Designed mobile tester for tanks

Ministry of Defense has developed a mobile diagnostic complex for wheeled and tracked vehicles, now find problems in a tank or armored personnel carrier can be a couple of minutes without verbovaniya industry, write "News".

As told to the developer of the complex (he was given the working title "Workshop maintenance MTO-ON-1 "), Andrew Shuliko, workshop was collected at the plant Shumerlinskii special vehicles based on vehicle Ural-43202.

"Machine equipped with a digital diagnostic complex, which allows you to "interview" on-board electronics machines and identify what items need replacement, and what components and units — repair, without verbovaniya professionals

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Reflections of a military conflict with Iran

Approaching March — the first probable date of a military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many experts believe that what is happening in Iran is a perfectly cooked theatrical presentation aimed at tightening international sanctions and forcing Iran back to the negotiating table. But the constantly rising concentration of NATO military forces in the Middle East says to us about working: preparing the ground for an attack on the Islamic government. This is no two-valued hinted as President Obama himself, and the U.S. military leadership — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of

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Announcement: Tree options for the European Union

Society What is the ruling on sanctions against Belarus will take the European Union? How it will affect the situation in Belarus: Authorities released or pardoned all political prisoners, some, no? What are the possible policy options for the European Union? What fate awaits the Belarusian civil society?

On these issues in the "Prague accent" talk-in-chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Vitaly Silitski and German political scientist Sean Martin.

Transmission listen to Sunday, January 30, 18 hours.And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Kalinkina: The European

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Scouts werewolves — Sin and Punishment

In every country of the world, together with the ordinary law enforcement agencies such as the police, the army, there is a department of internal and external intelligence. Specifically, thanks to these people immediately possible to avoid large-scale military conflict and bring a flash of anger over the intercom channel. All are well aware of the KGB, the CIA, MI6, this is the most famous and massive structures with a wide network of agents throughout the world.

Naturally, with the fall of the Soviet Union and the KGB was gone, but you have to admit that the title is

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The breathable metal for homes of the future of Doris Kim Sung

Doris Kim Sung (Doris Kim Sung), who is a student-bioarhitektorom, Luis Sllivana continued to work in the field of research thermostatic bimetals. She presented the Smart material, that dynamically reacts to temperature changes…

Bio-architecture — a new trend in architecture. It is believed that the founder of this direction is Sllivan Louis, who developed the idea of the harmony of buildings, man-made, with the surrounding landscape. At present, the result of bio-architecture are the building opposite of functionality and appearance, structures made in the style of "high-tech".


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Baby, mini-recorders, bugs: the era of the reign of wiretapping

At the current time, when in all walks of life are used interactive technologies information becomes more expensive product. Some people will do anything just to get them to the desired information. And if the previous installation of various listening devices was only the prerogative of the law enforcement and intelligence, that at the moment it is available, so to speak, to the masses.

Many believe that the wiretapping appeared only recently, but the desire to find out other people's lurking was inherent in the people at all times. And for the first time about the so-called "bugs" openly

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Worked under a hail of bombs, shells and missiles from German aircraft

In the summer of 1918 in the Bryansk region of small town Rechica Gomel province with a group of soldiers arrived twenty-Bolshevik soldier of the Red Army Konstantin Kykin. On the territory of the province at the time hosted the German invaders who overthrew the Soviet regime in Belarus and ruthlessly dealt with the Communists and sympathizers. Before a group of soldiers of the Red Army was tasked to deploy guerrilla movement in the rear of the invaders. Future actions of the underground ran the scout-illegal immigrant Eugene Mickiewicz, who played in the upcoming huge role in the fate of

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5 effects of re-

Perhaps, in the modern history of the Russian army did not have threads that caused so much controversy as the state program for re-calculated to 2020 (GPV-2020). The main premise of all the discussions on this issue were unparalleled volumes of the planned funding — 20 trillion rubles specifically for the purchase of the latest real part and another three trillion to upgrade the production capacity of Russian defense companies. Attention paid to the industry completely understandable and justified, because at the moment we have in the country is almost no plants or factories, which would not have problems with

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5 centuries hit. Snipers

Hardly get to determine who was first thought of in an ambush by one stroke clear hit the target. Most likely, this was the 10's of thousands of years ago, as an instrument of the then "snipers" was a stone ax or bow. But the modern meaning of the term "sniper", as well as the military profession itself, from time to time called sniping, came even later.

Cases have long past days

Actions that may be considered the birth of modern art of sniping occurred in the XVII century. Then plainclothes members of the war in Britain was used for

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Pyongyang threatens Seoul with nuclear war

After the official Moscow has announced the cancellation of the 10-billion debt and the DPRK said on the probable realization of large-scale joint projects for the construction of the gas pipeline and transmission lines to South Korea for the remaining non written billions of dollars of debt seems to be the case Pyongyang and Seoul should be able to transform overnight in light. North Koreans should be able to will throw in the hot embrace of Koreans southern and south — to the north … kissing, hot handshake, solemn promises of peace and economic cooperation … But, for some reason,

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