikovana August 28.

V.M.Falin. In the last time we came to the end of the second world war. Excuse me, but walk through some final milestones of our conversation to comment on the NTV shown on the eve of June 22, the movie, co-authors of the created Rezun (aka Jackson). Phenomenon: in the same Germany seldom meet those hungry for crafts, ready to outrage over history. Prof. russophobes not

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Special Forces Airborne — without fear and reproach

Many are not even aware of what is essentially a military unit. In fact it is — the eyes and ears of the Airborne Troops, reconnaissance and sabotage units, which operate in the enemy’s rear, preparing arrival and landing training, if necessary, deal with the capture of airfields, small bridgehead sites. Their functions comes as the solution to many related tasks, including the capture or destruction of communications and other infrastructure, and much more. This is the Special Forces Airborne, which acts, saying the artistic and more than understandable language, similar to the beam, as quickly and simply, making

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The United States in the development of grenade coming investing millions

U.S. military presented a project of production innovator guns — 25-mm grenade launcher XM-25. The project was approved on the days of its price according to preliminary estimates of 65.8 million. This tool is automatic and equipped laser rangefinder. He has been awarded the nickname — "The Punisher". The shells explode a grenade launcher in a strictly given point. These data were obtained in the course of the press release of the company Alliant Techsystems (ATK), which got the contract implementation period of 30 months.

Sobienie XM-25 is the ability to hit a target that is behind the barrier —

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U.S. in Iraq: Mission Possible

His goal in Iraq the Americans almost completed. They destroyed a massive centralized government in the Middle East. Seized the oil fields Iraq. Follow what they have to do is destroy the government into small pieces. Therefore withdrawn from the country's own troops by 2011. After withdrawal, the country will fall into a state of chaos and civilian war. Kurds are the first ones, and then the area will continue to divide and break up into smaller parts. Just then mission will be absolutely complete. Not that mission, which was declared, and the one that was planned in nature.

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