Insurance companies in military medicine

Now the dreams of many people on a truly white grin as an integral component of dental health can remain fully dreams, if not for their teeth to look after young people. Add the problems with teeth and numerous bad habits, most of which are smoking. Superfluous bustle of the causes that a person can eat properly, constantly alternating smoked cigarette and drunk a cup of coffee. All this leads to the fact that the teeth may seem steady yellow plaque, which do not decorate the person. Not infrequently dental plaque leading to tooth loss. To restore the tooth may

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Authorities say the European Union: We have already softened, let's haggle

Society These questions are answered one of the defendants in the case, an activist of the "Tell the Truth" Andrey Dmitriev and political scientist Yuri Chausov.

Yuri Chausov

Andrey Dmitriev

Vitaly Tsigankov


Tsigankov: With what reasons the authorities have for reducing charges for some participants events of December 19? We can say that there have affected the U.S. sanctions and the European Union? Should I expect that the scenario of sentences involved in the case on December 19 changing?

Dmitriev: It may be noted that the position of the United States and the European Union — an

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Commandos from Brazil

New scenario of the world threatens the growth of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, also increased drug war, namely, the militants groups FARC in Colombia. The current setting requests from Brazilian armed forces supreme readiness to perform combat missions and humanitarian operations in cooperation with UN agencies. Under these criteria, the Brazilian government decided to develop the structure of the Armed Forces Special Operations Brigade (Bda Op Esp). Now we publish memoirs of participants of those events, the officers and men of the 2nd platoon assault (Carmin 2) 8th Marine Parachute Regiment in France (8 e RPIMa). There is no strategy,

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Sniper Rifle Mk12 MOD1

Special purpose rifle Mk12 MOD1 belongs to the family gun AR-15/M16. Originally it was designed for departments U.5.SOCOM (Special Operations Command). Self-loading rifle, using a circuit with removal of powder gases, used the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan to engage targets at ranges up to 800 m In Iraq and Afghanistan insurgents guerilla war against local security forces and coalition troops. Insurgency strategy — unexpected ambush. With all of this, they often make a few shots with the huge distances and then depart. Insurgents often use civilian population as a «human shield.» This behavior makes for the security forces

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Weird maneuvers on the roads, Opuk

The Black Sea Fleet fulfills amphibious operations, but Georgia is not to blame On September 29, the Black Sea Fleet began major exercises, which are participating in a 2-10-s ships, namely, huge amphibious ships, "Nicholas Phylchenkov", "Saratov", "Novocherkassk", "Caesar Kunikov" missile hovercraft "Simoom" and "Bora", a large anti-submarine ship "Kerch", frigate "inquisitive", a small anti-submarine and mine-sweeping ships.

In the center of the maneuvers — practicing landing operations on unequipped coast of the enemy. Training and combat scenes unfold in marine areas Novorossiisk naval base and the ground "Opuk" in the Crimea.

The training will last until October

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Lukashenko leans forced to bend

Society Why do the authorities have for reducing charges some of the most well-known defendant in the case on December 19? Whether this was done under the pressure of the U.S. and the European Union? Can we now predict the acquittals? These questions are answered political scientist Vladimir Mackiewicz

March 30 Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation Minsk city executive committee Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Alexander Feduta, Sergei Wozniak, Andrey Dmitriev, Vital Rymasheuski and Anastasia Palazhanka a new charge on the Article 342 of the Criminal Code. We can say that there have affected the U.S. sanctions and the European Union?


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Elegant ladies hats from «Loricci»

In France at the time was saying that lady without a hat — it's like a tree without leaves. Many of the ladies began to attract the attention of holders of a stylish hat, which created on the basis of drawings of famous artists. The creation of elegant ladies' hats famous Coco Chanel. Since then, much time has passed, but the ladies' hats not lost its relevance. And now, ladies prefer to use a variety of hats: hats, caps, berets stylish and much more.

Very popular Russian manufacturer of ladies' hats Loricci and a half decades has been

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The country SHOPe watch online

We offer a new humorous series, presented by Igor growth, which to tell you a lot of fun and exhilarating comedy stories, beam 1st buyers of shopping centers.

In this comedy sitcom participates perfectly familiar to fans of humor Alex Svetlakov which appear before the audience in some unexpected forms. Apart from this, the project will introduce you with some new faces in this genre.

You will learn about the reasons for making fun shopping at the mall, are aggressively quarrel best friend, why it's so easy to lose the baby, and how you can

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Receiver and rocket artillery: properties, applications, prospects

At present, the armies of many countries of the world are different artillery unit. Such kind of weapons headed for the peak of its development even in the middle of the last century. Yet, to this day in the warehouses of American and Russian troops armed with guns listed as far back as the second world war.

In the middle and at the end of the twentieth century created more individual standards guns. An exception in this respect we can say is the South American lightweight howitzer M777 Mill, which is done with 2005 and entered into service the Marine

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Mysterious Maya helmets. Unsolved Mysteries.

During the search for information for articles I often find something interesting, but it so happens that such information is very small for an article, so I'm doing a bookmark, and after returning to the topic. This was the case with the mysterious artifact that is conditionally Helmets Maya. It seems that this mysterious people knew that his head should be protected from physical impact, but some of the "hats" is clearly used for other purposes. Maybe it was the energy emitters, radar with direction finder, or special devices served as an assistant in the

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