Syria: Why Americans are afraid of

I. The strategy of waiting

March 10 Russian Federation and the Arab League agreed on a peace plan Syrian crisis. This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, who participated in the Cairo meeting with the foreign ministers of the League. The adopted plan consists of 5 Fri: an immediate end to violence by government and opposition forces, the organization of monitoring the situation in the country, on the smooth delivery of humanitarian aid, support for the mission of the Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League, Kofi Annan, the unacceptability of external interference in the

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In Russia will create artificial intelligence

Russian specialists were the first to come close to creating a true artificial intelligence

LONDON, August 22. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Makarchev /. Russian specialists were the first to come close to creating a computer program, which is a genuine artificial intelligence.

They developed the program, which was called "Eugene", won the held in England international scientific competition cybernetic intelligence, not to reach only 0.8 percent in order to pass the famous Turing test.

The famous British mathematician Alan Turing, who laid the foundations of modern computer technology, written in 1950, the article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" offered a test

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Electricity generator of the Ether!

And now, a little bit acquainted you with the genius of the late 19th, early 20th century: Nikola Tesla. We now turn to his inventions. Now you see for yourself that my words about his genius or slightly exaggerated. I present to you a video guy who reiterated today that Tesla invented more than 100 years ago! This generator, which "draws" energy from Ether, forced to work in a light bulb 150 Watt! To run it in action, though, is all the same need to connect to it for a few seconds, the voltage of 12 volts. And

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Syria: democracy or peace?

I. Specific men from the British eatery, which is deaf West

May 25 in the village of Al-Hula in Homs province killed more than 100 civilians inhabitants. Syrian Monitoring Centre for Human Rights, based in London, do not delay the case in a long box, immediately reported on the catastrophic incident advanced democracies. In times of high-speed web of where to report possible directly from the snack bar — about such, and which hosts the very center of the monitor, consisting of 2 persons: the owner of the diner Rami Abdurrahman and his assistant, part-time acting interpreter.

The two comrades,

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Syria: Friends again met

I. Career took off Burhan latrine

The first of April in Istanbul hosted the second conference of the "Friends of Syria". Date of the meeting coincided with the opening of a Turkish holiday season and happy all liars.

Was not invited to the meeting of Iran, as it incorrectly friends with Syria, and still interested in what's inside the atom, and Syria too, was not invited because she can not be friends with the world democracy. Russia and China have been invited to the forum, and even Hillary Clinton responded disapprovingly about Mitt Romney — a candidate for U.S. president,

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Syria wants to live, the West wants to tighten the noose around her neck

The representative of the U.S. State Department at the end of May, after provocation in the Syrian village of Hula stated directly, openly and brazenly, with cynicism, gallows executioner: "We will be looking at ways to pressure on Syria economically, politically and diplomatically, so to tighten the noose."

West translates these expressions misanthropic American viselnitsy in life.

So called "socialist" Hollande does not seem to have its own policy, and wants one hundred percent follow in the footsteps of South American administration, like its predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy. He called for tougher sanctions against Syria. He made this statement at

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The Syrian opposition loses the external support

For more than nine months of bloody lasts Syrian conflict in which neither side is going to accept defeat. Bashar al-Assad and his supporters are not willing to share power with the opposition, and of itself opposition, can not seem to decide how much this power to her personally. After the South American Secretary of State is permitted to myself to say that in general can not understand who this Syrian opposition, the latter tries all the harder to prove that its intentions are clean and that there are no links to al-Qaeda, it does not accept. But so far

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Syrian thread of the Middle East knot

Deterrent escalation of the situation in the Middle East is the "Syrian balance"

The weekly "military-industrial complex" has not once turned to the events of the Middle East, especially in the article "If Ankara is angry …", "Six Arab monarchies against Iran", "Syria: The intervention is excluded» (№ 30, 2012). But the situation in this region is constantly changing, because there's a lot of hot pixels. But the more acute is the Syrian issue. Perseverance Assad, the relative neutrality of the United States, Russia and China rejection military option to resolve the crisis canned indefinitely situation in Syria, which is

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Besieged Leningrad Symphony

In the first months of Lofty Russian war with the rapid advancement of the aggressor troops deep into the terrain of the USSR, the government of our country has taken steps to evacuate from Leningrad to the "mainland" is not only the top management authorities, and a large part of Russian Cultural Foundation. Among those who were transported to the military capital of the country, which was decided to locate in Kuibyshev (now Samara), and was Dmitri Shostakovich.

He first became famous for his First Symphony, written while still a young graduate of the Petrograd Conservatory in 1925 and became

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Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to four years in bullpen for cash fraud

Milan tribunal on Friday sentenced a former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to four years' imprisonment in a scandalous case Mediaset, in which the politician was incriminated in the scale of money-laundering.

Decision making by the judge handed channel Sky TG24. Berlusconi himself at the hearing was not.

According to the court, the 76-year-old media mogul can not hold municipal office for 3 years, and along with the other defendants in the case to pay 10 million euros tax services in Italy.

As the agency TMNews, Tribunal of Milan is the tribunal of first instance, because his sentence can

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