Media: The meeting will be held on December 10 instructions provocateur

The magazine "The big city"Issued a detailed annotation for provocateurs to continue the rally, scheduled for December 10. This information is confirmed, referring to publications on their sources,"Bimbo newspaper". Both editions celebrate the fact of distribution of the management decision to move to places to share with the Revolution Square to Bolotnaya Square.

In the summary carefully painted provocateurs act: to create traffic congestion, pushing them to protesters on the surrounding streets, to squeeze people with placards such as "No falsifications", "Down with the party of crooks and thieves," "Putin, go away" in order to hide from the public

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Huge bubbles. Online

Bubble blower. An amazing and almost magical sight. But now I'm not talking about those kids run from a small jar in the yard, and a huge, up to 10 meters giants! I bring to your attention a video that will immerse you in childhood. I do not know who the old man, but it can be safely called the Wizard

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A huge underground pyramid in Alaska

Linda Moulton Howe — An American journalist who has long It seeks the unknown, reported that Alaska, near Mount McKinley, is buried under a huge pyramid, the dimensions of which exceed the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Pyramid, reportedly is in the so-called "Bermuda Triangle of Alaska." The existence of pyramids still might be a "secret" if the find is not reported on the television news — "Channel 13 in Anchorage in 1992. Then the story was featured on the "discovery", "geologists and other" scientists "underground pyramid is many times

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The concert will not be — will flow roof

Society Belarusian musical group made an unofficial "black list" of artists whose work is subject to censorship in Belarus, affected by bans and wanton cancel concerts. The victims have become "Lapis Troubetzkoy," "Neuro Dubel", "Krambambulya."

Today in Minsk coffee "Guests" has been a concert team Liavon Volsky "Krambambulya". But without an explanation of the reasons it was canceled by the administration of a cafe. Announced that a "technical reasons" will not take place and planned for March 18 speech in Brest Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich.

Last week, a group of "Lapis Troubetzkoy" "Flying" in Gomel, and, apparently, there will be scheduled

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Graphene. The possibility of future

Graphene — Awesome stuff, massive development on the basis of which began to emerge in recent years, more and more, continues to delight. Its ability to convert light into electricity demonstrates its potential to surpass the efficiency of silicon, which can be a revolution in the creation of electronics.

Here is how he explains the scientific basis behind this technology, the journal «Nature Physics»:

Since the hot electrons in graphene can conduct current, the generation of multiple hot-carrier carafe makes a very promising material for high-performance broadband light

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A difficult choice

Indian tender for the supply of fighters and MiG-35 chances

Indian Air Force, who organized the tender for 126 fighter jets, conducted tests and passed all the candidates in a multi-page report of the Ministry of Defense. When exactly will be presented by a small list of finalists who will proceed to the second step of the test is not yet clear. Most likely it will happen no earlier than a few months. Meanwhile, the tender price of around 10 billion dollars began to run wild rumors.


The tender for the purchase of the Indian Air

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Granite drives Bayan-Kara-Ula.

In 1962, the world learned more about one of the secrets of Tibet — mysterious 716 tablets with inscriptions. They were like gramophone discs 30cm diameter and 8 mm thickness with a hole in the center and a double spiral groove.

Plates were carved from granite and kept on its surface characters. Results were as follows. In the years 1937-1938. in Qinghai Province on the border of Tibet and China on the ridge of the Bayan-Kara-Ula, a team of archaeologists explored the remote area. Suddenly they found the rock, which was black

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The investigation started Detention Air Force officers, fleeced subordinates

Now the investigation failed to substantiate that, since 2009 part of the bonus payments settled in pockets Command / h 21 146. The first detainees became concrete executor fraud, past chief of staff of the 4th Squadron Misha Zakurdaev — a relative of the unit commander Colonel Kowalski — brain involved in the case. With the purpose of Kowalski to a higher position, he was also transferred "up" in aviatsentr.

Oh, so this situation says, "MK" lawyer of the victims officers Oleg Tyurin:

— Two defendants in a criminal case, the captain Artemyev and Colonel Kowalski, came to the clinic

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Skjold class missile boats is characterized by its own speed, small glow on the radar, small size, and for all that serious weaponry. Skjold ship is, in fact, a catamaran air cushion, which ensures a higher speed and maneuverability.

First in the series ship, Skjold (board number P960), was commissioned in April 1999. After the tests, the Norwegian government approved the creation of a further 5 vehicles of the Skjold in June 2002. Negotiations on the agreement were completed in July 2003. The ships are being built at a shipyard Mandal Umoe.

These boats have names: Storm (P961),

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The Blue Lagoon

Reykyans — a small peninsula in Iceland, which is famous for its amazing geothermal pool. It is a romantic name "Blue Lagoon". It is a symbol of the entire state. Moreover, these hot springs are known in every corner of the planet and each year attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers and curious tourists.

Luxury Blue Lagoon — a consequence of a volcanic eruption. After all, it is formed from lava that has a porous structure. Just so it can seep through the water. This will create huge reservoirs, where

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