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Each week recognizable journalist and television presenter, an expert on feral animals will be directed to a specific theme chart listing the animals that inhabit Russia. And it's not the most rankings of favorite people be that all the channels we often indulge. Here it is even more dangerous. Once a week, Timofey Bazhenov makes adventure tours to make unique images and introduce viewers to the world of feral nature. He is not just watching the animals in their natural habitat by, and join with them in a particular contact, fearlessly goes to meet the threats and puts on

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Hidden Allied planes during the war (part 3) — Ryan FR-1 Fireball

In 1942, the U.S. Navy prepared an extraordinary technical specification for the construction of carrier-based fighter-bomber which was to become one of the first planes filled with new turbojet engine. The aircraft was to have a mixed power plant of the piston and jet engines. First of them is usually installed in the bow, whereas the jet has been placed in the tail car. Offers by Ryan Aeronautical aircraft design was chosen as the closer to reality and the company began to build 3 of the first prototype Ryan XFR-1. The first of them took to the skies June 25,

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Hidden Allied planes during the war (part 1) — Vought V-173

In the 1940s, the South American engineer Charles Zimmerman (not to be confused with its namesake German) designed a unique aerodynamic design of their own plane, which so far affects not only their unusual appearance and unique aerodynamic configuration, and flight characteristics. For its own unique appearance aircraft received a huge number of nicknames, among which can be identified such as the "Flying Pancake", "Flying parachute", "Skimmer Zimmerman." In these days of can confidently say that this aircraft, together with the German Fi-156, was one of the first devices of vertical / short takeoff and landing.

History of Creation

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Desert Sea Watch online

There is a world, which until now was not available to us. Two of the sea, along the edges of Saudi Arabia. One — a beautiful, colorful, complex, and another — through the desert, the young. It is secretive, inaccessible, more. In these 2-seas all is not what it seems. The movie tells about the miracles that occur where they do not expect …

Animals of the underwater world

Hidden Stories — Diary fugitive

A film about the eminent Russian spies who in 1938, being a resident in the Spain, disappeared. Only in 1953, after the death of Stalin, the world vyznat that the 15 years he lived in the United States man, which was one of those who, of course, could call themselves "right hand" of the leader of all peoples. In the middle of an incalculable number of special operations who spent this man some of the most sonorous — is recruiting well-known "Cambridge Five", the export of Spain The supplies of gold country, the organization of the partisan movement in Spain,

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Whirlpool in the yard!

Hello again to all. Caught the eye of the article, though no longer article and photo that struck me. This is a whirlpool that was created artificially, and he acts within the bulb of a transparent acrylic resin. In general, read, watch photos and videos.

In striking "eddy" sculpture by William Pye named Charybdis the circular movement of water in a transparent acrylic cylinder forms an air vortex in the center.

Stage built around the cylinder, so you can look inside and see the miracle from

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Axe Bashkir

Islamic separatism climbs from the North Caucasus to the Volga region.

Bashkiria can become another hot point on the territory of Russia. 5 years ago, have become a sensation in the local press leaked photos from training camp in Burzyanskiy district of the republic — at their local youth in camouflage fraternize with odious militants, but among the members face charges flickered deputy chairman of the Global kurultay Bashkirs Fanzilya Ahmetshina. Two years back a group of Bashkir militants made a sortie on the terrain of the Perm region — the shooting of traffic police post "Iren" and the murder

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The imposition of an alien ship or personnel?

The network has a video storyboard solar emissions which close with Mercury Video unusual dark clot. Ufologists immediately called him a huge alien ship.

Storyboard coronal ejection that occurred on the Sun on December 1 of this year, caused a stir among ufologists. They claim that the release of "highlighted" a giant spaceship, located next to Mercury.

The pictures were taken on board the NASA probe "Stereo", which follows the sun. Of these successive shots turned out kind of cartoon that shows how to break out of the luminaries of the plasma covers the Mercury. But before you

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The Holy War Russian people

Why do we overcome? Detailed answers to this question are dimensionless, as well as answers to the question why we could not win. We are not the first, not the last we have. By the way, a simple good faith inspires us to send our readers to a prior (at the time of our room) issue of the magazine "Expert" who places on the subject especially sensible series of materials. Trying to grasp neohvatnoe, restrict theses.

1. Germany could not win a war on two fronts, in any case. Neither Germany nor its allies did not have the resources

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His war on our homeland lost

Editor in chief of the magazine "Russia in Global Affairs" about why our country is arguing with the West

Our homeland lost the war quite cool because Japan and Germany lost World War II. Russia is not dismembered, not subjected to nuclear bombardment. Our home was not occupied by anyone, has retained its sovereignty. Yes, our country has lost homeland, but the inexorable historical process of the collapse of empires, I think, expect and America too, as a world empire. But, like any event, match losing streak RF cool in the war and what happened to Germany after the

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