Bilderberg. Meeting in 2013

A secret society to which the Bilderberg, has long been the subject of debate for the world. Members of the government, scientists, geniuses era and especially wealthy people are on his list. Russian representatives in it are: Anatoly Chubais, Igor Ivanov, Garry Kasparov, as well as the president. The meeting will be held in the spring of this year, after meeting Trilateral Commission, which will be held 15-17 March 2013 in Berlin. What happens after that summit world government difficult to predict. One thing is sure to start changing for the better or worse in

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They might have thought that Mikhalevich will be the weak link



Ales Bialiatski

Vitaly Tsigankov

These and other questions are answered by the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich and chairman of the human rights organization "Viasna", vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski.

"This is evidence of a gradual degradation of the country"

Tsigankov: Let's evaluate the action of Ales Mikhalevich and what impact it may have on the socio-political situation in Belarus. We guessed that such things happen in Belarusian prisons, but all believed that such methods can not be applied against the former presidential candidate. These facts, which are exposed

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Light machine guns family AUG «Steyr

The company "Steyr" (later "Steyr-Daimler-Pooh") with cramped cooperation with the Austrian army has developed an assault rifle StG-77. In 1978, the first batch of the rifles came to the troops. Rifle built on a modular scheme that allowed rapid remodel it to other types of guns. This rifle is better known under the designation AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr — «Universal Army rifle"Or a" universal army gun "). In a family of tools AUG 5.56 mm are: shortened Machine (barrel length is 350 mm), a carbine (barrel 407 mm) assault rifle (trunk 508 mm), light machine gun (it has a heavy

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Hand-held and mounted grenade launchers

The middle of the second World War is characterized by high-quality configuration in armaments ground forces, including infantry means to combat armored vehicles at medium and short distances. Demote the anti-tank rifle was accompanied by the introduction of a new means of anti-tank guns — hand-held antitank grenade launchers. The most promising method of creation of this instrument was the introduction of shells shaped-charge warhead. Its effectiveness is not dependent on the reactive gas stream and acts velocity meeting the target.

Start propellant missiles with a shoulder of the tubular guide developed another Kongrev in the first half of the

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The U.S. government fills the minds of the people vote

In the Internet there was community who believes that the U.S. government fills their minds "voices"

In the Internet there was community, whose members believe that the U.S. government fills their minds "voices." This is the truth: the Pentagon at the time engaged in the development of weapons that can do just that.

A club — not a collection of alcoholics or drug addicts or survivors of childhood abuse. These are people who call themselves victims of "mind control", who believe that they have become guinea secret government campaign.

They are convinced that they are being

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Russia under a European?

How old is Russia? This question is often asked myself for lovers of Russian history, getting to old sources that pose a swing world of academic science to offer a note in the 1150 years of Russian statehood. His point of view on this subject expressed by day or in the online edition of the Historical Perspective Foundation "Century» ( Candidate of Historical Sciences Jaroslav Butakov. His article "Russia under a European?", I think, will be fascinating to anyone interested in the historical past of our country.

Absolutization date — 862 — as the starting point for all of

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Russian cannon rent a wreck

A telephone conversation with Dmitry Medvedev, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.Heads of state exchanged pre-New Year greetings and best wishes.In connection with the discussion of the theme of the Russian-French cooperation on landing helicopter dock ships, such as "Mistral" the administrations of Presidents 2-states prepared a joint message:"Today, the President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev informed French President Nicolas Sarkozy that within the international tender for the supply of 2-vertoletonosnyh amphibious ships, docks (DVKD) for the Russian Defense Ministry announced on October 5 this year, Russian authorities have made a choice in favor of a proposal submitted by a consortium

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Voronin (many episodes) watch online

Home sweet comedy that force you pohohotat significantly over the protagonists television series "Voronin" and on their style of communication. There is nothing supernatural, all very simple and clear: household tasks showdown and other routine. But, how is this all trumpeted and adds zest series.

Any series Voronin is built around the family: wife Vera, wife of the bones, their three children, parents, Constantine, who live in an adjoining apartment … Their cases are reminiscent of a time bomb, which, as from time to time it seems a little more and work. But it is worth a

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Russian character and perseverance — the 28th special forces detachment Warrior MVD RF

28th squad Specialty BB Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation under the title "Warrior" was created in July 2002 in the town of Arkhangelsk.

A first control unit has been appointed Colonel Nikolai Lisakov. He took up the formation of the group and personally selected the fighters of the more experienced soldiers, NCOs and officers. Of mandatory prerequisite for the candidates was the passage of military service under the contract and the availability of combat experience. First set and served as the basis for the division.

Baptism of fire fighters squad was held under the supervision of fellow

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A.Redkin: Just now it became bad life

Society A night of freedom — a citizen of Minsk Alexander Redkin, which for participating in the action "Stop Petrol" was detained on June 7 and June 8 was fined 525,000 rubles.

Sous: Today Alexander Lukashenko ordered the lower the price of motor fuel to 4 and a half thousand. Or do you think it is the result of the action "Stop Petrol"?

Red'kin: Of course, one of the factors — the fact that we noticed.

Sous: Do you believe the promises of the President, which further sharp rise in prices for motor fuel would not be?

Red'kin: No, it

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