The modern torpedo is: what is and what will be

At the current time there is a severe increase in the backlog of in the design and development of torpedoes. For a long time the situation somehow smoothed presence in Russia entered service in 1977 rocket-torpedoes "Squall", since 2005, adopted a similar floated in Germany. There are reports that the German rocket-torpedoes "Barracuda" are able to develop a huge than "Squall" speed, but as long as Russian torpedoes of this type vserasprostraneny more extensive. In general, the backlog of ordinary Russian torpedoes from zabugornyh analogues achieves 20-30.

The main producer of torpedoes in Russia is JSC "Concern" Sea underwater weapon

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Advanced protection for military vehicles (part 2)

After learning the introduction of martial technique, whether wheeled or tracked, the current level of protection of the automobile, is in great demand. Namely, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that critical situations can often be resolved only with the introduction of languid combat vehicles.

Because the terrorist threat may come with at least some areas, cars are required to have strong radial protection.

The following are examples that reflect in general terms how the modern concept of the protection of combat vehicles were sold in carrying out military operations in urban terrain.

Passive protection

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Modern gun-drama of the Russian Federation

At the current time, the problem of choice of the modern sniper rifles appeared specificity discussions and provocative statements begins recall the situation that occurred in Russia in the middle of the XIX century and received the title of "rifle-drama." In fact, throughout the XIX century, armies of many countries in Europe, America and parts of Asia actively rearming. Frisky development of weapon industry, new design concepts to all this led to the fact that some rifles that were accepted for service in the Army and push off, the time of arrival is already out of date. With all of

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Tips when choosing a wristwatch

By purchasing a watch, we often think not only about that then using them to determine when, and how they will emphasize our style. Modern watch so diverse that sometimes give preference even in the presence of free money is not easy. Some of us seem very bolshennymi, others — very malehankih, and others — very pompous. Before you elect to use high-quality watches a few tips that posodeystvuyut navigate the world of changing numbers and running around the dial arrows.

Council 1. Clock should match the size of your wrist. If a narrow pen to put on women's

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Soviet-Nazi friendship

September 23, 1939 in Brest was cooperative parade of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht.

If towns are awarded the title as well as the people, the Brest Fortress was a hero twice. Since June 40 of the first reflect for the second siege. The first time the garrison of the Brest Fortress had to hold the line in ninth 30. Then it defended the Polish troops of General Plisovskogo. But the attackers were the same.

"In the war neznamenitoy …"

30 In the ninth, when Germany invaded Poland, the Brest fortress was attacked seven times. German infantry attacks supported

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Russian experimental aircraft on an air cushion AH-14SH

Samples equip the aircraft chassis Hovercraft taken a huge amount of time. In the USSR, such aid was first created in 1939 by engineers of the Central hydrodynamic Institute of Ephraim NI and Nadiradze AD On the training aircraft VT-2 ("plane of Ephraim and Nadiradze" CEN) instead of wheeled landing gear was installed rubber balloon, having fan installation that resembled an inverted bottom up inflatable boat. Fan, who worked 25-strong motorcycle motor, pump air into the chamber (place) inside the ring of the cylinder. SAINT behaved normally, flying the airplane is actually no different from flying on an ordinary plane.

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Russian experimental aircraft 346

The projects, which arrived in the Soviet Union, German spices, were at different stages of development. OKB-2 under the control of G. Ressing continued to develop experimental aircraft with liquid-propellant rocket engine, which in Germany was designated DFS-346. In the USSR, the airplane was given the designation "346". Construction of the first machines began in Germany, and it was transferred to TsAGI in 1946.

Aircraft "346" was an all-metal sredneplanom. The fuselage consisted of three parts. The nose of — body rotation with the contour formed by the profile NACA 00121-0,66-50. After it was followed by a cylindrical portion and

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Russian special forces: from the creation to the present day

In 1923 there was the Soviet government, although formally its creation was announced in late December 1922. It was replaced existed in Soviet Russia during the Revolution and became Lenin's new project as a temporary peace of the country.

All pre-war activities of state intelligence and security in the Secular Union is faster between the wars, as it was developed just between with 2 global cataclysms: the First World War, which grew on the territory of Russia in the civilian war, and the second World War, in which the USSR Lofty called Russian war.

In fact, once the

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Russian fighter aces on the Lend-Lease. Part 4. Spitfire

In September 1941, the talks in Moscow, has officially raised the issue of supply in the USSR "Spitfires" instead of "Hurricanes". But then the British rejected our request. The formal prerequisite was that the "Spitfire" on the "secret" sheet, in fact, these high-class aircraft in most British aircraft was not enough, many of the English squadron was still equipped an old technique. At the airport near Murmansk first "Spitfires" (modification of PR Mk.1V — plane-scout) appeared in September 1942. Three cars, flown by British pilots who took part in securing the wiring marine convoy PQ-18. After the operation the aircraft

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Russian bomb with a South American accent

60 years ago — August 29, 1949 — at the Semipalatinsk test site came out a successful test of the first Russian atomic bomb RDS-1 with the stated capacity of 20 kt. Through this event in the world, was allegedly set a strategic military parity between the USSR and the USA. And the hypothetical war with tragic consequences for the Russian Union realized in his own cool aggregate state.

In the footsteps of the "Manhattan"

In Russian Union (as, in general, and Germany) had every reason to be a favorite in the nuclear race. This did not happen because

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