U.S. to keep control of more than 75% of oil production in Kazakhstan

U.S. will keep under three quarters of oil in Kazakhstan, — about it in his own study says a representative of the Association of Kazakhstan Marat Shibutov cross-border cooperation in the pages of the portal Tengrinews. Judge cites data on U.S. assets, "the main areas of investments — Oil and Gas Branch, engineering, energy and agriculture. Should be noted that South American investors to be among the first in Kazakhstan and immediately took certain niches, from which later tried not to go out."

Namely, writes Marat Shibutov, "in oil and gas major investors are: Exxon Mobil Corporation — Oil наикрупнейшая

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Mind Games — true or fraud?

A Beautiful Mind — A documentary film about the mysterious discovery, discoveries, incidents that have taken place to be on this planet. What was it: the falsification, or the real facts? In this program will be affected by themes:

1. Knight of the 16-17 century, which was buried with the bike! 2. The Dutchman, who invented the wings and flew. 3. Zone 51. 4. Pocket nuclear bomb by Russian scientists. Let's deal.

Watch A Beautiful Mind


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Brainwashing of our subconscious!

Many people like to watch TV, listen to your favorite hits on the radio, but few people realize that the transfer of funny, comedy, romance, tough fighters, music, songs can be pushed to violence, drugs, alcohol, depression, murder, suicide, sex, debauchery ( unwanted children with physical mental disabilities).

Hidden subliminal messages can be very obvious or very subtle to notice them you have to be very observant. However, these messages around the clock every second excite audiences through television screens and advertising are now everywhere, inoffensive image

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Supertank T-95 was changed to armored car from IVECO

In April 2010, appeared in the media eye opener. It turns out that the military shall be removed from the tank to 195, also known as T-95, of the development work on the modernization of existing tanks, "Burlak" double-barreled self-propelled artillery system "Coalition" also from landing BMD-4 and the "Octopus". In addition, in the blacklist were BTR-90, BMP-3 and BMPT.

The army and the military-industrial complex: Lupi own to other people …

Cases of armed forces and military industry were never bright, even in the years of Russian often had conflicts due to the fact that some companies sometimes for

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About sex (many episodes) watch online

'Educational documentary cycle Channel Discovery "About Sex" will reveal to you all the nuances of sexuality. All kept secret and the most notable facts in the relationship between the sexes, you can find out from this transfer.

What is the most sexy odezhka what aphrodisiacs should be used to call himself a passionate enthusiasm for his partner. What methods are there to captivate a man. All the subtleties of women's and men's sexuality will open for you the creators of this series.

What is sexuality and why some people practically exude it, and the other

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Su-30 went up by 2.5 times (news agency DNA, India)

With the astronomical increase in the price of 155% over three years, the Russian Su-30 of "Dry" is on the way, "Gorshkov", an Indian news agency reports DNA. The deal on aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" signed in 2004. Come together at the cost of 974 million dollars (4560 Crore). But at its 2010th anew bargained for 2.3 billion dollars (10,770 crore).

Air Force of India (IAF) wrote a letter to the Ministry of Defence, in which expressed concern down combat air power. They require a permit for immediate purchase of an additional batch of Su-30 "to bypass the public

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Su-27: 40 best Russian fighter

In January 1971, signing the order to start work on another Aviaproekt, Pavel Sukhoi, one of the best Russian aircraft designers are unlikely to think out of the scale of fame and recognition, which will receive a new plane its size. And if they think out, it does not reveal this hypothesis.

A new project is being developed in the framework of programs from PFI (hopefully frontline fighter), has received a "branded" the T-10. Its history began with 2 years earlier, when the Soviet Union started thinking about the answer to the South American program from FX (Fighter eXperimental),

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Su-25 — The Rooks arrived

Su-25 (product "T-8", according to NATO codification: Frogfoot) — Russian and later Russian armored subsonic bomber, which is designed to support ground combat at any time of day, visibility purposes or objects with the same liquidation known coordinates all day and night in all weather criteria. The first time took to the air February 22, 1975. Attack aircraft of the type used in 1981 and managed to take part in bolshennom number of military conflicts, including during combat operations in August 2008 on the ground in South Ossetia. These aircraft were in the Russian army nicknamed "Grach". They will be

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Zeenat Bi Bhopal — the oldest dwarf in the world!

It has been repeatedly published articles on the site about the old man of our planet. For this right is fighting a lot of people on the planet. But there is another, especially women, who argues that she is already 113 years! And nothing, but the fact is that she is a dwarf —. Zeenat Bi Bhopal (Zeenat Bi of Bhopal) — an amazing grandmother from India that has survived all his relatives, although the birth of her predicted very short life …

Zeenat Bi Bhopal (Zeenat Bi of Bhopal)

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Insurance companies in military medicine

Now Many people dream of a truly white grin as an integral component of dental health can remain fully dreams, for if you do not take care of their teeth with youth. Add the problems with teeth and numerous bad habits, most of which are smoking. Superfluous bustle of the causes that a person can eat properly, constantly alternating smoked cigarette and drunk a cup of coffee. All this leads to the fact that the teeth may seem steady yellow plaque, which do not decorate the person. Not infrequently dental plaque leading to tooth loss. To restore the tooth may

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