Navy special forces mission in Thailand — the best in Southeast Asia

Special operations forces of the kingdom Thailand recognized as one of the best in the area south-east Asia. Related highest rating given by professionals, was based first on the fact that the Thai military government to invest and want to invest significant funds in the forthcoming development of Special Forces Units.

As part of the army of military units are police special forces, namely, a division of the Border Patrol, Ranger Battalion, the police air supply and the king's special purpose forces, which included a special command of military operations at sea.

April 17 of this year marks 57 years

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Severe defect is found in the tanks Black Panther

South Korean authorities have once again been delayed start mass production of its own tank K2 "Black panther. " Department of Defense-independent tests will be carried out this latest war machine, in which the difficulties found in the box and in the engine.

Tank K2 "Black Panther" made the South Korean company "Hyundai Rotem." The manufacturers of this battle machine touted as the most advanced combat tank The world. Are independent experts are not so inclined to respond about it because they believe that the "Black Panther" is not something new and breakthrough. K2 was first demonstrated in 2007.

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Batch creation of Russian thermal imaging sights for armored vehicles will begin in 2012

Russian MIC, which is represented by Krasnogorskoe of "Plant. S.Zvereva ", presented at the International Forum" 2012 TVM "benchmarks tank thermal sighting device" Irbis-K "and the commander of the combined observant-sighting system" Agat-MDT. "

Sights with the introduction of thermal imaging technology for many years been in the USSR after the Russian Federation and not the most best representatives of the Russian military-industrial complex. One of the best tanks of the Union of Russian "The Hammer" which never built, is a living example that even one device can permanently delay the development of the project — a thermal imaging sighting

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Sergei Kara-Murza: Began newcomer global turmoil

Recognizable scientist, sociologist and political scientist Sergei Kara-Murza explained to the magazine "vkurse" why Latvians can not find your country on the map and what will be the brand new global turmoil. A REGNUM publishes the material absolutely.

Latvian painter and filmmaker Eric Silins said on his own Facebook page interesting story that caused a heated debate in the press. "Vkurse" quotes from the story:

"Who, being in the same company (ordinary regular guys who work in manufacturing, occasionally drank), I saw a contour map of the world political boundaries and suggested Latvian woman (26 years old) to find the

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The Serbs do not give up

According to media reports, last Thursday KFOR units began to dismantle the barricades erected by the Serbs on the border of the so-called Kosovo and the rest of Serbia. The other day, the locals tried to negotiate the representatives of "peacekeepers", but their entreaties to remove the barricades had no act. NATO gendarmes began the demolition of the barricades, using their armored personnel carriers. It was already clear the other day when a representative of the command of NATO forces in Kosovo Lt. Col. Adamec said the union "has not yet become used to force the demolition of the

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The family Tu-22/22M

Finally made it to the requests Vladimir: Tell the family about all of the Tu-22. At the moment I do not know what will happen first — no matter how long, but one thing I can say for his translations of "Bekfayru" from the magazine "Interavia" made in the distant 1980s, I found. This alone may be the enthusiasm.

The history of the family is likely begins with the April, 1954, the Resolution of the Central Committee and the Council of Ministers on the development of bombers at 1300-1400 km / h at an altitude of 10-11 km and 1150-1200

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The family of sniper rifles Truvelo SR

No one will deny the fact that the competitiveness of the market instruments of very tough, and has long determined the favorites to compete which is problematic even for those companies which have something to offer to the consumer. Unfortunately, the "name" producer means a lot for the future of the buyer, because quite often does not give preference to the best weapons, and better known. This build up can not only market instruments, and virtually everywhere. Of course, there are those who are used by the brain to think, and not sciatic nerve, and did not want to

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In recent months, one of the main programs of the U.S. Navy — design and construction of multi-purpose fifty littoral combat ships (LBK) — is experiencing one hit after another. After analyzing the course of its implementation, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) in August to submit to Congress a report which exposed the actions of command of the U.S. Navy and lured contracting companies rather harsh criticism. In September, the cost of program there have been significantly curtailed — so to say "to clarify", and then came the news that came out of the building a gas turbine unit of

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Sectoral missile defense for Russia and NATO

So, at the Lisbon Summit of the country — NATO members agreed on the development of a European missile defense and invited Russia to participate in it. And she mouths Dmitry Medvedev gave his consent. But on a practical level, this means only the most general discussion of the concept and assessment of threats. What, in general, it is reasonable — you still try to understand why we participate in it, to put it mildly, unusual project? About which issues and now have more questions than answers.

Regarding the joint Russia-NATO missile defense system has three basic questions. How it

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Secrets of the laboratory HAARP

"HAARP"-stands for "frequency of active research project aurora." The title of this South American project camouflages the fact that it has the potential to become a bigger disaster for the world's population than the creation of the atomic bomb. The truth of the matter is that the HAARP facility can be used to combat the sci-fi type. Here we are dealing with an obscure test. Under the guise of safe names "HAARP" South American government is planning to bomb the sky beams of energy facilities bolshennyh antennas. These energy rays are then reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere

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