New American secret unobtrusive UAV RQ-180

Magazine «Aviation Week & Space Technology » in its issue of December 9, 2013 makes the main theme (and material) for the first time posted exclusive information about the brand new South American secret unobtrusive bolshennom reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Northtop Grumman RQ-180, developed by one of the «dark» U.S. Department of Defense programs. UAV Northtop Grumman RQ-180 represents a new generation of unmanned systems designed, unlike slow UAVs like General Atomics Predator and Reaper, for action in «inaccessible» or «contested» airspace — in other words the criteria enemy resistance, which owns advanced air defense system and the Air Force.

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Mysteries of History: The aliens and zombies (17.10.12). Online

After recent events, which aroused the whole world: the invasion of zombies in America, the transmission of them appear like mushrooms after the rain. Some of them are good. some not. This transfer is worth a look.

Zombies risen from the grave. Eternally damned vampires. Unhappy, stuck between life and death. For millennia, flashed stories about people with strange encounters soulless creatures. What it is — just fiction? Or on our Earth really live the living dead with extraterrestrial origin?

Watch Mysteries of History: The aliens and zombies.

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Stanislav Tarasov: What Riyadh information war against Russia

TV channel "Al Arabiya" launched a series of television programs devoted to Syria. First went on the air with a claim to political sensation. Citing anonymous acquired by some "hidden" documents, "Al-Arabiya" states on the participation of Russian military operations in the Syrian air defense against the Turkish fighter. According to this version, the reconnaissance plane RF-4E Turkish Air Force was shot down by a Russian military base in Tartus. Both pilots were Tipo live after the crash, and were arrested by the Syrian authorities. Another document, allegedly emanating from the presidential palace Bashar Assad, as if the order contains

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Stalingrad Stalingrad operation and Super

70 years ago — November 19, 1942 began "Operation Uranus". Our army started coming to surround the enemy at Stalingrad. Started turning point in the history of Russian and stateliness the second world war. Germany, which reached a peak in 1942 illumine their own power, began losing one battle after another.

But in fact the plan of the Russian command was much more amazing. Stalin was going to kill not just the best German army and end the war by the colossal collapse of the entire German front.

To deprive "not our propagandists" trumps all at once, read about it

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Surprise me (all seasons) watch online

Russian TV show "Surprise me" — this is a very fascinating and exciting project, which simply able to beat any of the ratings because there are very many mind-blowing, and most importantly raschudesno stories. The basic idea of the Russian show is to show how foolishly 40 professional magicians from all corners of, beloved work and enthusiasm which is hitting people with his extraordinary gift and skill, fighting for a ticket to Monaco on most finishing last tournament of all witches and wizards. But the most fascinating is that not everyone will be able to participate in this program,

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Stalin and Hitler: from hate to love and back

Zigazagi Russian propaganda on the eve of the beginning of the second world war

In the second half of 1930. became noticeably deteriorate relations between the USSR and Germany, where the Nazis came to power, headed by Hitler. On the pages of several national newspapers ("The Truth", "News", "International", "Literary Gazette," etc.) and magazines ("International Literature", "banner", "October", etc.), a special place was given to the works antifascist writers J. Becher, L. Feuchtwanger, Romain Rolland, A. Seghers, J. R. Block, W. Bredel, M. Andersen Nexo, and many others.

To to exposing the Nazi regime were connected leading Russian historians

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MythBusters watch online

"MythBusters" — a scientific-popular show in America. Transmission are two professionals on the effects — Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Children use their own experience and established capacity for experimental verification of a variety of tall tales, urban legends, rumors, and other creatures of a popular destination for culture, because in our life, there is lot a variety of legends, legends, superstitions, and other nonsense. Filming the program "MythBusters" usually occur in the Bay Area of San Francisco. What comes out of this guys? What legends are confirmed and which are refuted? All this and lot Another fascinating to

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USSR could get a nuclear weapon before the war

However, the volcanoes in those days were silent, and the U.S. has not conducted nuclear tests. With the British airfield airplane climbed, which took samples of air in the upper atmosphere. It turned 29 on August terrain of northern Kazakhstan was blown Russian plutonium bomb. The world did not yet know what it was made of the German uranium South American drawings. About how this happened, knows Stanislav Pestov, writer and physicist.

Buzz Kurchatov

…And it's sad: our country has had the opportunity to make an atomic bomb before all. Institute dedicated neuvvyazkami radioactive materials, worked in

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Central Asia: close encounters of varying degrees

No one can be so close and peaceful as neighbors. But at the same time and so often the case, what exactly between the neighbors erupted so severe conflict that it becomes a prerequisite for breaking partnerships long years. Examples abound: it is divided into two parts of Korea, is Moldova and Transdniestria, Serbia and Kosovo, China and Taiwan, the list goes on and on. In the near future the situation looks restless and with 2 between Central Asian countries — Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It seems to be a long time sitting in their own chairs President Emomali Rahmon and

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Mystery of the crystal skulls.

Sam was surprised today when I was searching for material on the network, but it turns out in the world there is a mystery as CRYSTAL SKULL! With that, he is not one, but such findings known to the world more than a dozen!

Here is an excerpt from the text of the article: The examination showed that the skull had been made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. It was made of solid rock crystal, and with an accuracy not available for modern technology! It is believed that

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