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Lechuschee means that without the help of others is diseased organ. Packaging, which signals the end of useful life of the product. Plastic bag, dissolves after use. Can you give the mind the usual stuff? Even 20 years ago, the idea seemed impossible. For the current science is — reality.

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The United States may turn away from unsafe for ICBM missile

Sources in the Congress said that the United States can finish the development of improved missile for missile defense, which could be unsafe for intercontinental ballistic missiles, Russia.

A significant reduction in the budget can be a precondition complete cessation programs from the Pentagon to acquire missiles SM-3 2B. It was planned that they will be equipped with a global missile defense system the United States and its European component.

According to available data, spending on defense caused by new intelligence data that have become a prerequisite for the revision of the U.S. administration values in the creation of a

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The United States of Europe — this is fiction?

The global monetary crisis and the rapid flowers blooming "Arab Spring" are increasingly forced to think about the population of the earth is that it is time to somehow change their own approach to the forthcoming development of the economy and politics. Quite naturally then, that the U.S. has not sovladevaet with the role of the world's favorite, and even more often ceases as a giant with feet of clay, which is about to fall apart from a small external (or internal) exposure. Global geopolitics now perceives if not corrupted form, it is already close to them. This is reflected

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French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2

Of the preceding article about sniper rifle MAS-49 and its next upgrade, it became clear that the army of France far do not always have the best sniper weapon level of armaments of other states. Despite the fact that most of the problems could make an instrument completely ego lowest effective range of fire, as well as not the best accuracy with a stretch allowed to call the sniper rifle. Naturally, it was necessary to correct the situation, but rearmament new prototype guns, even taking into account what is usually a huge number of sniper rifles is not required, it

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The agreement on the U.S. debt, anger, deception, and the coup of billionaires (The Guardian, England)

The agreement will knock the poorest Yankees, whose channel Fox and movement "Tea Party" was assured to act against their own interests.

There are two methods to reduce the economical disadvantage: raise taxes or cut spending. If taxes are increased, the funds are taken from the rich, and if costs are reduced — that of the poor. Of course, this is not always: somewhere taxation is regressive in nature, but some municipal expenditures refers to the transfer of funds to banks of ordinary people, the military-industrial complex, oil barons and farmers. But almost always the government redistributes money to the

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Modern building materials

Modern technology in the field of building permit build building in the shortest possible time. But in our country, people are used to making at least some compression terms, as an attempt by the construction company to quickly absorb the funds, and the output is to offer low-dwelling properties, made what is called, quickly. But almost always from that practice could retreat, and this is due, first, to increase competition between the formation and implementation of building materials contractors latest information.

One of those construction materials, which allows you to build the structure in a short time, while maintaining the

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Modern air-defense system, Patriot (Part 2)

Patriot air defense system is used to protect large administrative and industrial centers of the air and naval bases of all modern means of air attack in the criteria of a strong electronic countermeasures on the part of the enemy. The complex is in a position to immediately detect and recognize more than 100 targets, without annoying carry 8 of them to make the preparation of the initial data to the firing, launching and guidance to 3 anti-aircraft missiles on each target. Development of the complex began in 1963, all the U.S. Army Patriot air defense system was adopted in

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Polygon — Weapons sniper watch online

Art sniper asks special training. Both Mr. Zadorozhnyj knows this firsthand now! After all, before you begin the important task, he had to understand the features of a sniper weapon. What rifle is no place in the dust, rain, and even at minus fifty? What ammunition can penetrate modern body armor? Curious? Lead is willing to share the acquired knowledge!

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Current state and prospects of Russian fighter jets

July 12 honorable military magazine Jane's Defense Weekly published an article on the state and prospects of development of fighter aircraft of the leading world powers, including Russia.

The once-powerful military industry of the Russian Federation for a couple years and the lack of alternate cuts of industrial policy is not experiencing the best of times. As throughout the 1990s and into this decade, our homeland continues to modernize aircraft, made in 1970-1980. T -50 (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft — PAK FA) for Russia was the fighter, which looks to other aircraft of the 21st century. However, the

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Modern ironing equipment

The modern industry is implementing various options ironing equipment, which allows us to solve prepyadstviya otglazhivaniyu on linen, some clothes and bedding on a massive scale. Functional ironing equipment can solve a range of problems in the bathhouse and laundry facility, solve puzzles where not only high quality washing some clothes and let her otglazhivaniya and procedures.

One of the most relevant species in Russia ironing equipment is equipment Bureau D'Hooge. Modern laundry ironers use different types of solutions to problems on the top otglazhivaniya odezhki in military units. Now thanks to the services of outsourcing companies do not

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