Medium Tank T-43

Having failed to bring the project A-43 (T-34M) to the stage layout, tankostroitelnymi Russian design bureaus plant number 183 to 41 winters of the year took place only the adaptation of existing structures under the requests of the front and production capacity. Work on the promising machine finished for a few months. But in December, Design Bureau received the task radically modernize T-34 to improve the armor protection and reduce the cost of the tank. New model received the T-34M, but it differs from the series of T-43 were the least constructive.

For example, the chassis pyatikatkovuyu practically did not

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Secondary — Database of State Security

No matter what reform can not take place without serious consequences. An attempt to reconstruct the system is often associated with the need to sacrifice some principles at the expense of others. It's hard to imagine being that any reform in general can be supported by an absolute majority of the population of the country, unless, of course, it does not carry the trivial short-term benefits. But at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy man gives himself to report that failure to reform one way or another industry, even seeming model of stability and positive economic experience, can lead to stagnation at first,

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British Army has armed UAV Watchkeeper

UK Ministry of Defence has adopted a reconnaissance drones WK450 Watchkeeper, developed on the basis of the Israeli Hermes 450, reports Jane’s. As expected, the British soldiers will learn operating drones from the end of March this year. The first will be trained fighters 1st Artillery Brigade. Their training will be the training ground on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Drones will make training flights in a closed air zone at altitudes ranging from 2.4 to 4.9 thousand meters under the supervision of military controllers of air traffic control. In total, adopted England planned to take 54 UAV Watchkeeper, which

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Comparison Altay, Leopard 2a, T-90

Modern army can not be imagined without constantly renewing military equipment and weapons. This also applies to the heavy armored vehicles. Many experts are predicting the disappearance of tanks in the not-distant future, but in spite of that the tanks sometimes play a decisive role in armed clashes. A good example is the war in Iraq, during which the U.S. Army due to mobility and firepower of tank units could rapidly move from the border to the capital. Often, there are statements in the media that the Tipo tank T-90, does not meet modern requirements for military equipment. The

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Can the Russian army to intervene again in politics?

Our army in politics was noted twice. In 1991, she turned away from the Emergency Committee and supported the whitewashed house. Not all, of course, but that part of the officers, who sided with the then management of the RSFSR, was more decisive. In the end, Yeltsin defeated. In 1993, the army ignored calls to her from the rebellious white houses and again sided with Yeltsin. He won again.

After that, the services of the army authorities resorted three more times, but not from the perspective of domestic political opposition forces — a 2-Chechen campaigns and during the military conflict

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New missile defense system: you just need to wait

Just a few days back the clock, it became clear that the military and political control of the country is considering issues related to the creation of new missile defense systems. Almost immediately with an appropriate message to the press service of the presidential administration appeared brand new information, allegedly pertaining to the details of new projects. If placed in the media disk imaging information are true, then in the next few years Russian strategic missile greatly increment their abilities. First reports of some studies to improve the Russian missile defense appeared in the 20 days of April-month. Then

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Living module RDM — collect 20 minutes to live 10 years!

If your house will be destroyed in a disaster, you do not want to live in a tent. Rapid Deployment Module (RDM) can be assembled in 20 minutes without any tools, and will stand for at least 10 years.

Organize housing for victims of natural disasters is not always easy — look at the shortage of houses in Haiti, even years after the famous earthquake in that country. Tents can not be a long-term solution, and trailers are too thick and difficult to move.

A startup company called

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The controversy surrounding the tank

Permanent scandal shaking the Russian "defense industry" and the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation in connection with the procurement of modern armored vehicles, headed for its climax after the announcement of the Commander in Chief of the Land Forces Alexander Postnikov about the obsolescence of the samples offered by our industry. After that, find a common language became inevitable. As he will be successful and where the roots of the current critical situation in the Russian tank building?

There is no sadder story in the world …

Difficulties with the Russian fleet main battle tanks did not appear yesterday

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Live theme. Wild mind. Online.

Good morning all! Well came across an amazing online movie: Live theme. Wild Mind and looked at it with pleasure. It is dedicated to those around us animals, birds, amphibians, showing that they also have not just some kind of instinct, namely mind! Particularly impressed with the plot, in which the dog was dragging his friend (another dog of course), which was hit by a car, with a multi-lane highway! In general, I suggest everyone to join.


Special Forces soldier from God

Sixth of May this year there was an event that, for various reasons go unnoticed. Closed by the Decree of the President of Russian Federation, Colonel Evgeny G. Sergeyev was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).

Most people is the name of anything is not states. But not the GRU special forces veterans. After all, 25 years after the commission of the feat and 5 years after the death was given this title are worthy of dignity.

People like Jack, you can GRU spetsnaz counted on the fingers of one hand.

EUGENE G. Sergeev was born

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