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As the time to plunge into the atmosphere of the Games of modern times

«Great moments of great games from 1896 to the present day.» So this is called weighing 3580 grams of a monumental book, which was published in Russian thanks to the publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber.»

«In such a weighty 564-page publication you can find the statistics of all without exception of the Olympic Games of modern times — from held in 1896 in Athens to the last in 2012 in the British capital. However, this information is only a pleasant addition to the hundreds of

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Riccardo Niccoli looks at a relatively new organization within the military aviation, formed for rapid deployment in support of troops on the ground.

THE ITALIAN Aviazione dell’Esercito ( AVES, or Army Aviation) is one of the most potent and complete land force air arms within NATO, with a history dating back to 1951. Even so, for the past half-century its operational capacities have been limited to helicopter transport, reconnaissance, and, more recently, anti-tank attack, capabilities further fragmented in support of large units operating in the field.


In Italy, the concept of air-mobility has been the subject of debate since

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Start or all it’s worth talking

Two of the «PIPTSA» Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse: kinoduet season.

September 5 starts continued vigorous comics.

Almost everyone who went to watch «Kick-Ass» three years ago, were quite surprised by the fact that instead of a comic book for teenagers we otovaritsya convincing deconstruction of the genre, full of references to the burning problem of fathers and children, and brutally stylized Makhach. Once we were invited to look closely at the girl Chloe as materschinnitsy Ubivashki and boy Christopher as psevdozlodeya nicknamed the bloody haze. As it turned out, in the course of shooting — especially as a

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Bill Norton looks at the Israeli Defence Force/Air Force, one of the most sophisticated and battle-experienced Air Forces in the world.

FEW NATIONAL air arms attract the attention of those interested in military aviation in the same way as does the Israel Defense Force/Air Force (IDF/AF) or Heyl Ha’Avir. The Israel Air Force plays a pivotal role in the defence of this small nation, and its contribution to air power world-wide. Yet Israel’s notoriously strict security measures mean that the release of current information on the service and its equipment is carefully controlled, and most of its citizens are characteristically

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Wallpaper is a big trend now, and the papers, inks and glues used in their manufacture are all very important.

Building from scratch is always a great place to start when considering the layout and positioning of your home in relation to sun, wind and land size, but we aren’t always in that position. You don’t have to be a hippy with a mud-brick home to be sustainable and you can go further than changing all your lighting to fluoro and LED and putting your appliances on a timer. Consideration is the key — each time you go to redecorate

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Inside Story.

Baker Jordan Rondel has a penchant for delectable cakes — and a cornucopia of much-loved possessions.

ARTFUL AND DECADENT cakes are Jordan Rondel’s thing. A self-taught baker, she completed a degree in marketing and considered a career in advertising before her passion for patisserie became a successful baking business three years ago.

In 2010, while still at university in Auckland, Rondel started a blog titled The Caker. Within six months, the homemade cakes she featured on the blog had caught the attention of Karen Walker and other fashion names and Rondel was receiving steady orders from a list of high-profile

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Sniper snapshots

Year of birth of photography is considered to be 1838 minutes, and exactly a century after the invention of the Frenchman Daguerre his daguerreotypes (under the title picture, and became known to the world), in 1938, Far photographer Nick Shkulin made his picture «Raising the red flag on the hill Zaozernaya» which I walked almost all the publications of the Soviet Union …

…Few of the environment Nicholas knew that in his youth he performed in the circus. Born in the city of the future Photo-master Vladimir. It was orphaned early. In order to somehow feed themselves, prepared acrobatic number

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Inevitable demise

THE DEMISE OF the last flying Avro Vulcan B.2 bomber was a sad but inevitable event — if not now, then certainly in ten or 12 years time. Having been ‘a total aviation person’, man and boy, for 30 years, I understand well the emotion and reaction of your correspondents.

However, let us pause for a moment and consider the state of the RAF today. Its master is Her Majesty’s Government (of whatever persuasion) and that master is elected by you, the electorate. Rightly or wrongly, the government has entered a period of contraction in defence capability, in which the

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Indonesian Air Show 1996 — June 22-30

INDONESIA ORGANISED its second ever international airshow at the end of June. This time Soekarno-Hatta International Airport provided the venue for the Indonesian Air Show 1996 (IAS’96).

The first airshow, ten years ago, took place at the old Jakarta airport, Kamayoran. Just as it had been then, the latest technology available in Indonesia was put on display, but this show also set out to demonstrate a willingness to co-operate and expand capabilities.

It is well known that the region enjoys considerable economic growth and this has enabled many countries to purchase or manufacture sophisticated aircraft. Naturally, there was particular emphasis

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In partnership with nature.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were created by the Indian Government with the aim of identifying the brightest intellectual talent available in the student community of India and training it in the best management techniques available in the world, to ultimately create a pool of elite managers to lead the various sections of the Indian economy. IIMs play a leadership role in the nations managerial manpower development and carry out research in emerging areas. These Institutes are recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the world for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

IIM Udaipur, the

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