Serpent Sting in White Nights

With difficulty launching its roots in the local soil international music festivals. See for yourself: CTE rolled up DC — Kinoteatornogo level: a mother nursing BIZ Enterprises, beholding the commercial failure of the tour Sepultura, Accept and Cannibal Corpse, decided to take profits promotion promising local artists. It remains the only festival of its rank — "White Nights of St. Petersburg". This year, he said its fourth anniversary and gradually, although with difficulty, gets up on solid feet on the St. Petersburg rotten swamp. Today, we are talking about it.

The festival’s program is always the same: young performers competition,

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Laurie Campbells Life in the Wild

Mention the prospect of photographing fungi and many people will conjure up thoughts of being in an autumnal woodland setting looking though leaf litter or inspecting dead timber for likely specimens on quiet, damp days. True, these conditions may be perfect for fungi to thrive, but there is a lot more to getting to grips with these fascinating subjects than that.

A few weeks ago in mid May, for example,

I was reminded of the fact that it’s possible to find and photograph fungi during any month of the year. I was running a week-long nature photography programme and had

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Latin American News Bulletin… (02-2013)

Airborne Brigade for the Chilean Army

Chile’s Army established the creation of an Airborne Brigade as the top priority of this force for in the coming years. The project will be developed over the next ten to twelve years, and will include the acquisition of thirty medium-transport helicopters as well as eight to twelve attack helicopters.

The unit will be integrated by infantry personnel with a total number of 800 to 1200 infantrymen who will be trained in vertical assault operations. The new brigade would comprise rapid deployment elements for the support of UN missions. Despite the brigade, personnel will

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Lancer – changing roles for changing times…

Lindsay Peacock profiles the Rockwell B-1B.

WHICHEVER WAY you look at it, Rockwell’s Lancer has experienced a pretty chequered career. It emerged in the mid-to-late-1960s as a contender to satisfy the USA’s Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft ( AMSA) project, which itself came about in the first place to fill the gap left by abandonment of the North American B-70 Valkyrie. Emerging victorious in the AMSA competition in 1970, the original B-1A made it as far as the flight test stage, with the first of four prototypes getting airborne for its maiden sortie from Palmdale to Edwards AFB, California on December

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Triathletes, Hedonist

Yuri Belonoschenko — how triathlon expands horizons

In his spare time, the general director of «Management Company URALSIB» Yuri Belonoschenko engaged in triathlons and has already achieved considerable success in this field. He double-crossed half the distance Ironman (113 km) run Berlin Marathon and finished in «Escape from Alcatraz». About his studies under the program «TsiklON» under the leadership of its developer, the head coach of women’s national team of Russia Igor Sysoev, future competition plans, and how classes help in the triathlon, Yuri Belonoschenko tells the magazine «Grand Sport».


I sold the car through Facebook, it was purchased

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Kodak Retina la and lla

Ivor Matanle traces the history of a range of folding 35mm cameras made in Germany

THE KODAK Retina, the world’s first folding 35mm camera, had been an icon of what was then called miniature photography throughout the latter part of the 1930s. The Second World War proved only to be a brief interruption to the supply of these much admired folding precision cameras to most of the world. However, as with all other relatively expensive cameras, UK import controls made new Retinas more or less unavailable in Britain during the late 1940s and early ’50s. This limited the extent to

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Karrier Trucks

The town of Huddersfield is perhaps best known for having been both a centre of production for textiles and as a hotbed of civil unrest during the industrial revolution. This opposition to industry did not have a permanent effect upon the town (something to do with the Government stationing 1,000 soldiers there at the height of the unrest) as in 1908 Herbert Clayton with his son Reginald established the firm Clayton & Co and with a small workforce started building commercial vehicles.

Their first lorry, the imaginatively named “Model A” was fitted with a Tylor engine which delivered power to

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Jet Provost retirement

ON JUNE 7, the last Jet Provost pilots with 1 FS at RAF Linton-on-Ouse performed their final flights and the type was officially withdrawn from service with the unit. With its role now largely taken over by the Shorts Tucano T. 1, only a handful of JP T.5s remain in service, all with 6 FTS at Finningley, and these too will have retired by September.

To mark the imminent retirement of the type at Linton, 34 years after the first T.3s arrived at the base, a formation of 14 JP T.5As were put up on May 20 and during the

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JDAM — The future of bombing

Lon Nordeen examines the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), one of the most significant new weapons to enter the US military arsenal in recent years.

EFFECTIVE ATTACK missions against targets in Kosovo, which NATO pilots have been flying since March 24, 1999, have been a challenge due to the rules of engagement pilots and commander have had to follow. They have also been complicated because of poor weather. The newly-fielded Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) dropped from the B-2A Spirit stealth bomber has allowed NATO forces to hit targets when poor weather hampered the effective employment of laser-designated or TV/Imaging

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JARGON BUSTER server terminology


A method by which routers dynamically assign IP addresses to computers on an internal network, allowing for simple, largely configuration-free set-up of client machines. In setting up our server, we opted out of DHCP to assign a static IP address, to prevent our server getting lost on our local network.

DOMAIN NAME A human-readable web address that saves us from remembering the IP addresses of computers we want to access on the Internet. It can be broken down into sections, with geographic delimiters (if any) at the end of the address (.uk, xa, and so

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