The Revolution, who stole a victory

95 years ago, February 23 (March 8, on a brand new style) 1917 in Petrograd began what is now called the February Revolution. Bread queues ruined empire

February 1917. After the revolution, and the abdication Our homeland has lost a favorite. The war began with all of

The February revolution 1917 to this day remains one of the most majestic historical mysteries. Exploded not just a boiler, and the whole empire. So much so that it splinters fly far. All of us in one way or another — the heirs of the bloody February 1917. And the main thing

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Vorachivaetsya revolution?

Egyptians are unhappy with the military regime, which has replaced Hosni Mubarak.

The return of hundreds of thousands of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square in less than 6 months after the regime was toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak, a new step begins the Egyptian revolution. Mass demonstrations took place in other towns of the country. In Egyptian society matures general disappointment that the revolution was in a back corner. Egyptians are also very unhappy that the main personality of the former Mubarak regime and remained in their places, and not enough of them who are held responsible.

Lost Hope

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September 22, 2012 — Solar Storm and Stone Age on Earth!

September 22 — One of the dates that precedes the end of the world December 21, 2012. This day will be a powerful outburst of solar energy, which will plunge the Earth into darkness in the literal sense of the word. Will break down all electrical and electronic devices. I wonder how humanity will be after so many years of living in an environment in which there are still some African tribes?

The sun begins its next cycle of activity 24, it is reported special spots that appeared on the

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Revolvers of Gasser

It's no secret that one of the most recognizable revolvers, at least in Europe, are brothers Nagant revolvers, but in fact something of a people armed themselves and before the brothers took over the market short-barreled guns. This article tell about the hunt revolvers that were previously vserasprostraneny, with vserasprostraneny no less than the known variants of the brothers Nagant revolvers. Naturally, they were inferior to their following features extensive vserasprostranennym models, but all the same, and they are fully applicable to the use of, civilians were acquired entities and even became the armies and police of various states. Will

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Gun Galan 1868

Despite the fact that the guns were driven first twentieth-century pistols, this class tool not lost, and current, and continues to be quite vserasprostranennym and selling where it is allowed. Giving preference to the very highest reliability in the middle of all the samples short-barreled guns, people continue to get guns, and does not stop them any number of shortcomings inherent in these weapons, no small number of rounds in a drum or skeptical eyes of friends. All the same, anyway, and the history of this instrument is very long, the gun had to stand in service with many armies,

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The present situation in the towns of the United States in connection with the crisis

From the translator: translating somehow article along with commentaries, I suddenly remembered that I had lying around in the archive is fully tolerable for yourself translations forums that I did a few years back, and which have already appeared in RuNet. All the same, I think that in the middle of a lot of those readers who do not read, in this case, maybe they amuse you, because they do not own the mass no longer current, and the topics discussed forums … Well, see for yourself. I will let every one evening archival translation forum is not cast aside

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Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter — a technological breakthrough Reich

Messerschmitt Me.262 «Schwalbe» (with it. Swallow) — German jet fighter of the second world war. Was used as a fighter (including overnight), bombers, reconnaissance aircraft. This aircraft was the world's first mass-produced jet machine, which took part in the fighting. Total from 1944 to 1945 German industry was able to collect and send to the troops 1433 fighter Me.262, so that Makarov was also the most massive jet 2nd World War.

Very often in the history of battle Aviation appear like this, in which the technical innovations in a certain moment is actually one hundred percent nullify the value

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21.12.12. Secret signs of doomsday. Film 1 (25/11/2012)

That's Channel One Russia has joined the "Race", lasting less than a month, the finish line which will be the date: 21.12.12. The program is dedicated to the latest developments in the world of wildlife. As animals, birds, fish and insects warn of future tragedy, what they serve and what signs can transmit deadly diseases to man? What lessons can be learned from this man? We look, keep common sense.

Watch Secret signs of doomsday. Film 1 (25/11/2012)


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Rahmat, Rahmon! or benefactor in Tajik

Fraternal gesture of Tajikistan: the wave of a magic wand East this week period of Russian pilots Rolkan from 8.5 years was reduced initially to 2.5, from which the pilots had already served six months in jail and two years knocked off in the jubilee amnesty personally Chief friend and defender of Russian interests in Central Asia Emomali Rahmon. And pilots Sadovnichiy (citizen RF) And Rudenko (citizen of Estonia) is now on the loose. One would have to put an end to this story and let the captions on the screen with the words "universal rejoicing!", But far not

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The collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of lives in exchange for freedom and independence

On the collapse of the USSR adopted read as a bloodless, relatively peaceful event. His views on the independence of the singers all over the CIS, the crash USSR do not regret any minute, because what came out in December 1991, was a more successful version of an imminent divorce. They say they go on another matter and try to keep Moscow Alliance, the multi-million dollar man 'victims would not be avoided. Is bloodless the collapse of the USSR and so there was our peaceful divorce, as he is trying to present numerous anti-Russian propagandists, and right behind them

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