Liberators watch online

1944, spring. Russian troops liberated the area of their own country from the fascist scum, came to the Soviet border. Then, many wonder: all war is over! But that was not the case. The enemy still had to dodavit not give it crawl back in his lair, and there to lick wounds. For the Red Army, this meant one thing — go ahead, to the West of Berlin! Before our soldiers revealed the European countryside, which had to be cleaned at any cost from the Nazi invaders. The transition of the Danube, the operation to free the Polish cities

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Our homeland once again loses the Ukraine, so its not finding … Moscow time to change its policy

"… In an interview with columnist KM.RU Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, movement and regional development, a favorite of the" Movement of "Yuri Kroupnov noted that the Russian elite established it is time to abandon the illusion that in some places there are pro-Russian favorites, even in the midst Allies:

— We're going full speed to the "gas war", as I warned before, including and in the pages of KM.RU. There are no prerequisites that it will be avoided, and because the media is currently lining up in fighting ranks begin to transmit

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Russia take in the Golden billion

What are the rights?

A great game for Russian heritage has reached an important step. The EU and NATO are competing in the diplomatic love for Russia. Russia is not a simpleton aware of their own happiness, does not think what she fell historic opportunity. I recall in the past year, I wrote:

"Russia will soon enter into NATO, this factor explained on first glance absurd evolution of the Putin regime. The main question for us, on what criteria to NATO will be Russian. "

Now it's time to say that in the next decade, Russia's membership in the

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Russia will create a rocket to fly to the moon

Russia will create a rocket-heavyweight to send astronauts to the moon

Federal Space Agency agreed with the Ministry of Defence and the government sent in the concept of development of launch of spacecraft in 2030.

The priority indicated in the document is the creation of super-heavy launch vehicle class capable of output to low-Earth orbit (altitude of about 200 km) payloads weighing up to 70 tons, write "News" citing a senior source in the outer office.

The main purpose of creating such a missile — make have already been made on the implementation of plans for

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Russia bankrupt as the USSR

South American businessman and investor Louis Woodhill offered to break the back of countries not pleasing to Washington, using the strategy of Ronald Reagan. Among the states that threaten U.S. national security, he referred to Iran, Russia and Venezuela, which should be brought to bankruptcy by the same method, how the 40th president of the United States ravaged Russian Alliance."The regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad transfers centrifuges to enrich uranium under the ground to protect its nuclear program from from possible attack — interpreted the essence of the claims of a publication in Forbes. — Under the baton of Vladimir

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Valentine's Day intellectuals

Society event, timed for Valentine's Day, will be devoted to artificial languages and how to find a common language and understanding, even if artificial language, a computer.

The purpose of the event — together experts and practitioners in the field of linguistics, semantic analysis and representatives of major technical projects in the field of semantic VEB, explains the head of the business incubator of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics Alexander Meleschenko:

"To somehow combine it — that technological trend, we are working in a business incubator, high-tech start-up and Valentine's Day. This is lyrical, romantic

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Russia once again to be taken seriously (Tribune de Geneve, Switzerland)

In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall Our homeland suddenly disappeared from the political map of the world. In general, it soon became clear that country a cyclopean supplies of oil and gas. Our homeland began to deliver them to the sets in Europe, and pretty quickly she returned to herself — a deft maneuver, as sometimes happens in history — part of the former power.

In addition, given the sharp rise in oil and gas Our homeland have gained a certain level of wealth, which led to the Russian middle class of the Western type. These

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What chakayuts prison inmates Square?

Society Another convicted of events of December 19, Dmitri Bulanov, identified the location sentence. Which colonies are serving their sentences exhibition space than distinguishing these colonies and what they have in common?   Hope — a friend of Dmitri Bulanov, sentenced to 3 years in prison for a few blows to the door of the Government House on December 19. In his final speech, Dmitry Savrasov called her his wife, but the judge Lyudmila Grachev this does not seem to believe me. June 6 when Hope asked the judge to allow a meeting with Dmitry, she said she was convicted

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Russian fleet can be extended killer of aircraft carriers

It is a question of the cruiser "Ukraine", which from the beginning of the 90 standing at the pier of the plant in the town of Nikolayev

The ship has been built in the USSR by 75%, but independent Ukraine is not enough money, so without the help of others to finish it and exploit it. Now, with the warming of relations between Ukraine and Russia, rumors about the possible sale of the Russian submarine.

The cruiser "Ukraine" (before the collapse of the Soviet Union bore the name "Admiral frontal") — twin Black Sea Fleet flagship "Moscow", — the

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My3DTwin. Printing itself

2 companies specializing in 3D printing and 3D scanning joined forces and created a service, which allows for a day to create a three-dimensional copy of any person.

British company offers its customers a copy of their eerily realistic, which are produced in three sizes — from 15 to 25 centimeters, and made with a combination of technology 3D-scanning and printing, to repeat the smallest features of the human body.

The intricate details, from clothing and jewelry, and the last expression, and even the exact shade of lipstick

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