500 autistic children for the SAP

Autistic people — amazing people , are considered to be sick in our society, but it is able to see the world differently. That such individuals gaining the German company SAP, in the hope of making them the most valuable human resources in the field of IT-technologies.

In SAP said they wanted to hire up to 500 autistic children because they "think differently", which distinguishes them from ordinary employees. The level of intelligence in humans with autism are likely to average or above average, moreover, he has some skills that

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The reform of the army, evaluation

Russian army after the reforms must be prepared to overcome any military conflict with neighboring countries for a maximum of 2-weeks, says Ruslan Pukhov — Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, manager of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST). Detailed computations on this in the recent book "The New army Russia ", which was presented to the Sun. With all of this country, which are likely conflicts diplomatically not named. Go with this highlights that our army is an armed conflict, except for nuclear war risk facing a shortage

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Reform of the army have gained the most painful points

The hatred of the officer corps to the Defense Minister Serdyukov to grow, and it is clear why: the two years of army reform fired more than 100 thousand officers, and far not all of them received the promised benefits. Another 40 thousand officers have lost their own posts and withdrawn from the staff: get only a small salary by rank and are awaiting the promised apartments, which, of course, would get far too many do not. In the military academy cadets set was discontinued in 2010, the year, announced that he would not set, and in 2011, and it

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Republics of the former USSR. Latvia: the years without the invaders

In 2013, our Latvian neighbors are preparing to celebrate the 95th anniversary of its independence from Russia. This significant event for Latvia came out in November 1918, so it's time to prepare for the rapid and pyshnovatym celebrations in November, the country has many more. During the preparation of the Latvian authorities should be sure to mention another date — in August — one more anniversary of the "liberation from oppression" Russian Union of which (liberation) paved the way for Latvia in the bosom of a single European family, to the growth and prosperity …

This material make out

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Religious roots of U.S. policy. The South American Witch

More frank and brutal in the United States in its gaze are the Republican right — neo-conservatives (neo-cons) who behold the in Russia (and in several other countries so-called. "Axis of evil" — North Korea, Iran, Syria)), the embodiment of evil. With all of this in almost all of this is due to the fact that most of them — it's more constructive followers of Protestant sects that await the final battle of Armageddon and the forces of good and evil. "Welcome" in their awareness — it's the U.S. and its allies, with their "democratic values."

Among them there are

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Returning in 1990

The Company has been much talk about the critical situation faced by the Belarusian authorities in connection with the crisis, the dangers to the current political regime from public nezadavolennya. But, as already wrote about my colleague Yuri Drakakhrust, itself the economic crisis is not dangerous as long as it is not transformed into public protests.   And this yet. For nearly three months, the crisis continues, but the society is silent. Here wrote that in line with exchangers formed a real civil society, people organize themselves to maintain order in the queue. It is. But pay attention to the

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Rating favorites midst machines

In the near future become a fashion to make the ratings tools, it is not clear, however, that that premise, or a series of transfers of channel Discovery, or something else. In short, I could not resist and fashion autumn and aggravation going to make your own small rating machines, I will hope that he will seem to enjoy the website more impartial than the rating of foreign experts, well, if I forget someone's beloved toy, I ask throw those stones that easy. Let's not make the list of top 100 and top-1000, limit 7 prizes. Seven — and the

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Gaddafi regime overthrown, what next?

The overthrow of the government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya immediately raises many questions that at long confrontation with the dictatorial regime one way or another on the back burner. And chief among them — that will still be on in Libya? After all, now that Gaddafi is ousted, Libya faces a long and torturing way as peaceful and regular life will become the norm for the Libyans.

The reality is such that apart from the obstacles in the form of followers and supporters of Gaddafi, which are sure to get in the way Libya, interfering with its

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Region Near and Middle East was one of the points of no return

Region Near and Middle East was one of the points of no return. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas favorite yet applied for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to join the Palestinian Authority in the company. UN Secretary-General, in accordance with the regulations of the United Nations, adopted her and promised to convey to the Security Council. The UN Security Council will now have to look at her and put his advice to the General Assembly.

In addition, the document filed with Abbas, a requirement for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from the lands that Israel occupied during the Six-Day

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This year will be a negative balance of $ 8 billion

Society Tsigankov: At a meeting of the Council of Ministers Mikhail Myasnikovich said that in 2010 the economy showed the worst in recent years, the negative balance of foreign trade. Myasnikovich said that the need to reverse the situation, it is necessary to increase exports by 2.2 times. How real is this task, given that each year, the government seeks to achieve a surplus, but the negative balance is increasing every year?

Zaleski: You and I talked on the topic of deficit a year ago. January 12 in response to your question, what will be the shortfall in 2010,

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