Russian occupation of the Baltic states in facts and figures

July 21-22 marks another 72-th anniversary of the formation of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian SSR. And the fact that this kind of education, as we know, is an unlimited amount of controversy. From the moment of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn were first capitals of the 90 independent states, on the ground most of these countries do not cease arguing about, so that did in fact happened in the Baltic States in 1939-40: the peaceful and voluntary entry the Soviet Union, or it is it was a Russian anger, which resulted in a 50-year occupation.

Riga. Russian Army comes

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Actions in Libya — look tradesman

Actions in Libya do not descend from the news of bands leading news for over a month. The situation in the country which was almost shrouded civilian war, briefly moved into the shadows just after the devastating earthquake in the land of the rising sun, and again returned to the first lane to the beginning of the NATO air rage. After the adoption of the respective UN resolution that authorized the use of all forces and means to protect the civilian population of Libya, not including specific ground invasion, the West rushed to rescue mode opposition in Benghazi.


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Again, get over the cap …

Or leaped offense paratroopers and marines, or words to the effect that from that devaysa only the head is sweating, led to the fact that the Ministry of Defence decided to suddenly abandon berets for the military. By the way, the word suddenly entirely appropriate here, because in the ancient Russian tradition, everything that is connected with the army, as it were, for the ages. And look here: do not have time on May 9, we behold, as the main square of the country are marching military officials, mushrooms and a variety of hats in the form of multi-colored

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Barrett M99 sniper rifle

As you know, there is no limit, especially when the fanatical zeal to make something good unenforceable supported Monetary stimulus. This is noticeable in almost all of the sniper rifles Barrett. At first, Ronnie Barrett set out to do at the moment as stylish read, "antimaterial rifle" and that he basically came out, as is evident from the M82 family of weapons later M107. But to call a sniper rifle can be purchased up to a very big stretch, because due to the fact that the automatic weapon works as it does not paradoxically for a rifle, according to

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Sniper rifles» Steyr AMR and IWS 2000

In the 80 years of the last century, many well-known manufacturers of firearms started to "play" with subcaliber ammunition, work on yourself and chuck tool for it and continue to present many famous weapons company, feeling that the coming future will be secured specifically for this instrument. Already at this point, you can select a huge number of samples, which no doubt can be called successful, but in mass creation until they are referring to the obvious financial difficulties for potential customers, because such an instrument, but rather cartridges to it are not very expensive. Apparently as long as

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Dragunov sniper rifle Mnogokalibernaya (SVDK)

Counterterrorism and anti-partisan actions of power structures, and peacekeeping operations, in which the use of heavy weapons, or impossible, or forbidden, and prompted the army to a reassessment of the structure of values:

1. training centers were revived snipers2. within the framework of development work, "cracker" worked out three new standard army sniper rifles

They are: 7.62mm opting shoplifting rifle SV98 under regular rifle cartridges9mm semi-automatic rifle SVDK a new cartridge 9h64 12.7 mm magazine rifle KAFP opting for the new Sniper Insert 12.7 × 108. All rifles equipped with scopes Pancratic "Hyperon" of various modifications and night sights.

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Sniper rifle L115A3

Now the record for the defeat of the enemy sniper rifle belongs to British sniper Craig Harrison, which 2-hit enemies at a distance of 2477 meters with a rifle chambered L115A3 .338 Lapua Magnum. We will not go into the details of this option and rant on the subject, though it is either not present, and better acquainted with the gun from which the shot Corporal Harrison. Well, to start, I think it is specifically a weapon, not a gun, because if cartridge was different, the rifle and the properties would differ very much from today.

In fact, the start

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The people went to the rumor that Lukashenko is losing ground, bend

As evidenced by the Company statements Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Russian journalists, who are the main target of these statements? Why Belarusian president convinces everyone that there is no danger of Belarusian sovereignty? You can imagine what sentences defendants in the case are waiting for December 19? These questions are answered editor of the online newspaper "we" Cyril Pozniak.

Tsigankov: What aspect of the application is to provide Lukashenko? What is the message and

Who are these statements by the Belarusian ruler?

Pozniak: I think there are traditionally three destinations. This is primarily the Belarusian society.

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Real Stories / Love ageless watch online

A weekly program that plots which are removed in equal shred of professionals and amateurs, the creator and host of programs from Ivan Usachyov for many years worked in the television format, gathering a collection of the most unique, funny, sometimes dramatic stories sent by viewers.

What do the "real story"? In fact, everything that gets in the lens of observation home video cameras and mobile phones — from extreme fun lovers of adrenaline to the larger sample kinolyapy, which over time readily recall not only the ordinary moviegoers, and eminent actors and directors …

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Secrets and mysteries of the government — 2012

The Mayan calendar comes to an end on the date of December 21, 2012. Nostradamus also relate to that date. It may be a coincidence, but many other crops are already arguing about this day could be the end of the world. Given these arguments, there are many theories, some of whom are conspiracy theories. One of the most prominent and highly controversial theories — Preparation of the U.S. government secret bunker designed to save the elite of the society at the time of disaster.

In the knowledge of the Mayan astrology were quite large, they knew a lot about

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