Heart of six

Nine years ago, a little on the channel NBC released the final episode of «Friends», a decade ether became one of the most popular American sitcoms of all time. Final gathered at screens -with 52.5 million viewers favorite heroes like saying goodbye to my closest friends. Although some journalists were quick to declare the dramatic conclusion of an important stage in the history of television and sunset era sitcoms, in fact, the success of «Friends,» paved the way for many other different series.

It was 1993, and the most common subspecies of the sitcom were family comedies. Inherent good and

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IDEX 97, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

An AFM report

IDEX IS NOW a well-established and respected international defence exhibition that grows in size and stature with every biennial show. Although it features land, sea and air defence products, interest at the third IDEX, held between March 16-20, centred on two of the most important air defence contracts to be fought for in the last years of the 20th century, both of which will be from the host country, the UAE.

The first is UAE’s $5 billion advanced fighter contract which Lockheed Martin was quietly confident of winning with its F-16 on the eve of the show.

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a royal scale

A few years ago JEWELLERY COMPANY ROBINSON PELHAM was known only to a narrow circle of wealthy people. BRAND national fame brought the royal wedding of the crown prince of the UK William and Catherine Middleton. ON THIS DAY BRIDE AND ALL UPCOMING members of her family, put DECORATIONS ROBINSON PELHAM. QUESTIONS FOR WEDDING answers one of the founders COMPANY Zoe BENON.

Zoe, tell me what jewelry is accepted to give brides in England?

Bracelets, pendants and cepi.ru — the most common gifts. We are often asked to perform engraving on jewelry, because this detail makes the gift more personal

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How to Navigate Without a compass




Used to help stop glare and make it possible to position the Sun on the horizon through your telescope.

Index mirror

The purpose of this is to capture the Sun or pole star; the angle at which it is located will then be used to establish your position.


This is the measurement readout, showing the angle of the index mirror when the Sun has been positioned correctly.


The viewing point through which you aim at the horizon, before moving the index bar to align the

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The hand of fate and the hand of free will

Fate and free will, external and hidden, the dignity of man and his weaknesses-all is «written» on his hands.

Most of the works devoted to palmistry, offer the reader to study the line of his hand. But what kind of arm in question — right or left? Which hand should pay attention, if the lines displayed on the surfaces of the right and left hands, as a rule, they are very similar to each other?

Cards of Destiny and free will

This is not an idle question. After all, despite the fact that on both hands, we see the same

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Helicopters in combat

THIS VIDEO WAS PRODUCED within days of the airshow itself and is an entertaining and informative overview for those of us who did not go, ond, perhaps, for those who did but want a permanent record of the event.

Ed Mitchell, the presenter, gives an excellent run-down on the participants and the atmosphere, without an overly biased personal view. He is helped by the official commentators and expert opinions where required. The presentation is usefully subdivided into sections to provide some cohesiveness to the whole production.

The military presence is large and important, as usual, and the Russians dominate with

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Hand-to-hand combat

Two manual-wind watches with manufacture movements take their gloves off in this comparative test.


IWC Portuguese hand-wound

Manufacturer: IWC, Baumgartenstrasse 15, CH-8201 Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Reference number: IW5454

Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds; stop-seconds function

Movement: Hand-wound manufacture caliber 98295; 18,000 vph: 18 jewels; Kif shock absorber; Glucydur balance; Breguet hairspring; fine adjustment via eccentric weights on the arms of the balance; regulator with arm; 46-hour power reserve; diameter = 37.8 mm, height = 4.7 mm

Case: Stainless steel, sapphire crystal is nonreflective on both sides, six screws hold back in place, sapphire window in caseback; water resistant to 30

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Hail the fisheye!

I suppose every profession must come with its random assortment of prejudices about items of technology. In the world of photographic hardware the one that’s always confused me is the near-universal dislike for the fisheye. It’s not, as so many suppose, a transitory piece of Johnny-come-lately kit, last refuge of the willfully idiosyncratic. It’s a serious hemispherical lens originally designed for use in meteorological photography. But it’s also a lens with image problems — the main one being hardly anyone takes it seriously.

And although I bought mine with one specific shot in mind — an exaggeratedly curved Arctic landscape

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GULF NEWS 02 1991


AS US FORCES continue to pour into the region, the Pentagon released a breakdown of US hardware deployed in combat-ready units as at December 13. In addition to the land forces, which now include 750 main battle tanks and large numbers of other armoured vehicles together with considerable heavy artillery, the air element is quoted as now comprising the following: 90 air superiority fighters (USN F-14A/F-14A+ Tomcats and USAF F-15C Eagles), 335 strike/ground-attack aircraft (USAF A-1 OA/OA-1 OA Thunderbolt, F-111F, and F-117A; USN A-6E Intruder and USMC AV-8B Harrier II), 220 dual-role aircraft (USAF GD F-16C and F-15E Eagle:

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EUMEROUS’ AND ‘widespread’ are two words which describe the fielding of the F-16 Fighting Falcon with Air Forces around the world. The most prolific is the United States Air Force, which operates the F-16 in seven of its ten commands, including the Air National Guard (ANG). Since the first F-16s were delivered to what was then the 169th Tactical Fighter Group, at McEntire Air National Guard Base, South Carolina, in July 1983, General Dynamics’, and subsequently Lockheed Martin’s, revolutionary little fighter aircraft has formed the backbone of the Guards’ combat capability. In 2004, no fewer than 27 Air National Guard

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