Hollywood — Factory aggression!

I'm sure you all have noticed that in American films often have an external enemy that brave special agents fight lack of sleep nights. It used to be Russian, Chinese, and now — the Muslims. Iraq, Iran and their terrorist bombers — the most relevant and fertile subject for a Hollywood blockbuster. Even in the U.S., people who have not washed in a zero brains to realize that hatred of other nations and whole states simply impose them. On this and will be given plot.

Watch Hollywood promotes aggressive U.S. policy to the masses


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How much does the unification of Korea?

2-confrontation of forces on the Korean Peninsula in the area this year celebrated 67 years. Top division was the defeat of the Land of the Rising Sun in the second world war, as a result of which the Korean peninsula has become more active Russian influence. As befits the second pole of the geopolitical world, Kojima (pole) in 1945 were the United States of America, Washington also decided to take part in the formation of modern political forces in the region. As a result, the northern part of the Korean peninsula has become the de facto pro-Soviet, and part of

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The tendency to modernize

In the 3rd world and the former Soviet Union prefer to improve the existing armored vehicles

The situation on the market tanks is determined by two factors — Consignment of new models and the rapid development of a range of services for the modernization of old times. These criteria of the country, to buy huge amounts of armored vehicles of past generations are more inclined to improve already available technology.

Gone are the days when tank become obsolete in a short period of time. In the golden age of armored race 30-40-ies of a generation of combat vehicles invariably

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The scandal surrounding the St. Petersburg guide for migrant workers is at an international level

The scandal surrounding the "Handbook of labor migrants" spread in St. Petersburg, goes on an international level. Tajik Foreign Ministry claimed to stop the spread and kill the circulation of the publication, the pages of which migrant workers are depicted in the form of building and economic instruments — such as a spatula, roller and broom, reports Trud.ru.

Also in Dushanbe say "a lot of grammatical and spelling errors" in the Tajik version of manuals, reports the portal. However, on the website of the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the violent statements to find some reason failed. At

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The Parable of The Aviator Sikorsky, who dreamed to fly slowly

Man has always wanted to fly like a bird! With envy, he looked at the light-winged creatures who quickly rose in the sky, boldly fell down and hovered in the air currents. And the man has built a giant "bird" — the plane. Flapping wings could not do that, then for the "birds" with motionless wings adapted the motor and the machine flew!

The plane … was the ruler of the place, but was a slave speed. Air flows around the curved surface of the wings generates a lifting force, and allowing to keep the aircraft in the air,

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A giant ground drawings

In Brazil, discovered the giant ground drawings

In the Brazilian Amazon near the border with Peru and Bolivia found new geoglyphs — the giant ground drawings, which can only see from a great height. This statement was made in the Porto Velho scientist Federal University of Acre Alseu Ranzi, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the agency Estado.

According to the scientist, he found geoglyphs can be equated in importance to the drawings in the Nazca desert in Peru. Anyway, they are inferior to them in the area — the length of one side of the figure is

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The situation with the dacha Serdyukov

Continues to manifest itself scandal in the Ministry of Defence of fraud in especially large sizes. Talking about this time that instead proanonsiroval major military department in 2009, the construction of the radar station in the village of Great Utrish in place of the radar has grown an impressive size dacha, which is called "dacha former Minister Serdyukov. " As reported by the newspaper Izvestia, summer came after land, transferred free of the military department authorities Anapa, suddenly found itself in the hands of private companies. In this case, the Ministry of Defence land at the sea went completely free

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Journey to America in search of a Russian watch online

It's no secret that the United States — country immigrants, where for centuries seek people from around the world. And every nation on this earth there is a North American private cultural center. Without glory banish history "Russian America", the last of which — from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska — was sold in 1867. Russian trace in the United States is not only a people, who came here in search of the best shred or who found shelter here and rescue, and part of the history of this country, in the development area which was once perceived role

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Heraklion — a city on the sea floor. The Lost Temple of the Gods

Egypt in ancient times there was a great power, its culture flourished. But the legendary land of the Pharaohs fell to Alexander the Great, his empire will last until the death of Cleopatra. How did he do it? Like the Greeks conquered this ancient and proud civilization? One answer lies in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea … The huge temple town that disappeared over a thousand years ago, the legendary Heraklion …

Great movie and an article about the mysterious city and its many temples.

Watch Discovery:

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The air defense system of Moscow turned into ruins

Network of real defense of Moscow, made in the Soviet era, and in fact is forgotten completely destroyed. The military had to turn away from the content of the hidden bunkers and other structures. Now, many of these objects turned into ruins.

If a long drive on the fields near Moscow, and especially in the so-called "big concrete runway," then at some point you will get to betonku literally. The road network of the plates leads to military units, many of which do not carry the alert.

Arrivals and departures from these roads are usually dug or filled up with

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